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  1. Turnadot

    Annapolis, MD - July 31, 2018

    Crossmen have gone on after Mandarins at EVERY show this year except San Antonio......
  2. Turnadot

    Housing/Rehearsal in North Texas

    Troopers are at Poteet High School, Mesquite, TX.
  3. Turnadot

    Mandarins making noise!

    Try again...
  4. Turnadot

    Amping the brass line

    I think many people can tell when the brass is amped or live, however if you mix a live horn line with a pre recorded horn line and it's done well, it's very hard to tell.
  5. Turnadot

    Exciting Evansville (June 29, 2016)

    You realize this has already happened don't you?
  6. Turnadot

    2016 Prediction Thread

    1 Blue Devils 2 Crown 3 Bluecoats 4 SCV 5 Cadets 6 Blue Knights 7 Phantom 8 Blue Stars 9 Cavaliers 10 Boston 11 Troopers 12 Madison
  7. Bluecoats, Crown, Troopers, Madison, Academy
  8. Turnadot

    Corps goals/ideas for 2016?

    I have been in LOS when a band was playing with the roof open and I really didn't notice a difference. I'm also not sure that if the roof was open you would be able to have all the black fabric to dampen the sound. If it was possible to have both, then it would be worth trying to do, but without all the black curtains I don't think opening the roof would help. The other problem with opening the roof is that it puts all these shadows on the field that I don't think people would like that would be there for the majority of the performances.
  9. Turnadot

    Judging Panels for Finals.

    Caleb Rothe is Percussion 2
  10. Turnadot

    Judging Panels for Finals.

    Jay Kennedy is on MA, Paul McGarr is on Brass and JP is on Percussion 1.
  11. Turnadot

    Attendance SHAZZAM!

    A few years ago, Michael Cesario made a big plea for drum corps to entertain the fans more. Five years ago I would only really like 2-3 shows in the top 12. Now, I basically like them all, as well as the 13-15 shows and the 16-18 shows, etc. In the past, there would be a lot of shows I wouldn't care if I missed, but now I don't really want to miss anyone. The shows are all also very different. There was a time it seemed every corps was trying to use the same formula, but now it seems every group has their own style, more so than in years past.