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  1. So many... Cadets clean in 2000 Cadets in 2007, Phantom in 2nd Cadets out of finals in 2008 Devils in 2009, easy Crown in 2012 Cadets in 2015, then Bloo, then Crown, Then Devs. Bloo in 2016 by several points Vanguard in 2017. Devs not in the top 6. Vanguard in 2018 by several points Bloo in 2019, Crown in 2nd.
  2. I thought Crown's performance last night was the best pure performance of the top 6. The joy on those kids' faces during the closer was heartwarming. People always talk about judging the performance of the night, but I don't think enough judges did that ion this case.
  3. Yeah, I was a bit uncomfortable at times. But the Devils did not rate the guard score with that flag work, nor the percussion score with several in your face schlocks. Let's hope Bloo tightens it up and the judges judge the shows in front of them!
  4. I would say the Devils are the ONLY props that fell flat.... I'll see myself out.
  5. I'm not sure about the new ending.... Because I couldn't hear most of it over the cheering and jumping up and down I was doing! Winner!
  6. Nicely said. My shot is a miss. I get the idea, tryng to line up the vocals and the drums like Bloo 2015. It just doesn't work with this tune for some reason. Also, the drums book lacks a little nuance as written. If you watch the Vic Firth videos of the pit, the dynamic markings are silly. Goliath doesn't bother me so much. The rest of the show is killer.
  7. Anyone have any insight into the mathematical tomfoolery that was mentioned at the tour premiere? I see some Fibonacci spirals in the drill, but I feel like there's a ton more I'm missing. Any math nerds out there?
  8. I always like the double block foldy thing used twice in SCV 1999 7:45, 13:01 20 years later? Sheesh...
  9. I've often wondered, in the YouTube era, if it is not beholden on the judges to "know" a show before judging it. Not only could this result in more accurate repertoire scores, but it would allow the judge to avoid congested drill areas. I remember back when they used to have judges tapes on the DVD, one drum judge mentioned that he had not yet viewed a show before finals, but he "had some notes". That struck me as stupid.
  10. Out of curiosity, what were 1 and 2? I heard Chandelier by Sia was one of them.
  11. I agree with most of this. Might be dangerous for Goliath to fall to the ground from those stilts? I did find it funny that the David had a gun. Indiana Jones-esque :)
  12. BTW, anyone know what happened to the 4th quad? I hope he is okay....?
  13. This was the only clear contender I saw last night. Boston has design issues right now (fixable?), as do the Cadets (sadly, not fixable). Need another view of Bloo to say for certain, but I was left wanting in the viz demand department. Crown's got the total package. Add a bunch of math stuff that went over my head, and I'm sold.