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    None - I marched Ohio University MB 1971-1974
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    All of 'em - nary a one I don't like
  • Your Favorite All Time Corps Performance (Any)
    2008 Phantom Regiment, followed by 2003 Phantom Regiment, 2004 Santa Clara Vanguard, 1993 Star of Indiana and 2006 Phantom Regiment
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    A tie - 2008, for my first Finals, and 2001, because that's the year that turned me on to the activity.
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    Cincinnati, OH
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    All things DC-related! Plus The Missus and I (in the photo above - in the company box for a baseball game at the now-demolished Cinergy Field/Riverfront Stadium) are avid readers, bicycle riders, workout partners, and we have fun going to Reds ballgames and really enjoy our home music collection! I'm also heavily into vocal music (church choir), basketball, golf and gaming both on the PC and Wii platforms.

    I am a former band director now doing computer work for a living. Just got on the DC "bandwagon" (pun intended) with the 2001 finals on PBS. My whole family (me, plus The Missus and four grown daughters) instantly fell in love with the activity, especially the Cavies', BD's and The Cadets' shows!

    3 of my 4 girls took after their Dad and were in marching band in high school (the 4th is a string player - they don't march very often). My youngest two (twins) had a very strong senior year - one was an undefeated drum major the 2001 fall season (small school DM beating even the behemoth schools in ALL shows) and the other was the trumpet section leader, and was named Marcher of the Year at the end of the season.

    I had seen snippets of DCI Finals on PBS over the years, but really didn't pay much attention, much to my newly-discovered detriment. Now that I've been out of the music profession for 20+ years, I found from the 2001 finals show just how much of it I missed, and this activity has re-awakened what I used to refer to in my college marching band (Ohio Univ.) days as the "Saturday Morning Fire" - that nervy, antsy feeling of anticipation (and the almost physical need to get out there and kick some serious butt) before taking the field for a pregame or halftime show, the thrill of performing, and the after-glow euphoria of a well-done show. I identify so strongly with all these kids, regardless of ability level. I laugh, scream and feel right along with them, to the point of being moved to tears of poignancy on more than one occasion (i.e. Boston Crusaders' "living flag" in 2002), or of sheer joy (end of BD's 2001 and 2002 shows and 2008's Spartacus show from PR - WOW!).

    My media collection of DCI and individual corps CDs and DVDs is starting to develop into something - 7 sets of CDs, 6 VHS tapes and last 10 years' Div. I Champs DVD sets plus the Cavaliers' Championship shows DVD set that I bought at Indy 2003. DVD acquisitions also include the DCI Classic Countdown for both 2005 and 2006 - package deal was too good to pass up. For Xmas 2006, besides that year's Finals DVD set, Santa also landed Legacy years 1988, 1989 and 1992. I also scored the Div. I Championships 3-CD sets for 2000 and 2001. Another more recent acquisition is the 2006 Madison Scouts Alumni Reunion Project CD/DVD set - and I can report it is AWESOME! Latest acquisitions - 2009-2010 Top 12 Finals Div. I DVDs, 2008-09 13-21 Div. I and 2008-09 Div. II-III DVDS, Legacy years from 1975, 1991 and 1993.

    I've been to 7 shows in our area since our 2001 "indoctrination". Fairfield 2002 (Cadets! BWBB! Need I say more?), Harrison 2003 (Phantom Regiment! Phenomenal show!! Plus, the Madison Scouts showed everyone there that they are back!) and Harrison 2004 (PR again in a big way!). And Fairfield 2004 on 7/28. Met Jami, Brandi and Allaina from DCP at that show! Harrison 2005 featured another get-together with Allaina (now a Bluecoat), plus a certain Bluecoat alum who used to go by "Ted Striker" here on DCP - the one and only dude who practically lived my life about 18 years after I did. Fairfield 2006 had a great matchup between Bloo and Phantom, with Bloo taking a big win right after Phantom had knocked off Cadets. Fairfield 2007 had Cadets edging out Bloo, with a show I liked the best of any of theirs since 2004. Bloo was solid - OMG the contras! - but Cadets just a shade stronger.

    Also, in 2005, The Missus and I were at Louisville, where we had the extreme pleasure to meet up with MCL_Contra and blueskysop, AKA Scott and Laurie Ford, with Music City Legend, who played the opening show of the evening!

    DCI 2008 was the most awesome drum corps experience of my life! Phantom and Crown were my two favorite shows, followed by SCV and Bloo. Spartacus is now my all-time favorite show! Got to meet so many DCPeeps there that there ain't enough room here to mention.

    Also went to Indy in 2009 for the week, and 2011 for Finals Night only. In 2009, it was SCV and the Ballet for Martha that grabbed my heart and wouldn't let it go. In 2011, the whole lineup was the strongest set of 12 shows I ever had the pleaseure to witness. Between those two years, I also met up with quite an additional number of DCPeeps, again more than this space can hold.

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  1. Love this show on its own merits, but also because of what it signifies. 97 was not the best year for this corps. They needed a year and a show like 98 to show that they were just getting started again. 98 really set the stage for their early 2000s domination. Without 98, there is less chance of 2000-2002 being nearly as great as they were.
  2. Was only able to get to Saturday night's festivities, due to budgetary restrictions. But, mercy, what a night of drum corps! Best collection of 12 shows I've ever witnessed in one sitting. Strong from top to bottom. Spirit and Blue Stars had their best shows I had seen from them (qualifier - that I had seen "live"). Scouts were incredible and their closer a real winner. Phantom's closer with Elsa had me in tears it was so gorgeous. Crown's hornline might well have given me the best brass performance I'd ever heard in person from the field. Top 3 shows were awesome, all in different w
  3. And I have to hand it to you Mr. Kirby, I've seen Tradition evolve and show continuous improvements over the years - last time I saw you (I think it was '07) I was so favorably impressed with what you good folks were doing. Starting the corps years ago with standstill performances and progressing to full field shows with guard - I was one of the many who stood and clapped HARD for extended periods of time after that performance. I'm a big fan of you guys too along with the DCI visitors that come to town to play.
  4. Small world indeed! Daughter #4's in-laws and other extended family members on her hubby's side are out that-a-way. The wedding was at St. John the Baptist on Dry Ridge, his parents live in the Pebble Creek area nearby, and more family is spread around the township and elsewhere in the area. Before moving to F'town, we used to live in the apartments off of Loralinda, off Springdale Rd. east of Northgate. That was our first residence in the area from summer of '90 to Thanksgiving weekend '91, when we got to F'town - between Winton Rd. and St. X HS. We're not originally from these parts
  5. Welcome to DCP, JayDub! I'm the resident faithful pooch around here, never marched corps, but a huge fan of the activity. I hang out mostly in off-topic, where I have something like 32K posts on here. When I'm not busy marrying off my daughters (4 total, one left to go), you'll find me at a show near you, like Fairfield most years. Or Indy, like in '09 and '03. Or Bloomington, like in '08. Or Louisville, like in '05. Only reason I hit zero shows last year was I had a couple weddings to participate in, walking Daughters #3 and #4 (twins) down the aisle in separate weddings 3 weeks apart,
  6. Clearing cache and forms cleared up the problem, thanks! On your latter idea. . .
  7. OK, I fired it up under IE and FF. All looks well under those two browsers, so it appears to be a problem with the way chrome is looking at things, or the other way around.
  8. Many thanks for trying John, but I'm not seeing any difference. If it matters, I am using the chrome browser.
  9. Just went to my profile to check it out on DCP 3.0. My profile picture is way blown up and off center - you can see most of my wife's face and none of mine at all. Can it be scaled back somehow, or do I need to try re-loading the pic or perhaps load a new one? I really like the one that's been here since I joined in 2003, so I'd prefer to keep it if at all possible. This olde pooche thanks you in advance.
  10. So sorry to hear, Hef, Laurie, Patrick, Toby and the rest of MCL. Hoping that you come back bigger, badder and stronger than ever in 2011!
  11. Hi folks, I'm a regular on DCP and am also employed by The Cincinnati Enquirer/Enquirer Media which also includes Cincinnati.com. While I was perusing our website this morning, I found this obituary for Julie Zerhusen, which stated that she was a manager for WGI. And as such, I figured that some peeps in this forum would possibly know her. I never did know or meet her, but I'm sure she has touched some lives in the color guard world. Obituary on Cincinnati.com. My sincerest condolences to her family, friends and the extended family with WGI. **late edit - thanks to Dave for fixing my
  12. What I will carry to my grave with me about 2009. . . My first 3-day stay during finals week, catching World Class in its entirety and Open Class from semis on. Each evening I saw and heard Vanguard, I was moved to tears - by far my favorite show of the bunch. Phantom 2009 had such a tough act to follow from 2008. I'm not terribly surprised by their "letdown" in placement, even though I was thoroughly entertained by their show this year. Troopers back in finals for the first time in what, 23 years? That was a thrill to see, giving me goosebumps when they entered the field on Saturday, wi
  13. Phantom 2006 - one of my top 7 all-time - great music book, visuals that cooked, a storyline played out par excellence in the guard and in sync with the music book. Phantom 2003 - my second all-time favorite DC show - the music book does it again, and the development of the closer throughout the season culminating with the chord resolution and wedge kickout at finals grabs me every single time I see or hear the show. Phantom 2008 - my all-time favorite show. Perfect marriage of music, motion and storyline. Drumline and pit on fire, in fact that pit was pretty sick. Leaving an unattended c
  14. I talked with some folks who work there and some others who were there covering the event. The overwhelming consensus was - a variety of reasons were behind the decision to keep the lid closed on the Oil Can, all of which have already been pegged in this thread. Fairness to all corps, the acoustic qualities of the backdrop (which could be blown about with an open roof), chance of precip (and ACTUAL precip), lack of drainage, comfort level of the performers AND fans. And ALL of those reasons make sense to me. Even though. . . heck, on Thursday night, we were directly under an air vent and g