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  1. I just noticed that in the closer, where the brass joins in together, some of the guard spin their rifles in the air and then treat it like a hammer working on a train track. I think this was a reference to the 2004 show. I wonder what other references I am missing!
  2. Couldn’t choose between 2019, 2017, 2015 or 2010. Love those shows so much. Ended up picking 2019. I really liked 2011, too.
  3. In my opinion, this is a ludicrous idea. I guess the winning team feels ok knowing that they are probably not the best team because the team that beat them last year is not allowed to participate this year. Just have a different medal for each team: - Best team according to the judges and had tap-dancing - Best team that appealed to fans of the Beatles - Best team that used tarps on each side of the field but not in the center because of unacceptable glare but many people liked that show - First team that figured out what the detail of the pattern is - Team that did the choo choo best and had the best facial hair look - Best team that kept their shot - Team with most incomprehensible show theme that people dug anyway - Team with the best winter wear - Best Team with a queen in it - Team with best Tribe/Cult - Team with best use of Joan
  4. That’s fine. I feel otherwise. Everyone has their preferences.
  5. D1/2: I agree with the placings and thought there should have been more of a gap between BD and BC. 3/4: I prefer Crown’s show by a big margin over SCV. It was .037 difference, which was really close. Maybe they should reinstate something like the Disney Spirit Award (or whatever it was called) for those who don’t like judges awarding the best show. That way they can feel better when their favorite show doesn’t win.
  6. The shows I enjoyed most, in order: Blue Devils Carolina Crown Blue Knights The Cavaliers Blue Stars Phantom Regiment It really has been a fantastic season!
  7. 1. Cadets 20111 (incredible show all around) 2. Crown 2013 (the pacing of the show intrigued me, along with the fantastic brass) 3. Bluecoats 2016 (always liked ‘Heat of the Day’) <gap> 4. SCV 2018 5. Phantom 2008 4 and 5 are pretty much a tie.
  8. The poster was not advocating assault. The point was that they act like there are no repercussions for their behavior because, for the most part, there isn’t.
  9. I, too, thought it was obvious. I don’t understand why there’s drama about stating what is your favorite ballad...
  10. 1. Blue Devils 2. Blue Knights 3. Blue Stars 4. Cavaliers 5. Crown
  11. Congratulations to the Blue Devils! Can’t wait to see what you all present next year.