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  1. Well, thank god they did 08-13 because those are among the few shows of that era that I listen to repeatedly. I love these shows and am glad they had the courage and talent to pull these shows off, naysayers be ######!
  2. Don’t particularly give a crap about somebody’s timer. This show is astonishing.
  3. Thank you Jeff Ream. Your response was rational and realistic. When the next kid breaks a leg trying to finish a show or loses a piece of equipment and chaos ensues or injuries pile up we’ll see what will happen...
  4. I thought Bluecoats ran away with this show. Very surprised to see how close the scores were. But the performances (at least from the theater) were all pretty good. Surprised Phantom and Blue Stars didn’t score higher than Cadets. Aside from Bluecoats, my favorite show was Blue Stars.
  5. I wonder why people take videos of some shows before the first performance and put them on YouTube and not others. Is it a lack of respect thing? Putting certain corps at a disadvantage in the public eye to start off?
  6. I never understood why people hated that show so much. I saw/heard it the first time in 1995, I think and was mesmerized by it.
  7. Me too. I’m usually meh on Crown shows. This one was awesome from top to bottom and the singer was great and effectively used! I think it is my favorite Crown show and my second favorite show of 2017, behind BD.
  8. I only see 2017 Blu-Ray, not 2018. Where do you see 2018 Blu-Ray?
  9. I don’t buy that argument. It’s already a biased judging activity. That’s what judging comes down to at the end of the day.
  10. Paying tribute to The Queen of Soul. RIP Aretha Franklin.
  11. 1. Blue Devils 2. Boston 3. Crown 4. Bluecoats 5. Blue Knights 6. Phantom