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  1. To my recollection, it has not been proposed. I think electronics have largely taken away the motivation. Designers can get more-or-less any sound they might want out of a modern front ensemble.
  2. Great topic! It's a really strong group of shows. You have to be pretty freakin' awesome to beat BD! I think Bloo 16 is the most influential of the group. I'd bet that people eventually look back on it the way they do Garfield 84 or Star 93 - a game changer that pushed the activity in a new direction. In terms of performance excellence, I'd definitely pick SCV 18. It's maybe the only time this decade that I've felt a group has out-BD'd BD in terms of the skill level of the performers and the show they were able to achieve. Audience favorite has to be Phantom 08. I've never seen an audience react to a corps like that before, and I'd bet I never see something like it again. The only one of the group that I wouldn't call a personal favorite is Cadets 11. I admire the visual design - they generate so much effect from the maroon vs. white design, and the music book is solid. But it's always overshadowed by Cadets 13 as my favorite from that era.
  3. Oooh ... pick me ... pick me! I think Bluecoats looked absolutely awesome in 2018 and 2019. The slightly different costumes on each performer are fascinating to study as an audience member, and the way they combine to form the overall visual aesthetic of the show is very pleasing. I think it's the best non-traditional look that we've yet seen in DCI. In contrast, Santa Clara all wore the same ugly grey pajamas this year. I know which one I hope other groups study and learn from!
  4. I've seen a couple of comments like this, but doesn't TA already have a day job at Dartmouth? I had thought that "Corps Director" was a position mostly about managing the staff/volunteers and getting the corps down the road. It seems like it'd be hard for him to do both. TA seems like he belongs on the artistic/design staff, maybe even "Artistic Director" or "Music Director" if they want to go that way.
  5. Did you actually watch DCI in 2019? From the top 12, I'd say: Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Cavaliers, Crusaders, Blue Stars, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment had straightforward themes that were easy to follow from the music and visuals. I watched all of these with non-DCI folks this year, and nobody had a hard time understanding "what is it?" You can definitely argue that, say, Crown was more abstract. But most people were happy to just listen to the awesome music book and watch the awesome drill rather than parse the designers' intentions.
  6. I also used Chrome on a PC to HDMI to the TV. I had some stream slowdowns during Phantom Regiment, but I had no problems the rest of the night.
  7. He asked the Spartans' DM "Should there be an asterisk next to your championship because BDB and SCVC did not compete this year?"
  8. Financial management was a problem for years, it's not surprising they found a hole when people independently looked at the books. Last fall, they announced they had a $600K deficit (e.g. Also keep it mind that it costs more money to do things the right way. GH acted as CEO and corps director and staff coordinator and sometimes program coordinator and sometimes development director and on and on. If you do it right, you hire qualified people for all those roles and pay them an appropriate salary for the work they do.
  9. He left in early 2016 judging from the date of this reddit post:
  10. This is really irresponsible IMO. If you're a Cadets' insider, you should let the organization and the people involved make their announcements. It's a very bad look, and very disrespectful to existing staff, to announce stuff with anonymous leaks on public forums.
  11. Hey, I'm sure he earned his fun. I bet the sessions with the SCV staff teaching him the show title were pretty brutal. "Vox ahr-viz-ee-oh" (smack) "again!"
  12. Pretty sure he was toying with us all. C'mon you know you'd want to do it if you were sitting in his chair.
  13. Just wanted to say my thanks to Team Bloo for a great season. I was skeptical when I first heard rumors about the rep, but I loved it in Detroit and I loved it tonight. I can't wait to see what this amazing group puts on the field next year.
  14. OK. Historically he hasn't been such a favorite in BD-land (take a look at the 2008 recap!), but I haven't really paid attention to how he's scored BD this year.