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  1. Was just thinking how many warm bodies are needed to pay for rental. Maybe DCI thinking of a one or two day only event to keep those costs down.
  2. See continental answered but good question. Don’t know if anyone determined if Covid boosters will be needed or if it has changed (mutated) any since this started. Making no assumptions is very good advice imo...
  3. Was thinking that too but couldn’t remember the year.... kept thinking “Star Wars” was in there but wrong year.
  4. “Bridge to a tour in 2022”. IMO this is good that DCI recognizes that what ever may happen in 2021 ain’t gonna be like 2019. Going to take some time to rebuild. (Boy do I know what a rebuilding corps is like)
  5. Learned a nasty medical term few years back: acute respiratory distress (ARD). Doc who specializes in it said he had young people admitted to the hospital with it in the morning and passed away in the evening. ARD encompasses anything that takes away the bodies ability to breathe or process oxygen. When my wife caught the flu and passed her death certificate had pneumonia and ARD. Only difference between her and today is she started with flu and not covid.
  6. Lol here’s your first shot buddy. Come back in two weeks for the second one 😛
  7. Ok I grew up with 1960s superhero comics and have “Dr Strange” movie on DVD. But one line from that movie keeps running through my head with a lot of cv comments. IIRC the ancient one tells (still egotistic Dr Strange) “I’m surprised you haven’t learned the simple ultimate truth in the universe.... it’s not about you”. Edit: not directed at dcp, see it everywhere
  8. Don’t forget only considering how this affects persons in the posters age group. In all her posts I have yet to see any thoughts of others outside of over 21 (including “professional students” 👎). Wonder if this goes for everything or just DCI and schools.
  9. 20 year old nephew is looking at long term monitoring to see if he will have permanent lung issues. Said that to someone and they called it an “anomaly”. I went off.... Everyone seems to talk about fatality rate but long term health effects is ignored as will be years until we can start to tell. Family lived near Three Mile Island when is malfunctioned in 1979. We were told in 20 years the cancer rate might start jacking but no one knew. It didn’t happen but that is hell having that over your head for decades.
  10. And insults that makes some of us feel your purpose is trolling more than presenting your side of the issue
  11. Yeah and I’ve said before my sister in law has a husband who had nasty health issues. So students, teachers, staff, drivers, etc etc etc AND their families..... Heard of a few teachers retiring because they were afraid they would bring CV home with them.
  12. Went to school in a large (in area) school district and one of the biggest bus budgets in the state. Most of the drivers I remember were retired or mothers whose kids were out of the house so picking up extra money. Probably the oldest age demographic and probably one who deals with the largest number of kids a day. Largest number as school times were staggered and one driver could run three routes a day (1 each for elementary, middle and senior highs). Yet somehow this group is hardly thought of... oops just remembered the bus company that serves my old school district had to shut down f
  13. Thinking the math and sis in law might get her teachers group vaccine just before she retires. I might get the “everyone else” shot just before I’m old enough to be in the previous (65 and older)group. Real kicker is last week heard that essential govt employees would be in the second essential group. If I hadn’t retired I would probably be in that group. That stupid little ship board hazardous waste tracking app I supported might have come in handy 😫
  14. FYI Watching CBS news and CDC announces first to get vaccine will be Health care workers and nursing home residents. Maybe start 2 weeks and about 24 million people. Bad news is will be up to 5 months for this phase. Next group 87m essential- police, teachers, firefighter, food workers. Then next group 153m over 65 and high risk due to medical conditions. Still leave 80m to go by my math. No estimated time given after first group. hmmm... my late wife who had health issues would have to wait until the third group to be protected. And at age 63 I’ll be in the 80m left overs after the othe
  15. Believe cappy meant another type of resident... the live and breath science comment is why I think so.... but will wait
  16. Worked IT for decades and what I learned (1) you’re always learning something new (2) if you want your work to be worth a #### you better be flexible enough to change your thinking as new info comes out. Really fits as CV is something new.... To put it another way: worst doctor I ever saw was one who acted like he hadn’t learned anything since he left medical school decades before. Best ones we saw/I am seeing belong to teaching hospital so up to the minute on latest. And sure you know medical opinion changes on topics other than cv.
  17. I saw and understand a little bit better. It was the part about “and people here” I was thinking about. My point is there are a lot of differing opinions on what is best way to handle cv and teaching. To claim racism behavior and hate without evidence when someone disagrees is self defeating and wrong imo. So if districts with large poor and/or minority populations close, they are acting racist (racist behavior). My home district is in upper middle class and pretty white bread (thank goodness that’s changing). So why did my district go virtual when cases were found?
  18. Yeah wth Cappy you only live with it and see it first hand... how dare you think you know anything about the subject (sarcasm)
  19. Districts in my area are going virtual when Covid found in the schools. Is it racist behavior by going virtual in cases like that? I can see people claiming hate if a school would continue in school teaching “don’t care if the kids catch it”. And believe me the district I’m familiar with is well aware virtual affects students differently based on income.
  20. Just find it freaking bizarre that teachers are being accused of hating their students...... That’s what I’m reading when I see anyone who is for virtual learning is racist and hates the poor. Teachers I’ve talked to see it as lesser of two evils. If you disagree fine but the insults are idiotic Fyi sils school went virtual because someone within the school building was found infected with CV. And this is generally a lower middle class almost all Caucasian district in the boonies.
  21. What part of “only saying what I hear first hand” didn’t you understand? As for work.... my old place has been remote since mid March. And are you seriously saying that people here (who you do NOT know) are racist and don’t care?
  22. For the record my early elementary (forget this years grade) sis in law teacher hates virtual. Kids are less likely to say or do something disruptive when they are in a classroom setting. Still the usual “who is humming” and “eyes here billy” but kids more easily distracted when physically by themselves. fyi: this is a rural sister with the demographics you’d expect
  23. Like I told ghost. Anything in schools be it teaching or using for outside activities also involves adults. Schools do not operate in a youth only vacuum
  24. I’m going with the concerns I’ve heard expressed by teachers I know personally. And their concern was mainly students but also with anyone who is in contact with the students. From my understanding parents in these districts all have differing opinions on the matter. And that doesn’t have #### to do with politicians or union.