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  1. Talk about three masters, each with their own style.... edit: I’m a huge Keaton fan...
  2. Read first quoted line and thought “Here are your winnings”.... my favorite Casablanca line. As for the rest the reason why people trust you with inside info is because you don’t blab... so agree here
  3. just remembered there is still a threatened lawsuit over my head concerning the new policy the church had started. At a meeting the youth rep said “Sam” won’t be at the next teen retreat and then “some of the girls will be more relaxed”. When pressed he said “well they think he’s a little huggy but that’s the way he is”. While picking myself off the floor I see one of other members with hands in a throat strangle position. End result “Sam” was told by the minister not to hug the ladies while a cop who was a church member hid in a closet as a witness and for possible protection. Sam went batstuff storming out never to return. Few months later Sams mother in law was talking to my mom (friends for decades go figure). Mom found out Sam was going to sue us all for defamation. My only regret was I couldn’t tell mom what happened. “What if he sues you?”. “Well then I can tell you” did not go over well Any wonder why schools don’t want to get close to this crap with an outside group.
  4. As I mentioned on the other thread my old church (since closed) started anti-child abuse training and policies to lower our insurance costs. This was when the Catholic Church and other places with abuse problems were coming to light. We were basically told “start taking steps because you DON’T want to see next years bill without them”. During my terms on council also had to put up “no trespassing “ signs on the (pot holed) parking lot because kids were skateboarding during the week. Someone said that wasn’t Christian to kick them off but our response was protecting ourselves from liability lawsuit. (We knew the kids were doing it so didn’t have ignorance as a defense)
  5. Just reminded me what caused my old church to start anti-child abuse training and policy changes...... it would reduce the churches insurance rates..... and yes the insurance company brought it to the churches attention....
  6. Have a side discussion on another thread. Question is if corps have run into issues finding housing, practice or show facilities in the last few years. Or more precise since abuse allegations have come out with various corps.
  7. Not involved in any of this but few years back remember DCI East looking for housing for some corps with less than 2 weeks before the event. Only know because someone posted a plea on DCP because all other sources dried up. Let’s not forget this is not a new or unknown show but one going on since the 70s. IOW not a good sign.... Time for a new thread...
  8. Saw him do this live at Hershey Stadium (had Corps shows there in the late 1940s to ca 2000). Think the intro was “yeah we gotta do this one”.
  9. Full agreement... too bad we don’t have 2020 to see how the hotline, etc would pan out. IMO will take a few years and boatload of tweaking but that’s true anywhere
  10. I was thinking not in front of us (like the horizon) but something in the background waiting it’s turn again. Kinda like a tap on the shoulder and “I’m back”. Allentown (GH), Pioneer abuse mess, Crossmen and Moody, currently evolving mess with Mandarins..... more bricks in the wall ($1 to Pink Floyd) between corps and practice and show sites. And in my area the only qualification needed to be a school board member is get more votes than the other person. So the thought of more than a few members is not “is this good for outside students” but “is this going to cost votes or be a bad campaign issue”.
  11. I was looking in the mirror when I typed that.... and I do admit to making mistakes...
  12. For everyone else’s benefit I asked Garfield a question, wasn’t picking a fight....
  13. I don’t do FB anymore so no idea what he can be congratulated about. Sucking out what $$$$ he has for lawyer fees maybe. As for projecting.... is that the new response when you don’t like what is said.... weak imo
  14. Ok you’ve complained about this and people who don’t take it seriously. Now what are your suggestions to help the situation. Or are you in gripe mode only?
  15. And today picked “just for you” in the auction site.... Bobcat mini earth mover (currently bid $21k), iron anvil on a tree stump and Pizza business in Scranton (I clicked a previous business for sale to see where it was located). Sometimes this is just funny....
  16. Lmao belong to a few auction email lists and one bases “recommendations” on what links you went to before. Every bleeping email I get “we recommend “ for earth moving and farm equipment. Only clicked those links because I wanted to see what people were willing to pay (earth movers) and checking for an in law (looking for a tractor).
  17. I won’t complain then as I get both candidates for president a lot. About same number for either one so I get to cuss them out evenly. 🤮. That and same bleeping car insurance company.... same one that has my house so just wondering how that “cookie” crumbled....
  18. Same with my district Mike but I never thought about cleaning in between runs. Great point... And in my district the buses would not have time to go back to the garages to clean up. The driver or someone riding with the bus would have to do it.
  19. Maybe I’m just hitting YT more with the internet ready TV (love that bigger screen) but that’s getting more out there. I’m a history buff so was checking WWII Victory Thru Air Power movie from that era. One vid had a rebuttal to the “bomb them into submission” idea of VTAP. Started out with ideas that I’ve heard before and calm.... within a few minutes “the Illuminati doesn’t want you to know this”. With all the corps related vids who knows what might be found....