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  1. The lawyer has his real name in his profile and signs some of his posts. Supposed burner 🤷🏻
  2. I like the lady who does the group I mentioned. I get the vibe of “if you don’t knock it off I’m going to stop the car”. Then when you can’t find the thread… guess she DID stop the car. 😆
  3. One of the historical DC sites is good at that. There is bit of old bashing new at times and usually a warning, then comments turned off or removed… or admin gets the craps of it and deletes the thread. And that’s just people arguing and not the personal crap flying with SoA
  4. Which I don’t think they’ve deleted anything. The worst of the worst is still out there.
  5. Could have used all the flaming responses the other day with the cold snap. Have yet to see one pro comment.
  6. Also a claim that he helped “save” SoA at some point.
  7. One who knows the definition of sexual Harassment and you don’t keep posting the word victim in quotes.
  8. Ok I looked at DCIs page and see what you mean. Someone (not the person I know) said SoA removed their comment(s). Interesting how the history of problems with other corps is being calmly discussed on DCI page. And SoA page has this “well she went open so now I can demand information “. Illegal as hell from my training
  9. Know someone who removed their comments after it went to the dark place. Any way to tell who removed.
  10. Still trying to figure out DCIs actions on “policies and procedures” on abuse. Sounds like they have something written down but the corps (especially the members) don’t know wth it is. How can anything be done if the potential victims are clueless on what is wrong and how to report it up the chain. “Here’s a number to call” and nothing else is useless
  11. Few days ago (before announcement to suspend operations) I made a joke about they are running out of feet to shoot. Take on shooting yourself in the foot with stupidity. No longer a joke. Wonder if anyone is even looking at what is going on in the group page. Other groups I’m on will close comments or remove the whole thread before things get half this bad.
  12. The FB page just went off the rails. Scans of a 4 page rant that goes way past “difference of opinion “. Cesspool got deeper.
  13. Every time I get a MRI I have to remember the answer to “artificial joints” is yes. Had joint in big toe placed years back. Looked like a metal plate in the middle of a cocktail weenie pick.
  14. That’s what it’s going to take. But the flack being given by “supporters” and alumni to their current “family” members I see a corps killing lawsuit more likely.
  15. I stopped reading part way through for that reason…. Kept thinking “they’re bragging about this?”
  16. To be clear the ugliness I see is people attacking someone and saying they are lying. The previously mentioned putting the word victim in quotes (by someone who claims to be a lawyer no less) keeps coming up. Goes past difference of opinion to personal imo.
  17. I keep thinking of the early bland statements the corps made basically saying “we will do what we should have done from the beginning “. Then there is the no moderation on the corps FB which allows some of humanities uglier side to come out. That can’t be presenting the corps in a good light to anyone reading. The culture has to change and that has to be shown to the public
  18. My annual training took an hour. Including who to report to and who to go to if you don’t trust the first person (they might be the harasser). For DCI it would be corps then DCI then agency outside of DCI
  19. And in my training if someone thinks it is inappropriate then it should stop….
  20. Years back there was a corps I liked that went inactive. Hoped they would get back until I found out they had a racism problem. After that pfft could have cared less. Seeing the victim blaming and denial from some Spirit “supporters” and alumni just keeps reminding me. If Spirit doesn’t openly clean house on this I will care less if they make it back.
  21. Yep my shining example over there is the person putting the blame on who posted (the abuse). Like a car wreck you know it’s bad to look but so screwed up. Glad to see lot of people posting that corps did right thing. They are just not getting the heated replies so not as noticeable
  22. was there twice at nearing the two extremes of daylight… Early December and over Memorial Day. “Holy crap suns up I overslept.” Nope about 4am and sun is up already. When I was there for work I was told it takes about 7 years for a non-native to master Icelandic. Used to keep car radio on Islandic music station and learned two things. One sounds like they don’t pause between words. Two they censor NOTHING on the radio 😳
  23. Icelandic has a crap load of extra letters. To me they all look like “O” with a squiggle added.
  24. Another one “knows the truth” but won’t say anything. Of course she wants people who disagree to say everything they know. And if they don’t then that “proves” she’s right. Looks like she had a long meaningless argument overnight with someone. Can’t believe these people don’t realize how bad they make the corps and alumni look by doing this. If I was an alumni I’d be making sure that others know they don’t represent us.
  25. Well Spirit did lose a housing site as announced a few days ago. Don’t think anyone took the legally scary step to say why:
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