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  1. Yeah, could really care what leaders found in those 9 or so days. Line that stands out to me is Oregon police contacted head of corps. That’s SHOULD be the other war around. Organization handling internally smells like that big college 2 hours from me (spelled PSU).
  2. Off the tracks and off topic? Folks you are looking at the most expensive single camera shot of the silent era. Buster Keatons “The General”.
  3. Oh yeah him and Henry Ford, Lindberghs America First speeches are especially cringe worthy.
  4. At the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum many years ago. Had the propeller cap from Lindbergh’s Spirit of St Louis in a case. Inside the cap is a painted swastika and beside it a card saying it was for good luck. And Lindberghs flight was 1927. No need to guess why the Smithsonian felt the need to explain the swastika.
  5. And other half of TMI was shutdown 2019. That could bring up some interesting show ideas.
  6. Also heard from Vietnam vets that some of them we’re not really welcomed at Posts. Combo of generation gap and “didn’t win your war”. My dad was a Korea vet and told me a few times he was accepted only because he was local so known that way (grew up few blocks from the small town Post). Posts shot themselves in the foot IMO
  7. I was thinking the other part of the name being the problem… soooo…. Religious Symbol Humanoids…. 😈 Westshoremen… if from Harrisburg that’s the EAST shore, if from Carlisle not close to the west shore of the river (or the rivier itself), and co-Ed since 1970s. (Even changed word “boys” to “corps” in corps song)
  8. Already been done with a college north of me. School is Lutheran based and don’t think anyone knows why they picked the Crusaders name in the first place. Now the River Hawks which actually makes sense. FYI Crossmen name comes from one of the sponsors, John(?) Cross AL Post. And that ain’t in Texas PS why is it people grump about a good group not using a name or symbol anymore because idiots are using it. Why don’t they grump about the idiots?
  9. Yep as we live near Gettysburg we hear both sides of the Confederate flag. Best I heard was a GA re-enactor saying he’d like to take it from the ones who use it for hate as it just ruined it for the re-enactors. As my mom would say, it just takes a few idiots to ruin it for all.
  10. Lmao my one college sent me 3 or 4 donation requests a year for a few years. One was for general fundraising, one for student tuition help, one was for the band, forget the other. Finally I contacted and said “you have a choice, send once a year and I’ll continue to donate. OR send me more than once and you get nothing… your choice “. Get once a year now…
  11. And the word “that”. oh I am so glad I don’t have to deal with government-ese anymore….
  12. Watched Jim Costello back in the 80s or so during a Cabs performance. Paced around with his arms folded, stooped down past end zone looking at feet, etc. Didn’t distract from the show if you were focusing on the corps. But knowing who he was I just had to watch the show he was putting on. Probably first time fathers waiting in the maternity ward looked more relaxed
  13. Waiting for the discussion on where the commas are placed and what that means. 😈
  14. And according to legend.. thank price. Supposedly adding a clip or other protection to keep the gas tank from splitting would have made the price over $2,000. And Pinto was billed as “under 2000 pounds and under $2000”. Ex girlfriend had one, felt less safe in that than my POS 9 year old Impala…
  15. Might be seeing different commercial. Man I watched too much 70s TV, I recognized Didi Conn before I read the heading
  16. Dang I watched cuz I’m a car person but also a hockey fan. Lanny McDonald with hair not mashed down by a helmet eh? 😆 And the woman at the end looks familiar too 🤔
  17. Not going to name names (some info cam from private conversations) but know of some Senior corps that folded late 70s/early 80s. Reasons I heard were they couldn’t keep up with rising expenses and/or low membership. Mostly from smaller towns so fund raising opportunities were limited. Some of the low membership reasons were due to bad economy people needed to work weekends or left town for work. Two went inactive to try to give themselves a better chance to come back later. Reason was if they would have kept floundering the red ink would keep increasing. For one of them it worked after a season of inactivity. disagree with mismanaged
  18. Then we have the declining number of American Legion and VFW Posts and membership. But on other DC social media sites some are saying things can be like they used to. 🙄 I can name two or three Posts where the bar and social members are keeping them going. One is the Post for a dry town but is located across the alley from the town line. Some friends of mine call it “the club”.
  19. Was on council of a city church that was going downhill (doors since closed). Went to sessions on why the problems and what can be done. Why… changes to society and the area over the decades. What can be done… nothing really. Amazing how many other activities have hit the same thing for the same reasons... including drum corps
  20. That’s part of the issue from what I read. BITD members had more of a chance to march more than one season. Today due to cost and other conflicts a good many can only do corps for one season so they try to make that one time really count
  21. Some responses were they like/love what a certain corps does so they want to be part of that corps. Wanting the experience of doing corps wasn’t mentioned.
  22. Ok this is way out of date but 10 or so years ago I asked if someone misses the cut of a top corps why don’t they join a lesser corps. Responses were mostly 1) so expensive not worth it to join the lesser corps 2) lot of people can only do corps for one year (saving up money, etc) so it’s top/dream corps or forget it.
  23. *shrug* Some of the posts have concerns about how this will affect corps finances, membership numbers in OC and non top corps, etc. DCP is a place to discuss so they are being discussed
  24. This… plus claims that the judging system is precise about what is a Box5 or whatever the terms are. Words on a paper may be precise but still subjective if a corps reaches that level.
  25. Sounds like a different world from World class. Also sounds like differences between DCA and the lesser Senior circuits (was in both). And DCI needs to realize it needs to pay attention to both WC and OC to be healthy.
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