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  1. Try using PACER to see if there is anything to be found.
  2. cannot locate it this year - please assist - and thank you
  3. Which statement is completely ironic considering how you look back on the days of old when senior corps didn't have any of those young whippersnappers in it that came along and ruined all the fun of the activity.....AND how your thought of moving DCA finals up a month would remove those same young whippersnappers from the DCA ranks...
  4. I think one of the biggest obstacles to having DCA'S as part of the DCI Championships is the idea of losing 4 weeks of shows. This year it would have been been held on July 27th & 28th if held on that Monday & Tuesday.
  5. I disagree with your theory that it is the fault of the Bucs winning so many times because quite frankly every other group has become more competitive because of the Bucs. It isn't their fault they are doing it better than the rest are. The shows that won 10-15 years ago would never come in the Top 5 now. Your theory is like saying people stopped going to baseball games because The Yankees have 27 rings. Nope. That isn't the answer Lee. It sounds great to drag it out and repeat it as the reason, but it is far from the solution to the problem.
  6. This is something that I do not grasp. A way to involve them, yes. To leave it to them as the go to people? Why??!!?? But that may be the shining example of the disconnect that is happening. Without revamping the entire thing from top to bottom DCA will fall out of any sort of actual relevance. If the numbers given have any type of truth to them, they have lost more than half their audience in less than 10 years. They need to find out (very quickly) as to why, and even more quickly take major steps to fix the problems. While I do think a part of it is location, that cannot be the only answer. I am not sure the powers that be are ready to hear what some of the possible reasons are though.
  7. I do think some of this can be done at reasonable costs. Advertising on mass transit, most likely not. While I am not exactly sure exactly what it takes in upstate NY, over at NJT it is not only expensive, but also very difficult. I realize the greater Rochester area is a much smaller zone by comparison, but I think you would have to still manage to have an 'in' with the company to even try to do so without breaking the budget.
  8. was asked by a friend why the price changed at checkout. told her i had no idea.
  9. I can see people frothing at the mouth at the very idea of it happening. And while i don't know if it could happen this year, as in they take it all, I do see their show having the potential to take out some veteran competitors . And kudos for having revamped your guard program into something spectacular this season.