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  1. Can’t you just say where your info is coming from? If you can put the “new horns for the past three years” argument to rest, please provide some proof. Otherwise, your so-called information isn’t any more believable than anyone else’s.
  2. Do they still have euphoniums? I love hearing that voice! I mean, that SOUND. Not voice.
  3. How are the ALUMNI responsible? Your unfathomable and obvious loyalty to GH is really shining through now.
  4. Thanks for your drive-by reporting. That was very enlightening and detailed. Now, how about a link or some additional information???
  5. Thank you for pointing that out. Maybe you can track it and report back regarding how long it takes to get that fixed?
  6. Just ONE drill move like that would be enough to satisfy me for the entire summer! I’m not asking for too much, am I? Just one... Please?
  7. Pretty awesome video. I’ve never seen that band before, but I actually got chills seeing the last two minutes of this video. And you are 100% correct - these things can be taught. That’s my hope and EXPECTATION of this Cadets new/old staff. Teach the members what it means to be Cadets, in every facet. When sitting in the audience at J. Birney Crum, I want to FEEL that sense of AWE when they enter the field. Yes!!!!
  8. Sounds to me like you really aren’t adding anything to the conversation.
  9. What is the pattern of behavior by the corps administration? I legitimately want to know these proven negative behavior patterns.
  10. I’ve been contemplating your comment for the last five minutes, and I can’t figure out if you’re serious, or if I missed something? I would like to see some minimalism. Classy and understated, but also complex and interesting.
  11. Wow, this type of thing sure does show who the haters are. In one thread, they pretend to be supportive. Then an allegation like this happens, and those same people show their true colors. It’s pretty funny. Shut this corps down. They suck. Directors are all incompetent. Yada yada yada. We have only heard one side so far.
  12. Wasn’t Shane involved with CWP at one time? Thought I remembered that, but maybe I’m mistaken. I remember when he was announced as part of Cadets design team back in 2017. Seemed like some were saying he was a genius, and others claimed he was too old.
  13. Kids are FREE to choose whichever corps they want to audition for. If they want to make their choices based on staff diversity, then that’s fine. Encouraging a diverse group of future designers and caption managers is a decent idea. It’s when you start crossing the line into ENABLING and quotas, that I have a problem with. Show me some proof that women and minorities are currently being oppressed and held back in the ranks of corps leadership.
  14. YES!!! BWBB encore is one of my top 10 Allentown memories. For Cadets to do a production like that today would be really really interesting. Bring it on!
  15. I know, right??? I have the exact same problem. EVERYONE bought XL back in the 90’s. Baggy was cool! I have a black t-shirt with the front of that old uni on the front, and the back of the uni on the reverse. I always get comments on it. But, WOW, it is way too big!