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  1. Drum corps fan: “What is it?” Carolina Crown: “It is.”
  2. God rest his soul, that was both awesome and horrible at the same time!
  3. Sit down and be quiet. SCV won the Sanford. For you to question the call that Prosperie made is ridiculous. He is one of the most respected judges on the tour. He just called it like he saw it. ALL the top 6 percussion groups were TOP this year. Winning the Sanford is quite an accomplishment, but don’t be so quick to dismiss everyone else.
  4. You are 100% correct. The responsibility for the lack of quality on Flo belongs to DCI. If DCI doesn’t demand that their product be portrayed in a more professional manner, why would Flo have any incentive to get better?
  5. In some other years, I can see how people would be mad. And that turns them into haters. And people become obsessed with it when someone wins who they do not like. But seriously, THIS year? I honestly didn’t realize how much people STILL hate BD until all the comments I’ve seen on Facebook, YouTube, and elsewhere. This show, for me, was actually the most enjoyable of the year. Just too many great things going on to not be at the top. If Bloo would have won, I would not have been disappointed. But I believe BD and Bloo 2019 might go into history as two of the most entertaining shows ever. Congratulations!!!
  6. I’m hoping they don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. They came within less than a tenth of medaling. But beyond that, there were some extremely memorable things about the 2019 show. I hope they embrace those things again!
  7. Thought the percussion were getting underscored before, so it’s nice to see the great opinion tonight! What a year for percussion, especially with the top 6 lines. To be amongst those groups is truly awesome!
  8. It must be nice to be able to provide such useful information, but yet provide so few details regarding where your information is coming from. Thank you.
  9. I would say Bloo contras have consistently been at the top for 10-15 years now. Absolutely awesome.
  10. I agree. I thought they might do it tonight, in fact. I do like SCV’s show, but I like Crown’s more.
  11. I thought the ending was more effective than before, but it seemed forced. And a little too gimmicky for my taste. But the high school kids in the theater LOVED it! Best reaction of the night, I thought. I’m guessing it’ll flow better over the next two nights. Anyway, I really enjoyed their show as a whole tonight!
  12. 6th in percussion THIS YEAR is a huge accomplishment!! They are true performers. One the most entertaining to watch and listen to. Thank you, Cadets battery and front ensemble!!!
  13. Three more performances!!! Let’s max this out!!!!