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  1. Before people start talking about three-peats, I would think it would be important to get two-in-a-row first.
  2. Are Cadets switching to Stanbury Uniforms?
  3. Your entire post was very well thought out. But the line quoted above is the best thing I’ve read on here in months! Just awesome! Very inspirational!
  4. Your comments are very transparent. Why do you hang out here if you hate Cadets so much? I just don’t understand why you believe anyone should listen to you?!?
  5. We are all going to die from this. DCI is not going to survive. Individual corps are going to go bankrupt. This is inevitable. Better go stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer. There. Does that makes all the naysayers happier now? I’m falling in line with doom and gloom predictions.
  6. Wow, your overreaction to my comment is a bit disappointing. You seem intent on putting me down, and I’m not really sure why?
  7. This media-fueled hysteria is the biggest overreaction to anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. The reaction is just way out of line from anything we’ve seen before. This sucks and I’m beyond depressed with all this talk.
  8. That would be a HUGE overreaction. Plain and simple.
  9. I saw the same post you did. The most concerning thing to me is the attitude of some of his followers, as if HE is the most important person, and not the corps. It actually IS sad in a way, you’re totally right.
  10. I placed an order on 12/27, and spent about $300 total. I also selected standard ground shipping. Not only have I not received the blu rays yet, but I haven’t received ANY of it yet, including stuff that was already in stock. I’ve called twice, and nobody picks up, so I’ve left messages. No response. Typical embarrassingly poor service that I’ve come to expect over the past 30 years.
  11. That’s the only finals I’ve ever been at. And I’ll definitely never forget it for the rest of my life, either. And the encore!!
  12. People absolutely DID talk about reaching out to the board when GH was there. On many, many occasions. Of course, the board back then never had any power.
  13. Can’t you just say where your info is coming from? If you can put the “new horns for the past three years” argument to rest, please provide some proof. Otherwise, your so-called information isn’t any more believable than anyone else’s.
  14. Do they still have euphoniums? I love hearing that voice! I mean, that SOUND. Not voice.
  15. How are the ALUMNI responsible? Your unfathomable and obvious loyalty to GH is really shining through now.