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    MN Brass; 78, 79 - Blue Stars 80 - MN Brass; 86-92, 94-96, 98, 99, 01, 03 - Govenaries 2005 - MN Brass 09, 11 (World Champion), 12, 14
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    Minnesota Brass, Govenaires, Blue Stars, Bridgeman
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    1990 MN Brass DCA Finals Exhibition (yes, even after winning the title in 2011. 1990 will always be special)
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    2005 Govenaires/2011 MN Brass
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  1. I believe 1977 was the first trip out for MBI, 1986 was their first finalist appearance. 1991 began 'The Streak', 2nd longest current finalist streak in DCA after Cabs. 1999 they took 4th, beating Cabs for the first time, and it wasn't until their first 2nd place finish in 2008 that they finally topped Empire. After a few more 2nds, the elusive title was captured in 2011. You all can do that math on all that LOL
  2. Irondale also has huge representation, along with many other High Schools. Lots going on in MN's Drum Corps scene. Yes, Scott Palmer, EP Director is on BD Brass Staff and is also Hornline Caption Head with MN Brass. Ben is also an MBI Alumn who worked with us for a bit last year as well. Here is a nice TV Feature from last night on the local FOX affiliate: http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/29512202/marching-music-madness-as-dci-competition-stops-in-minneapolis
  3. Just found out that this article was one of the top stories and most shared items on the STrib website, yesterday. That's quite the statement for this niche activity. Thanks again, Randy, for your work on this!
  4. Hey,I get that, but in the grand scheme of things a pretty minor issue. Gettting any kind of exposure in large mainstream media, espcially a newspapers as large as the STrib is a huge bonus for this weekend and the activity in general. Thanks
  5. Marching goes extreme as nation's top drum and bugle corps compete Saturday at TCF Stadium in MinneapolisMegan Quamme just graduated from the University of Minnesota with a biology degree. But her plans to become a physician's assistant one day are on hold while she spends the summer dancing like a movie star and spinning flags across the football fields of America. Quamme, 21, performs each night in a different city as part of the color guard for Phantom Regiment, a drum and bugle corps from Rockford, Ill. She'll be among the more than 2,000 musicians and performers who will descend Saturday on TCF Bank Stadium to compete in DCI Minnesota, one of the big stops on Drum Corps International's summer tour, which returns to Minneapolis after a two-year absence. It's one of the nation's largest drum and bugle corps competitions, featuring 10 World Class finalists from the 2014 DCI World Championships plus 10 other corps from the United States and Canada. Read the rest at the link, and be sure to comment to show the Strib the support of this activity ->
  6. Yes, this evenings show was the 1st of 2 shows of the MInnesota swing for the DCA-C region. Tomorrow we perform again at the Govenaire's Home show. It will be our seeding score as it will be our last DCA judged performance of the season before Prelims. All judges are experienced DCA judges including several flown in from out East. Same slate tomorrow but I assume they'll shuffle the captions a bit.
  7. We (MBI) are as strong as ever. Not sure what happened with our number in Eden Prairie. Keep in mind it was DCI judges on DCA sheets and we went on last after Blue Devils. Even Govies number was a little lower than anticipated on Sat in LaX, but not as much as ours. August 2nd, DCA show and DCA Fan Network viewable. We'll all find out then where things stack up. For me, I am just have a gas marching another amazing program. Anyone else doing 210 bpm? Flash
  8. Go to http://www.guidestar.org and search for any non profit. Scroll down and look for the 'Forms 990' tab. There will be a link to PDFs of their most recent tax statements. A very enlightening tour once you start searching different organizations.
  9. Yes, referencing hornline. But there is still a fair argument I am that clueless LOL
  10. And notes, God they play a lot of notes. Sure seems like no one else comes close to the amount of notes they play, and play well!
  11. Well, than, you can't tell with all the poles in the way LOL
  12. I still don't get it. Even the Troopers drill is more demanding than this stuff
  13. My feed in the garage over WiFi was spotty, but not too bad. Now that I am in the house with my Ethernet wired MacMini plugged into my 55" LG and Surround stereo, darn near like being there!
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