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  1. TBH, I'd agree to "just as loud" but would prefer the term "different" to "better"
  2. Sounds like they could use some help in "expanding their creative limits" πŸ™‚
  3. Did not know the highlighted part...Up to 3 obviously isn't enough, given the number of times MANY corps can't get the sound right... πŸ™„ They could, you know, NOT permit these "in the stands" folks to make any "on the go" adjustments - use one of their set up minutes to do a sound check then shut them down. While we're at it (and this argument has been made by several on here), during the show, an "of marching age" member should be the one running the field board... Also an advocate of disallowing shotgun mics and large-scale individual micing (no, don't have a top limit in mind)...
  4. 1. I have yet to attend an indoors show (DCI, WGI, etc.), and I doubt I will. I know that in some cases, stadiums/arena design has included elements to INCREASE sound focusing/retention with respect to increasing the impact of fan noise. I highly suspect that these elements will NOT benefit sound quality with respect to fans LISTENING to a performance. 2. Short answer? Probably not. Granted, I would probably be intrigued enough to go to a small indoor venue version to see what it's about. TO ME, however, give me outdoors, big, powerful performances, with as much acoustically-based sourcing as you can.
  5. I only chose your post b/c it contained the words I wanted to reference.. Every time i think of these types of shows/formats it makes me think of the HUGE (IMO, obviously) amount of time NBC wastes on the "personal story / backstory / motivation" fluff pieces they bombard us with during the Olympics. Other than, you know, showing more ACTUAL COMPETITION. At least now there are other channels that pick up SOME of the slack...
  6. related to this, how much of a "seat buffer" would you need to put around said judges to prevent "unwanted interaction" from the paying butts? Or would they be "under cover"? Would they be allowed to talk into their recording devices while the corps were performing (because I could see THAT going over real well...)?
  7. Small world; her current clinic location is right near there (I believe it's over on the IKEA side...) She is NOT a fan of Baltimore traffic and freeway design...especially the nonsensical merges...🀣
  8. Would that have been the Columbia Mall? I only ask b/c my daughter is currently living in Ellicott City while doing a PT residency at Johns Hopkins...
  9. Regarding the bolded portions: I seem to remember similar statements/comments/indications about any key brass, electronics, essence, "no one is required to incorporate/implement XYZ" which inevitably turned into the drum corps equivalent of "monkey do, other monkeys see, other monkeys do (or do not, at their peril), wash, rinse, repeat" Grains of salt and tongue/cheek interactions liberally applied.
  10. We used one in the "Color My World" portion of our Chicago medley in '75...
  11. They could use a water whistle (I know they were used for just such effect BITD) 😎:
  12. This STILL happens at my MIL's...πŸ˜‘ and I'm not QUITE as old as y'all...😘
  13. FYI...