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  1. Here's another early season version, this time with the guard's "costume change":
  2. Mmmmm, grits (syrup and butter, or shrimp, or...) Mmmmm, hash browns (just about any configuration)
  3. @ironlips my father marched with St. Vincent's from '53 through '56 (baritone) AND went to Xavier High School (graduated in '56)! Small world. I found a YT recording from '55 about a week ago and sent it to him - my mom sent me a short video of him listening to it and singing along. 😁 He's almost positive he's the person in the pic under the arrow:
  4. And I marched '75 - '80, '82 and also fenced in college (went to an open practice, coach saw I was 6'-2" and left-handed and said "we're going to have some fun with you"...) and the rest is, well, you know...
  5. My Dad and I were at DCI East that year (summer between undergrad and grad) and remember that storm and the standstill. One thing that will always stand out to me was Boston's performance, especially at the end with the DM essentially running up and down in front of the corps getting them revved up as they headed into the bugle call for "Conquest". Being an East show, you KNOW the crowd ate it up. And yes, BD was that good that year.
  6. LOVED this show! '74 was my first year going to Championships (11 at the time). Finals night in particular was amazing! The last 6 corps had the place JUMPING!
  7. @Super Don-O I've been on the receiving end of more than my share of good karma the past few years, so I gladly pass some on. I hope it gets to you intact b/c it is some very good stuff.
  8. We (me, my fiancee, and my parents) were at that show as well (the field in Parma, facing directly the evening...) I distinctly remember after SCV finishing (I found where they had been practicing and saw bits and pieces) my parents turning to look at me, just speechless. It really was that amazing.
  9. One year we carried flags from a local radio station in a parade instead of our own for a small donation...
  10. That was almost my 70s consecutive list: 74 Kingsmen, 75 SCV, 76 BD. Excellent choices.
  11. I was suddenly reminded of this gem from "The Far Side":
  12. With the expansion of singing into drum corps, I think VK could totally pull this off if they were around today...
  13. One of these guys (the smallest one):