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  1. Order both from Amazon in separate shipments and see which arrives first...
  2. ...and "2 lovers sat on a park bench..." seemed like it went on for 7 minutes
  4. The other day i came across an early season competition vid on YT, prior to a lot of the changes. For the Bottle Dance, the guard members had changed out of the black dresses and into the blouse/vest version of the traditional uni...
  5. Not sure that it's actually Ithaca (this looks like grass and Ithaca was turf) but it sure looks like '74 to me...
  6. gak27

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Oh DCI, how we love your schedule release revisions... As of now (Monday morning, 9:30 ET), this show is called BOTH Tour of Champions - Akron (webpage link and in body of page) AND Tour of Champions - Northeast Ohio (page header) AND the location is now "TBD, Northeast Ohio" and the Google map show Indianapolis...
  7. gak27

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Late-season Massillon show moving to U of Akron stadium! Same lineup as last year PLUS addition of Phantom. Yet again, a fabulous lineup heading into Championship Week AND makes my drive much shorter... Much larger concourses to handle the crowds, that's for sure...
  8. According to Schiit Audio, it's a top-of-the-line multibit DAC... Yggdrasil
  9. I sure hope Arcade Fire's / Peter Gabriel's rights holders are amenable...
  10. Ok, it was used before for a similarly epic show ending, but still great to watch (and listen to!):
  11. I wish I could find a pic of mid-80s Madison with the letter bell covers on them spelling "MADISON" b/c that's (personally) as close as I wanna get to seeing sousaphones in DCI...
  12. Indeed! I also find myself humming/singing/grooving to the tuba(contra ) portion of the dance piece. My daughter just looks at me and I know any explanation (with or without video support) will do nothing to change her opinion of her father's actions...
  13. gak27

    Scv - a new era?

    ...and I'd wager many of us would trade places with them in a heartbeat...
  14. Have SWriverstone consult with each corps regarding their show's musical bona fides?