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  1. In 1980, SCV used 4 high and 4 low voice tenors:
  2. Cadets (maybe they'll like our long-winded program title THIS time...)
  3. As the girl in the Old El Paso commercial says, "Why not both?"
  4. Not a PR recruitment vid, but here you go:
  5. Nice! My HS band director tolerated drum corps b/c he knew the type of member he'd be getting back after the summer. I never went to summer band camp until senior year due to tour timing, and yet never had a problem learning the (very) basic box formations and music (no flip folder for this drum corps horn player). And, I was never a member of the "Fanfare to the Earth Worms" brigade (horns down at a 45 so as to see ahead of you and see the music). Horns to the box! 😁
  6. "mark fingerings" hahahah!!! I started playing brass (soprano) when I joined my corps (valve/rotor and eventually 2-valve) - when I went to HS and they gave me a trumpet, I looked at it and the music and literally said "ok, now what?" 😆
  7. 'twas...announced as they were leaving the field/trooping the stands after retreat. A horn (I believe it was a baritone) flew out of the horn block after the announcement was made...
  8. I remember that tour well. It was also the inaugural stop for Sevierville, TN (in fact, we picked up at least two members after that show). As I recall, every stop had MANY people in the stands and their response to (in many cases, I'm sure) their first drum corps experiences was very enthusiastic.
  9. Ahh, Brador. I went to college in Detroit and would frequently travel across the river to Windsor for beer runs....and "guard" practice...
  10. I loved the '81 and '82 shows! My Dad and I are somewhere in that mass of humanity (if memory serves, about the same level and a little to the left; I took '81 off) with our Labatt's 50s...with ice...God, it was hot that day in the stands...
  11. I figured that was going to be an inevitable series of posts - "Rank and Rate XYZ Corps Shows of the Decade"
  12. Very interesting concept on this one - there's no possible way to have more than one BD show on the list. For me, it was quite difficult in that I couldn't make my preferred multicorps selection configuration happen without having both BK shows stay (sorry, "I Remember Everything" didn't do much for me at all) versus having 3 Bluecoats shows...
  13. With varying degrees of tongue planted in cheek: - Volume (the more non-amplified, the better) and Impact. - Brass. Lots of it. - Visual complexity and expanse that numbers and square footage give you. - The opportunity to experience the performance without being in a booming echo chamber. - Number of, and proximity to, the "shriek for every toss/spin/catch" crowd
  14. Babylon - Downside Up - Angels and Demons As for the others, my rankings would probably be pretty close together, although Metamorph/Felliniesque would probably rise towards the top. As for E=mc2? I just can't get past the ballad narration (the opening narration was cool) - I just can't.