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  1. Count me among those that prefer headgear, although why (at least in this case with BD, and prolly others) does the headgear look SO big around their head? It truly looks like it would drop straight down over their face vs. being more snug/less likely to wobble or fall off...
  2. I actually really liked the "tan era" uniforms Phantom tried...
  3. I will DEFINITELY keep that in mind - when I do get to go to BL&L, I go to Montrose...
  4. That's quite the list! And I love the link to the Winking Lizard Beer Tour (West Akronite, here...) For sure I'll be at the August Akron show, maybe the June Massillon show as well...
  5. I was hoping they would have done the classic "take it up an octave" during the lead in to the hit...
  6. John Just got this error trying to post a YT link to the "In-show LOLs, in honor of April Fools Day" thread... Tried posting the link here and got the same error as well...
  7. So we were 40+ years ahead of our time...just not enough props...and members...and instrument voices...
  8. Interesting...your original graphic has Cadets 2011 vs. Madison 1995 but the poll has Cadets 2011 vs. Madison 2011...
  9. except, for some unknown reason, the backfield camera view.
  10. First two thoughts about it, totally unrelated: 1. Something having to do with "A to Z" 2. “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't.”