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  1. Your points that I highlighted mesh well with some observations I made on one of the excellent video comparison threads. They also make me kind of wonder exactly how much of that individual emoting, dancing/choreographing, body movement, facial expression stuff is even visible by the judges in the box who are the ones that are (supposedly) to be most affected by it. Anywhere other than the first couple of rows and facial expressions are totally lost on the audience, let alone the box personnel.
  2. ...and please tell me that the multi-component Bug SquishTM move at the end is just part of a placeholder?!?!?
  3. I saw a single pic from their FB feed and if there was ever a show addition that has "I'll have to wait till I see it live to comment" written all over it, this is it...😶
  4. These threads have been very enjoyable - thanks to the OP for providing such thoughtful topics. To me - and to some unquantifiable number of other fans - some of this perceived lack of difficulty comes from what visually looks to be not difficult. When you watch the examples of breakneck Cadets or Cavies drill moves from the past that are combined with electrifying music, and then they hit a set with a music impact, it looks more difficult than a corps jazz trotting to a blob set for a quick music hit while the guard is performing individual movements, tosses, be followed by the same (yes, I know the previous is an oversimplification). Furthermore, the lack of unison movement (feet, body, equipment, etc.) contributes to the feel of what is being done now not seeming difficult. Even though we know that it isn't haphazard and random, it appears to be - it looks fuzzy, unformed, imprecise - which I guess can easily contribute to the impression of not being difficult. I must confess to wanting more field visual "WOW" moments (e.g. SCV 17 flag visual) to go along with the incredible musical performance we're being treated to. Emphasizing the individual visual movement at the expense of unison movement takes away some of the feel of excellence that drum corps has always me....but I still love it
  5. I find it interesting that Madison's show is the only one that DOESN'T seem to have ANY video presence on the interwebs this year...
  6. BITD, almost a universal activity for a lot of corps...I learned to play on a valve/rotor soprano, and when I went to HS and was handed a trumpet I looked at the band director and was like "what do I do with this...?"
  7. That's a very good question, and one that never seems to come up much...and when it does, never seems to have any follow-on discussion...
  8. Will Waffles have their ending on the field tonight?
  9. And here I was thinking it was Brass, Percussion, and M&M...
  10. Having moved from a lined, WOOL cadet-style / Eisenhower-style jacket (with top hook closed, of course ) and shako to "just a SHIRT???" (albeit w/ a green ascot) and 2-7 Aussie was, in a word, REFRESHING...
  11. One of my all-time faves for much nuance in that show...
  12. I'll get out my libretto to go with your shirt
  13. jw, I like how you think.. The 78/79/80 and 87/88/89 timeframes had some AMAZING 2nd place shows (and I LOVED 2014/2015 2nd shows)... I'll throw in '75 SCV - perfect GE score and just a great show that had to go up against THAT Madison show...
  14. Something maybe not mentioned about Phantom's uniforms - the corps proper unis look to have long coats (see 0:00:05 to 0:00:012 in the attached vid):