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  1. Tour of Champions - Akron goes from 9 corps to 8: drop Mandarins and Blue Knights and add Colts. Still one of the great shows and final tune up heading into Championship Week!
  2. In 1980, SCV used 4 high and 4 low voice tenors:
  3. Cadets (maybe they'll like our long-winded program title THIS time...)
  4. As the girl in the Old El Paso commercial says, "Why not both?"
  5. Not a PR recruitment vid, but here you go:
  6. Nice! My HS band director tolerated drum corps b/c he knew the type of member he'd be getting back after the summer. I never went to summer band camp until senior year due to tour timing, and yet never had a problem learning the (very) basic box formations and music (no flip folder for this drum corps horn player). And, I was never a member of the "Fanfare to the Earth Worms" brigade (horns down at a 45 so as to see ahead of you and see the music). Horns to the box! 😁
  7. "mark fingerings" hahahah!!! I started playing brass (soprano) when I joined my corps (valve/rotor and eventually 2-valve) - when I went to HS and they gave me a trumpet, I looked at it and the music and literally said "ok, now what?" 😆
  8. 'twas...announced as they were leaving the field/trooping the stands after retreat. A horn (I believe it was a baritone) flew out of the horn block after the announcement was made...
  9. I remember that tour well. It was also the inaugural stop for Sevierville, TN (in fact, we picked up at least two members after that show). As I recall, every stop had MANY people in the stands and their response to (in many cases, I'm sure) their first drum corps experiences was very enthusiastic.
  10. Ahh, Brador. I went to college in Detroit and would frequently travel across the river to Windsor for beer runs....and "guard" practice...
  11. I loved the '81 and '82 shows! My Dad and I are somewhere in that mass of humanity (if memory serves, about the same level and a little to the left; I took '81 off) with our Labatt's 50s...with ice...God, it was hot that day in the stands...
  12. I figured that was going to be an inevitable series of posts - "Rank and Rate XYZ Corps Shows of the Decade"
  13. Very interesting concept on this one - there's no possible way to have more than one BD show on the list. For me, it was quite difficult in that I couldn't make my preferred multicorps selection configuration happen without having both BK shows stay (sorry, "I Remember Everything" didn't do much for me at all) versus having 3 Bluecoats shows...
  14. With varying degrees of tongue planted in cheek: - Volume (the more non-amplified, the better) and Impact. - Brass. Lots of it. - Visual complexity and expanse that numbers and square footage give you. - The opportunity to experience the performance without being in a booming echo chamber. - Number of, and proximity to, the "shriek for every toss/spin/catch" crowd
  15. Babylon - Downside Up - Angels and Demons As for the others, my rankings would probably be pretty close together, although Metamorph/Felliniesque would probably rise towards the top. As for E=mc2? I just can't get past the ballad narration (the opening narration was cool) - I just can't.
  16. InfernoTiltCommonGoodTheBluecoats TiltInfernoTheBluecoatsCommonGood . . you get the idea...wound up voting for Inferno, but geez that was hard...
  17. On a side note: when did FLO start offering archives? Is this part of an attempt to retain subscribers who would otherwise bail after Finals? FLO 2019 Archives
  18. Using your post b/c we've had very similar thoughts on several of these recent polls: Personally I'd have the SCV shows as almost a tossup between Les Mis and Force with 2014 trailing - I am a musical person (to an extent) but for a LONG time, NOT that one. Then I actually saw it. I wound up picking Force of Nature b/c it was SO beautifully constructed and performed. Personally, I was just meh on 2014 but darned if I know why. Agreed on the percussion though. Although I didn't see it live, I really liked Power of 10, even with the black unis. Despite the performance prowess, was NOT a fan of Beast. Even with being somewhat sterile, I liked Beneath the Surface a lot more. Can't comment on the other Crown shows since I haven't seen them in any format.
  19. and PR. I'm sure these will surface soon and, for some corps, generate some INTERESTING rankings and discussions...
  20. My vote went to SCV 15 - yes it's kind of a honk vote (see sig) but so much of that show struck a chord with me - and yes, there are a LOT of good shows in this list. Also really liked "Juliet" and "Music of the Starry Night" (even though the tag add on felt a bit forced). In the "subcaption" voting: BC 17 over 13 and Cavies 19 over 16. I have some interesting opinions that came to mind that I am looking forward to the next set of poll/rank and rate questions: "Rank/Rate the Shows of the Decade: XYZ Corps"
  21. Or as I started to think of it - the drum corps version of Bond's "Oh, James..."
  22. Exactly. Not to mention the fact that all of those "crowd-sourced" videos on YT aren't (to the best of my knowledge) legal.