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  1. i've never been a huge pr fan (althought the brass performance in intro to 4th ballet suite was so #$(*@&(*$#@ amazing i can't help but listen to it whenever i think about it, and this has been going on for the past 5 years -- i think im obsessed), but 1991 pr is one of my favorite shows of all time. so far, it's actually my favorite pr show ever (though i have to admit that i haven't watched some of the best pr shows, according ot the general consensus, that have been performed -- but im still trying to get some time to watch pr 88, 89, and Tsar Pilato's DM year + 93, lol)...but having k
  2. 98 xmen - though i think i like the show more than others because of its music and not its execution 92 SCV - sure, it was dirty in some spots. but heck, the way they entered the stadium and the music they played, not to mention the bottle dance, were good enough for top 6 IMO ;)
  3. Not knocking any corps, just listing my most memorable "screw ups".... BD 99 a horn player gets knocked in the head while backing up on the right side of a form, right in front of the camera (probably a busted lip somewhere in there). BD 98, right before the 'two circle' bit near the middle of the show, one of the lower sopranos holds a god awful sounding note past the release. Everyone in the stadium section I was in just looked at each other with weird looks on their faces. Cadets of BC 95, there's a company front after the second or third tune, and they rotate segmented parts of it righ