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  1. My most memorable thing about 1993 (my rookie year) was doing the Drum Corps South tour for two weeks in early July with Star (still in their 1992 red uniforms, minus the add-ons), and then the total shock when I saw them again in Jackson and they had a whole new look. The show presented very differently in the reds vs. the creams.
  2. Keep in mind - there were a number of corps that have undertaken large capital projects.... think new food trucks. Something like cancelling the season could absolutley decimate these organizations from a financing standpoint - in addition to losing a number of their fundraisers (DCI income, bingo, etc). Between the past two years, new food trucks were (being) purchased by: Boston Crusaders Santa Clara Vanguard Blue Devils Blue Stars There may be more that I am not aware of off-hand at the moment.... Please keep things like this in mind when you are deb
  3. I'm at the theater in Savannah, GA. VERY low turnout so fsr....
  4. If that BFHS is where I think that it is, your high school band director (Mr. Taylor) would be a great person to talk to about this. He is a phenomonal brass instructor!!
  5. "The Heights"? Possibly Alumni Stadium at Boston College? I know that a number of shows were held there back in the day.
  6. From 1 Blue Devils B 89.850 2 Citations 87.450 3 Capital Regiment 85.400 4 Raiders 84.950 5 Legends 77.950 6 Music City 77.350 7 7th Regiment 74.950 8 Dutch Boy 71.750 9 Spirit of Newark/New Jersey 62.000 10 Les Stentors 60.000 11 Blue Saints 49.650
  7. Today's Nashua Telegraph article........... It sounds like they may be able to continue under all new management. I loved the part about the judge questioning the leasing of tires for the busses.
  8. My best thoughts and wishes are with David, his entire family and his entire drum corps family this holiday season.
  9. This option was explored in the spring of 2004 before the smoking ban officially kicked in and was enforced. However, as the management team was looking into that option, the Massachusetts State Lottery sent out a letter to all bingo operators in the state that if you tried to turn your bingo into a private club, The Lottery would revoke your license to operate bingo. In addition, we organized meetings with the press, the local state representatives and other bingo operators as to what could be done to continue the works done by the various non-profits. Many of the invited bingo operators did
  10. Having been in Michigan City in 2005 for the Great Lakes Open, I can say that it is one of the best cities to host a drum corps show that I have ever been to. Mike and his staff do a great job and the city is extremely welcoming. Our police escort in 2005 included the chief of police who let the members even pose for pictures on his motorcycle. Congrats to DCI for choosing a host city that will welcome all of the corps with open arms!!!
  11. I just stumbled upon this. The guy bought it, replaced the engine and started to convert it to a motorhome. Madison Bus
  12. I found a supposed picture of one of the snares on another site. Here's the link. It looks like a Pearl FFX with the stabilizers and MTS strainer from a Yamaha and the bottom strainer of a Dynasty.
  13. All the best to Harry. I've enjoyed many conversasions with him over the years. Here's to a speedy recovery!!!
  14. If you're thinking about buying the Kanstul, most (if not all) of the corps that march Kanstul "G" lines use the powerbore horn.