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  1. thinking about NJ corps in the 60's and 70's.....names from the past ; instructors and judges........Walter Kelley, Ralph Fair, Cal Denniston, John Zamorski, Moe Kazazian, Hugo Averelli, Sonny Cantaneo, Frank Kubinak, Larry Scott, Bernie Baggs, Jim Prime Sr. I'm sure there are many more that should be mentioned.......these are a few I remember.
  2. I marched Polish Falcons rifle line in the early 70's and we competed against CMCC. Their guard was real strong and their gun line did some innovative stuff. They were tight !
  3. I'm "Old School" Had Frank Kubinak as a Drill Instructor and if you made a mistake while marching or were out of the form you received a swift Kick in the *ss. Today, corps travel with a Psychologist who sits you down to find the underlying reason as to why you are having trouble with the show ?? If you really messed up, your section had 15 seconds to help you remember not to make the mistake again !
  4. Yup, I'm old school ! VFW Nationals & American Legion Nationals ; not DCI Nationals Remember prelim shows were cut down ; 7 minutes I believe ?
  5. That was between St Andrews Bridgemen and St Martins. If I remember correctly, it was St Andrews last year in the Garden State Circuit as they went Open class after that.
  6. I believe his name was Jarrod Smyers (sp ?) He was a great kid ! I recently ran into him at a NJ Devils hockey game and he is doing great. He has his own business now in NJ. I"m not sure if he marched past '83 but I believe he did. His parents were active with the corps back them ; real good people.
  7. There was a video produced and released back in 1976/77. Does anyone have a copy ? I marched Madison in '76 and would love to get a copy.
  8. I have to add Peter Burnejko Pete marched Polish Falcons and Blue Devils.
  9. 1970 & 1971 PFC were the Garden State Champs going undefeated in ciurcut competition one of those years. 1972 was a year where they moved to an Independent status and were not affiliated with a ciurcut. 1973 was actually the best year but the corps had but they did not go to DCI Nationals in Whitewater. The thinking was that they would have made finals that year without question. 1974 was the best year the corps experienced competing at the DCI Open class level placing 13th.
  10. Polish Falcons Audabon Bon Bons Riversuders St Rita's Brassmen CMCC Warriors
  11. Great story I moved from NJ in 76 to march with Madison and competed against you BD a lot that year. I remember seeing those North drums and they were soo cool looking. The BD's were awesome that year. I had to learn 2 shows that year cause of you guys !!! A good friend of Mine, Patti Ann Rago, also moved from NJ and Marched with SCV in the guard that year. 1976 was a great year in my book.
  12. All The Polish Falcon Cadets will be having their 1rst Reunion on March 27, 2004 at the WESTWOOD Catering Facility in Garwood, NJ (near Westfield, Cranford). Please spread the word when you see this. The Polish Falcons were formed in 1943 and competed up to 1976. For information contact falcon_reunion@earthlink.net MARCH ON !!!
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