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  1. AoEnut

    2017 DCA Finals

    Very questionable percussion spread considering Kidsgrove took the ensemble music caption. AoE
  2. Or lets just start in the end zone. OR wear wool uniforms. Or play on outdated instruments. Or the timpani that you could strap on their back and carry around the field. Some how and for some reason the designers from back in the day are being given the benefit of the doubt. I say they didn't know any better because they were using what they had. AoE
  3. AoEnut


    Right on!
  4. Microphones can be turned off ... thinking this might me the best practice. AoE
  5. AoEnut

    2017 Rankings

    Or, as I see it, the whole pack. AoE
  6. AoEnut

    2017 Rankings

    Bush was in Kingston NY, score 82.25 Getting close to Cabs.
  7. AoEnut

    2017 Rankings

    Big jump by all the corps last night at Kingston AoE
  8. I'm pretty sure they are from The Cadets show a few years ago.
  9. AoEnut

    Cadets 2017

    2nd and closing in on 1st is way less appealing than 7th And the Vanguard has no $$$ AoE
  10. AoEnut

    Clifton: Part Dos - August 2, 2017

    ... someone else was making the balance choices.