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  1. Oh man, as someone who marched three years of Guidry shows, I am so jealous of all the Colts members that have so much exciting music to look forward to. . . No, wait. That's wrong. I meant the opposite of that. I meant they have so many years of boring, masturbatory bulls*** to look forward to. They have years of a crazy music designer who thinks his sh** don't stink and rambles on about totally nonsensical faux artistic word-vomit to look forward to. They have years of totally unoriginal reprises of melodies that everyone has heard a thousand times before, to look forward to. The day the
  2. Oh god, please no. Those were the worst f***ing things in the world. They were heavy and made marching so much hotter/harder, and (the biggest problem) they made all of our drill look dirty as hell. This is the LAST thing they need to add. As I made clear in my previous post, I think they should stick with these unis. They're simple, classy, and sexy. Stay away from white pants, and leave the red at home.
  3. Crossmen playing some tunes after their first finals retreat since 2004:
  4. Teared up watching the semis performance on the fan network. Way to go Bones. Your alumni are proud. Do work tonight.
  5. I guess the bigger point for me is that it doesn't really matter to me whether they make finals or not. I absolutely love the show, and am extremely excited to see my alma mater headed in the right direction. Making finals would certainly provide a recruiting boost, but hopefully so will the great experience the members had this year and the phenomenal crowd response to what was one of them most entertaining shows of the year.
  6. No one ever accused me of being an optimist. But, as the previous poster pointed out, this was back when they had been solidly in 13th for three straight regionals, and the gap had grown. I'm hopeful they can pull off the show of the season and sneak into 12th place. Will be watching anxiously tonight. A lot of times this kind of thing comes down to judging panels -- anyone know anything about how this one lines up for Crossmen and Blue Stars?
  7. Crossmen .35 back from Blue Stars? Very interesting. . .
  8. So BK alums think BK has a great show that deserves to beat Glassmen and Crossmen, and alums of those two corps disagree? You don't say. . . I really feel like this discussion will lead to lots of people changing their minds.
  9. Spirit/Crossmen mass brass recordings:
  10. Ah, so it's all part of their grand strategy to end a tenth out of first? I see. . .
  11. Looks like they're locked into 13th place. Oh well, it's still a big step forward from last year, and the show is phenomenal. Hope they can retain the right amount of vets and stay hungry for 2013!
  12. Scores always drop the show before a regional. It's dumb, but I guess theoretically it gives the regional judges space to fill in the rest of the corps. So if they decide Crossmen are actually in 15th place, they don't have to fit 14 corps in between 75 and 83 -- they can fit them in between 72 and whatever they decide to give the top corps.
  13. Fair, but I was saying similar things about them in late June/early July 2010. And while I still think they kind of got jobbed, there is something to be said for the fact that the corps around them just got cleaner than they did. Difficulty is great, but pristine execution often wins out in the end. And yes, I am aware that this was you posting someone else's tweet, but I wanted to respond to the sentiment here.
  14. Definitely feeling the opener. This show is going to be fun.
  15. 2004 Division 2 Finals was .025 Believe me, I know from personal experience.
  16. By way of explanation, I made this thread because I thought the "Is Madison the new Crown?" thread was humorous in light of the "Is Crown the new Star?" discussion that went on here a few years back. And therefore, by the transitive properties... Madison is the new Star. /joke /thread
  17. Move to Crossmen full-time, or will another G8 corps pick him up?
  18. Meh, I'd rather get to see Madison play ESoM live and not have it on the DVD than have them play some other, less awesome closer. Life goes on. Listen to the CDs. Watch on YouTube.