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  1. Just wondering how Saints did at '77 US Open A Class finals?
  2. James Here's something to think about if you want to read trumpet parts or any Bb part written on the treble clef. Simply see the parts as if they're written on the tenor clef and alter the key signature or any accidentals accordingly. Also, if you are a bone player you might consider learning to read concert treble clef. This can come in real handy and be an excellent tool to have if you have have any intentions of continuing with your playing after drum corps. Mark
  3. Hey Sue, I remember that. Wasn't it at Firth Brown? Those were pretty good drum corps days though. Mark
  4. Speaking of weird horns. I remember the Lancers carried some strange alto voice horn in the late 70's. I think that it was called a "trombonium" or something like that. Can anyone help me out here? Mark
  5. AHHHH Blue Stars! Why are the Blue Stars associated with such painful rehersal memories?? The one that I remember in 81 was a brass exercise. From what I recall it was called a five, or ten minute drill and went something like this; -Horn line in an arc -The "drill" takes 5 or ten minutes, I forget which one -Mark time high leg lift -Long tone for two bars, rest two bars, staccato tonguing for two bars,rest two bars. Move chromatically until the time is up. -ANY, I mean ANY mistake (that included feet below knee level) and the time would start over. I forget who came up with this one, it might have been Don Hill or Pierre, but it was deemed to be a "chop builder" and always took place at the end of rehersal. Ouch Mark
  6. gemma


    It depends on personal preference. I like the Yamaha I mentioned above. I like playing small horns but with a dual bore the horn plays very open (less resistance). However, not all players will like this. Try some out for yourself and see which you like better. Mark
  7. gemma


    Yamaha now makes a small dual bore tenor trombone, the 697 model. The bore opens from .483 to .490. This horn has only been available for about 8 months and after playing on one for a few weeks I decided to change my primary instrument (I was playing a small Bach #8). This is an incredible horn. Mark
  8. not a chance.. Yes we did 'cause we had "the creature" on our drum line!!!
  9. "Strawberry Soup (Scouts 83) was amazing"! One of the best thing I've ever heard on the firld! Who wrote the origional? Was it Thad Jones? Mark
  10. Cardinals deserved to beat Saints at US Open A Class finals in 77!!
  11. to thechezman Who was it that ran through the Holland tunnel???? Go Jets GO!
  12. CHEZ???? Michael, Peter, or Alan???? Mark (I hope one of you at least!).
  13. gemma


    Thanks for clearing that up for me me. My mistake. Mark