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  1. She may not be educated to a high level about drum corps ... but her 1993 Star reaction proved to me that: 1. She's learning 2. She has very good instincts/intuition This was enjoyable.
  2. Now that there are no judges on the field, I'm not sure this question could be answered for the battery. I for one, don't think there would be a problem with this book because it's very musical. Maybe needs a few more features for exposure. With regards to the pit, it would need some heavy upgrades.
  3. My first show as a Cadet was in Somerville, Mass. in 1990. Quietest crowd in my entire drum corps experience ... until we finished. You REALLY had to win those folks over in Crusader Land. I just remember tight tunnels, lots of brick and wrought iron gates. It was a very VERY unique experience.
  4. Based on most of the comments I've seen so far there are some obvious conclusions. Texas is #1 by a wide margin. The Midwest states are strong. News to some of you - Michigan is highly underrated. They use sheets identicle to BOA and use mostly BOA judges. Most of the competing bands do NOT use mandatory marching requirements and are almost entirely funded by their booster organizations ... not the school district. Meaning, if you want to be in concert band, you don't have to do marching band. This is heavily required in Texas. The top bands in Michigan are in EV
  5. Cadets just made a statement in their solute to the 2020 corps. Denise Bonfiglio speaks at 01:18:35 addressing the question.
  6. I'm excited to see what Drew produces at Crossmen (especially working with Lee). I like his writing. It hasn't always been interpreted well by Caption Managers .... but his books have been very good.
  7. For those wondering about virus mutation, there are some excellent reports reposted on YouTube regarding mutation. If I'm not mistaken, it was reported that the virus that hit the EU had already mutated from what hit in Washington. The reports came out back in April. Yale : Bangkok reporting on Cambridge University studies:
  8. Well now that the President tested positive .... I'll hold my breath until the knee jerk reactionary decisions are complete. **Down Periscope**
  9. Just found this gem ... July 1st .. super early.. but you can actually hear the low brass and the pit isn't drowning you out like the finals video.
  10. up to my eyeballs in motor juices of various types. This is always the time of tour where something major breaks.
  11. This post needs more views immediately!!!!!!!!
  12. 2002 Seattle Cascades reaction from Courtney in New Zealand HEY ... YOU ... yeah you. Get more views on this content. It's the 2002 Seattle Cascades. The year they made finals. Help out your fellow Open Class Corps and spread the word. All exposure is good exposure for all of DCI .. especially Open Class. Please do your part.
  13. WOW... I was only off by 31 years. Must have been a drum corps urban legend I've believed all these years.....