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  1. Soooooo, recruiting at USBands shows isn't working out? Why aren't you PERFORMING at USBands shows? Or whatever circuit you're attending.... Isn't it an advantage for your corps to have the additional performance experience? Isn't it an advantage to show what you can actually do in front of the potential members you're looking to recruit? The show in Bethel, CT yesterday for USBands had a University band in exhibition just before awards. That to me, is extremely smart recruiting. Add in a table with literature and some souvies and you're good to go. That's the grass roots method. It's the harder path, but it is VERY effective!
  2. I see you are puzzled by my previous response..... they were replying to this! Hope it helps.... NO VENUE CHANGE, EXTENDED CONTRACT, NO OPEN ROOF. as predicted.....
  3. Difficult fact of DCI..... earlier gate times means less rehearsal time.
  4. Bridge arches and sound equipment. No injuries...... truck replaced. Nothing to see here.....
  5. Zero rain here at the show site. Blue skies all around
  6. Yeah based on what i heard..... .2 to .4 behind Coats in drums tonight Much better brass show today over Pittsburgh.
  7. Do better and the closer were really strong for Cadets. Hope they fix the first half soon
  8. Cadets with 2 minor tears front to back so far. A couple of snare release problems. Bridge is pretty #### good
  9. Ok so... they play incredibly well. They move well. Props design is a major ??? for me. Guard is good. Where are the big visual impact moments?
  10. Coats coming out strong Still ensemble balance problems in Rigby with amp volume
  11. I think Boston blew a sub on side 2. Lots of funky low end rattle