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  1. I was kinda joking about J. Birney Crum being the BEST and WORST stadium I ever performed in ... but .... SHE DON'T LIE. Full disclosure, the absolute worst venue ever was New Berlin Wisconsin .... in that cow pasture with no stands and a beer tent off the 20 front sideline behind the snow drift fence.
  2. I guess you missed VK, SCV, The Marauders, etc......
  3. I nearly Forgot ... Star had a small snare line, but every tenor had a snare in the center (where a Spock usually sits) that had the "Scottish" tamber.
  4. Star won field drums in Semi Finals 14.7 to 14.6 over SCV SCV won drums on Finals night and Star ended up 3rd because of that fuzzy roll in the opener. I think Ream is thinking about 1990. Although, Cadets were winning Drums for most of the year in 1989, until the week of Finals. Still a mystery on how they slotted down to 6th at Quarters, 4th at Semis and 4th Finals night.
  5. That's actually the thread name 😛 Funny no matter how you read it.
  6. First stadium you performed in: Toledo Glass Bowl Last stadium you performed in: Buffalo Bills Stadium Best stadium you performed in: J. Birney Crum Worst stadium you performed in: J. Birney Crum
  7. The Commonwealth vs. George Hopkins
  8. THIS is a fallacy! Tweak, pull, push and redo is mostly a visual/total show coordination issue. Visual doesn't begin being taught until Spring Training for most corps due to weather and unavailability of Field Houses. Musically, everyone should be top notch. Just please realize that everyone is in the same boat. The 2021 season doesn't really begin until May of 2021 from a show coordination tweaking standpoint.
  9. You won't see #20 in '20, or #21 in '21 etc. ad nauseam. You might see INT's show - "Dumpster Fire" featuring the music of Corona beer commercials.
  10. A word of encouragement to Cadet fans - The Cadets 2020 thread for the first time this year is on Page 2 of DCP!!!!!!
  11. Reality Checks: China reported 85 new cases in the past 24 hours. It's not over for them and it's not going to stop either. CBS news reports that experts estimate our actual number of infected in the USA is 11x the 35k reported cases due to lack of test availability. That's 385K!!!! And expect that number to hit 650k within 21 to 32 days. 18 months is the life cycle. THIS SEASON ISN"T HAPPENING.. That is all 😞
  12. I think they will always prefer live audition camps. Video auditions have become more and more prevalent these days. I could see them doing Feb and March online to save everyone money. But, Nov, Dec, Jan, April ... in person. January would probably only be callbacks. Anyone with a contract should be good to go.
  13. I LIKE IT! Very Encouraging!!!! Hi FLO, I'm canceling my membership. Sorry about your sports contracts. Just a bit of encouragement from me to you 😛