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    in the drum corps world..<br /><br />being there for the corps members when times get stressful..<br />"semi-pro" in the pots & pans washing department..<br />volunteer commercial bus driver..<br /><br />The little Corps of The Bandettes.

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  1. Way to funny!!! I took another listen and I'm think'n.. hmmmm.. you just may be right! And thank you, I am very excited about the tour and I will always leave one eye on the Gropp Kid.. :D
  2. Ahhhh.. no.. :) You are very good at rattling a few cages with that one!! Funny!! I just spent from the 22nd of May to the 9th of June volunteering with The Cavaliers & I'm think'n that I don't ever remember hearing the name "Jennifer" spoken from the whole corps at the same time.. though I believe that it would be a great idea to use it as a "shout out" to Jen, she would love it!!
  3. Trinity Members... I never had the pleasure of seeing you compete, but I did have the opportunity to watch you practice, again.. and again... one more time... You were fabulous!!! I am very proud of each and everyone of you!!! I want you to know that the staff, my daughters, Cristina & Angelina miss you all very much. Be proud & remain close to the friends that you have made this summer!!! There is always another season, and hopefully, all of us, will again, see all of us once more out on the road. Peace my young friends... "Mom" Linda
  4. By choice.. that is where I had spent my "semi-finals" night!! OMG!! What a blast!! I loved being in the parking lot watching the different sections of the corps warming up.. There is no doubt in my mind.. semi's for me, will always be in the lot.. These corps members are awesome.. And it really didn't matter which corps that I drifted to.. they were all equally great!
  5. Not knowing for sure.. but, I'm thinking that you are right.. sad.. During the quarter finals, I was watching Seattle Cascades performance, it was the first time that I had seen them this season.. I started to hear a voice from somewhere.. Not really talking to anyone specific, I had said, "How rude!! Where is that voice coming from?" The lady sitting a couple of seats from me, (I was in a semi-empty section) told me that The Cascades were narrating. :( Geez o' pete!! I'm thinking.. if I was sitting on the 50yd line, I might of understood what they were saying, or any other corps that felt that it was necessary to "help us understand" what was going on out on the field, by narrating.. I'm not happy with the idea of using amps, but that is just how it goes.. but please, stop with the narrations.. you are insulting our intelligence..
  6. The loudest hornline I've ever heard? SF RENEGADES!!!! ^OO^ ^OO^ ^OO^ It happened last year in Dekalb, IL at the park.. It was instant "drum corps goosebumps!!" Rumor has it.. I will find my lost "drum corps goosebumps" when my daugther & I go to the DCA Championships next month.. (this will be our first visit to a DCA competition) We are so excited!! Yeah!!
  7. The plans.. Driving to the Boston area from Columbus Ohio.. arriving in time to watch I&E. I plan on watching the quarter finals.. I'm not sure about the semifinals, depends on my daughter's plans are for that day. I also plan on watching DivII & DivIII Grand Finals.. I'm really not interested in seeing the finals :sshh: BUT! I would never dream of asking Cristina to leave early! That would be a foul! Maybe I'll watch a few corps warm-up.. take a $25 parking lot nap.. then get back on the road when my daughter has finished saying her annual good-byes..
  8. Unfortunately.. that's how I see it too.. :( It would be nice if we were wrong.
  9. Renegades - Last year in the park, I knew from the very first note you played there in DeKalb.. I was always going to be a fan of yours! With the way the Renegades treated Jester with such dignity & respect.. I salute you! You are truly, one incredible class act.. way to go! Linda
  10. Yet another review from Witchita Falls.. I did not go to this show.. therefore, I have no opinion of the performances.. BUT.. I personally enjoy reading reviews that have a little more "constructive criticism" than a "full-out slam dunk" of a corps.. especially a first time out - tiny corps..(referring to the 1st review)
  11. :D Just got home from DeKalb!! And yes.. I am now a proud owner of the penguin t-shirt!! I'm excited.. No, it doesn't take that long to get home to Ohio, but I didn't want to leave! Started late.. (I&E, daughter & girlfriends to lunch, etc.) got a hotel room.. went to work along the way & then came home!! The DCM show & the concert in the park were just awesome!! I had a blast & the corps were "on their game." Next year, my dear Govenaires.. please have hats!! It's the easy way of keeping the long hair out of my way during the corps season!! And Mr. Drum Major.. You are the Rock Star!!! Loved your show.. love you guys.. Linda
  12. :) I enjoyed reading your review.. I also have a daughter that marches the baritone line in the Pioneer, and I found it to be a fair review.. I've already had seem them compete twice this season.. & will see them again in the near future. Ohio on the 30th of June & once in Wisconsin, on the 3 of July. Watching any corps from the beginning of the season to the end, is always "mind blowing" to me. A work of art in progress.. As for the other corps.. I truly enjoy watching all of them!! IMO, the corps members are just awesome, regardless of what corps they march with!! No wonder I love doing volunteer work for the corps. Of course, I have my "favorite" corps.. they are the corps that "swept" me away the very 1st time I saw a "championship" competiton. I wish them a wonderful, safe season.. as I do for all of the corps. Thanks again for your review. Go Pioneer!! ^OO^
  13. :) An excellent review!!! Thank-you!!! Not looking back to see who asked.. but the question was where DCI had planned their finals location in 2007.. rumor has it - Pasadena, Ca.. in the Rose Bowl.
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