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  1. Lots of corps guards as well as the whole corps doing standstill competition in the wintertime had to march on gym floors in socks. Didnt want to scuff up the floor with our shoes
  2. While they're are some people in the FB 70's group that are anti-everything, I can still see the positives of most of the shows. I guess everyone has an opinion..?
  3. what i dont understand is DCI's logic for passing over spokane, wa when the corps were on their way to boise? Spokane is a town that the Thunder calls home, but no show. Not this year, not last year.... If DCI is wanting to grow its fanbase; why pass over a hometown that should be having a show..?
  4. No Spokane Washington show this year. Right from seattle to Boise without a stop in Spokane. The Spokane Thunder is trying to set down some roots... Dont see DCI trying to help them much... Just my .02
  5. Remember the days marching in the Garden State Circuit?? Made friends in different corps but havent heard from them in awhile?? Come join us on facebook and reconnect with former members and competitors Go to facebook and look for: Garden State Circuit - Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps See you there! Scott Anderson Cranford Patriots Soprano Many, many, moons ago..
  6. Im one of those old dinosaurs that marched in the 70's and learned how to play a horn and march in my corps. We never had any auditions of any type to join our corps. When did auditions to corps begin versus corps taking members and teaching them how to play and march? Dicsuss Scott Anderson Cranford Patriots Soprano Many, many moons ago
  7. Standing on the ready line waiting for your turn for inspection. Watching the sun come up at 5am down the shore in Wildwood at either NJ VFW or Legion shows is something. Quiet too.....
  8. ahh. how much Id give to march bridgemen.. but.... 3,000 miles from spokane, wa to bayonne, nj. Oh well, i'll live it in my dreams!
  9. i loved going to the grand pix when i lived in jersey...always got to see a good show by all the corps~!
  10. Excellent post..... One of DCP's finest!!!!!!!! thanks for writing this!
  11. I have to echo what Sue wrote........ I also didnt have the honor of meeting Patsy personally, but if you were involved with drum corps on the east coast as I was, she truly did impact the lives of many........My condolences to her family.
  12. Yup, no shows this year in Washington.. Heard that member corps didnt want to come up to the Pacific Northwest this year.... With the price of gas going though the roof, I hope that this isnt a permanent thing, but only just a one year reprieve... As for other shows in the area Jul 8th- OC show in portland, oregon Jul 9th- Boise, ID.. Thats all we get up here..........
  13. Check the Oregon Crusaders website. I heard that the contest is being run by them this year....