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  1. Yeah because all they do is dance and not march, and corps didn't ever stand still. You're saying this like the corps isn't going to be marching difficult drill, and Jeff MFin' Sacktig isn't the drill writer, and you know what. I'm done here. It's been fun DCP and yeah I'll let the door hit me on the way out. Maybe it'll get me out of here quicker.
  2. The drill writer and visual caption head for Legends is Lindsey Schueller. I'm not sure who wrote for Phantom and Blue Stars those years. (This thread is too big for me to check to see if this has already been answered)
  3. It was a really odd section. Just two rows, and no one behind me.
  4. You were in 541? There were about 8 of us sitting up there. I was in seat 7
  5. This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Nachfolgers Coffee's opinions are his/her/its own. He/she/it has absolutely no inside knowledge of anything that happens with the Crown administration. His/her/its opinions do not represent the drum corps or the alumni. If some dino mod wants to delete this post too then I guess there's no hope for this place.
  6. Legends is not at a full 150, which is by design.
  7. Do you mean Legends? No. Crown and Rhythm X http://www.legendspaa.org/staff.html
  8. Crown is streaming their brass warmup via Periscope. It sounds amazingly good on my TV via my chromecast.
  9. So I came here to read about the show tonight. Why is every thread on here a one-liner contest?
  10. I'd imagine that instead of the hat they'd use the Sorting Cone
  11. Uniform: a special kind of clothing that is worn by all the members of a group or organization (such as an army or team) Costume: clothes that are worn by someone (such as an actor) who is trying to look like a different person or thing They wear uniforms. Which can also be called costumes. Just like decades ago when corps would wear costumes that emulated the uniforms of military organizations.
  12. Crown still had 50% of their low brass on 2 valve Dynastys in 1996. I'm pretty sure they finally phased out their 2 valves by 1997. I remember Pioneer (not a finalist, I know) using 2 valve Dynasty baritones as late as 2007.
  13. Punching myself in the balls with a handful of scorpions is funnier than the drum corps memes page
  14. No you don't use "awful" or "not good". You use "terrible", as seen in the "Staff merrigoround" thread