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  1. If the activity stayed the same as it was in the 1970's, we wouldn't be talking about this today. In fact, there wouldn't be a DCP or Drum Corps World! As much as older people want it to be that way, if the change didn't come when it did (2 valve, three valve, Bb, electronics) then we wouldn't be talking about drum corps! Be gratetful that we can still be here to talk about the activity and reminisce. As much as I love hearing the old shows, the sounds that these kids today produce are so much better!
  2. I heard some corps had a membership committee that dealt with behavior issues. Did your corps have that? Rumor had it in the 1970's that Oakland Crusaders had the "Goon Platoon." Any truth?
  3. Probably NOT PC these days BUT....... What kind of get together's or parties did you all do? Our corps would, once in a while, get together at a house after rehearsal. What about your corps?
  4. I was there! Kilties were there I believe
  5. Somewhere in western PA on Route 666 lies Sheffield. They had quite a celebration every summer to include a fair and a drum and bugle corps competition. I think the first time we went there was 1973 or 1974. They housed us at this clubhouse across a creek which was across the street from the fair and the competition. Originally the competition was on the fair grounds until a few years after they moved it to the high school football field. I remember, vividly, the first year playing the solo in "IF" (Bread) and after the first two eighth notes my mind went blank for the rest of the solo until the last whole note. I was so embarrassed and yet no one asked me what happened or said anything about it. One year in the 1980's I was on staff with the Patriots and we did the parade. Our snare line was at 12 straight across the entire street. Wonder if they still have a show there?
  6. I remember two of our older members driving the equipment truck back from Canada and being pulled over at border. Truck was searched and so were the members...inside and out. Nothing was found and they were late returning to our rehearsal.
  7. Speaking of RCA, where are they now? I know the answer but really, where are those corps that made that organization? Dunkirk, Getzville, Hamburg, Freestatesmen, Kawartha Kavaliers, Pittsburgh Rockets, Hanover Lancers, St. Johnsonburg Diplomats, etc.
  8. Butler, PA was the sight of this Championship Show. Anyone have any memories? Was there a parade? I don't recall. Only place I remember staying was some elementary school on a hill. Every morning there was fog and maybe one house for miles! I liked the show but It didn't have that "Homey" feeling like Marion did! I do remember everybody went to the pool, which was not the best thing to do before going to finals. My most vivid memory was DeLasalle Oaklands last not being held out and DM Joel Alleyne turns around to acknowledge the audience for a while while the chord is being played at FFFF and he turns around, cuts them off and then members start collapsing on the field.
  9. Not sure why a band or a corps director would allow bare feet on artificial turf. I remember being on artificial turf at U of P (Franklin Field) in 1976 and feeling the heat . As a music educator I would never allow that!
  10. BTW....I used to love hearing the stories about Upstate NY corps from Dick Hoppe and Tom Peashey! Talk about a wealth of information! They should write a book!
  11. I loved going to rehearsals 2 nights a week and loading up on a bus Saturday morning to go to a show in NY, PA, OH or Ontario. Being with 60 to 100 friends is pretty cool! Sweating your butt off to get better at marching and playing is priceless. We ate at fast food places ALL the time! We drank soda/pop and water wasn't a big deal then (different times). We competed against a lot of corps and usually different corps every week. One Saturday you could see Derry Patriots, Cambria Cadets, Precious Blood Cardinals, Royal Crusaders and the Buckeyes. Next Saturday....Squires, Greece Cadets, Syracuse Marauders, Mello Dears, Alpine Girls, Mark Twain Cadets. Next Saturday....Opti-Lancers, Seneca Princemen, Etobicoke Crusaders, Durham Girls, St. Johns Girls, Flying Dutchmen. Then off to Marion, OH and Butler, PA to compete against 30 plus corps that you haven't been up against before. What kept me in? I was the oldest of 5. Although I played sports with my friends a lot, my mother wouldn't let me play football or hockey. My father was an alcoholic and the more I could stay away with that the better I was. My dad was just not home and was never abusive. I just didn't have a father that I could talk to. My "father"was the corps director (John Hathaway) and some of the other dad's that helped out. I loved playing and marching and the fact I had so many friends, some of which I went to school with. After I served in the Army I continued to instruct but over 10 years ago I lost interest. I hated going against the same corps every show. There was no variety as many corps died off and it became boring. If you know me you know that it's never about accolades and definitely NOT an ego thing. I will never be in any hall of fame for drum corps. What I did as a marching member and an educator means more to me than anything. I didn't march with a DCI top 12 corps, I marched with an "A" Class corps from upstate NY that I enjoyed as a teenager! I learned from some great people and hopefully it helped me to be a better person.
  12. Why was this decade so great for drum corps? What pulled you into the activity and stay with it?
  13. There is a good chance that if a new stadium is built in Buffalo it'll be an indoor facility.
  14. Buffalo has gotten better and better downtown and there is a good chance in the next few years a new stadium will be built. There is work in progress to see if a new football stadium and hockey arena would happen!
  15. Name 4 cities that DCI could hold Championships (not including Indy) on a rotating basis. What cities would attract the most fans? Buffalo Whitewater Philadelphia Boston
  16. .Not sure that this would be a good idea ...... Is this more Politically Correct?
  17. Should there be a section called "Former DCI Corps?"
  18. My fav was 1976! It was the Bicentennial year with celebrations happening all over the US. We started out the season in Canton, OH and the Memorial Day weekend 2 shows in Michigan. By the second week of June we had "new" uniforms and an entirely new look. The attitude changed and we had our biggest horn line ever. Our drum line was bigger as we marched 7 snares too. We won a few shows for the first time ever and also won "A" Class at the NT Open. DCI in Philadelphia was a tough one as our director resigned before we left. We took 18th place but should have played and marched better to get a higher score and placement. Will never forget that wonderful year. The next year the corps was left to merge and it went down hill.
  19. WOW!!! This just really STINKS!!! For the longest time this was the best thing about DCP. Looking more