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  1. What year was your favorite year marching and why? Was there one show that you recall that stands out? What was special about your corps that year? You can have more than one year!
  2. How about breakfast at Marion Cadet Hall? I remember going there in 1972 before going to Open Class Prelims. Speaking of prelims....I think it may have started at 8 am because it went on ALL day and then (I think) A/All Girl Finals were that night. 30 Open Corps and 36 A corps (which included 6 All-Girl corps. This was a GREAT drum corps city!!! It was sad toward the end. I remember going there when I was on staff with the Rochester Patriots.
  3. I was just thinking if the offer by a city was a good offer that gave DCA a great stadium and other perks that were better than anything they would get from a NE city. Several years ago when Renegades, Kilties, MBI and other western corps they were able to make it to Rochester, Scranton, etc
  4. Our first year (1972) we stayed at a closed school on the main road. It had toilets that flushed as soon as you stand up! Our rehearsal space was on the playground which we had to march around playground equipment. All we actually rehearsed was going out of concert due to the shortened performance time in '72. 1973 we stayed at the Fire Hall in the downtown area. Not sure where we rehearsed. 1974 we stayed at a church/school down the street from Bob's Big Boy. We rehearsed outside of the school. I do remember walking down the street to hear Blue Devils rehearsing.
  5. .......for the heck of it.......some town/city in the Mid West made an offer to DCA that was cheaper AND better than Williamsport, Rochester or any NE city. Would DCA and its corps accept it?
  6. I wonder what kind of survey could be sent to current marching members, former members about the corps, season, etc. Maybe they can get some answers. Even a survey to the fans at every show to see what would they like to see. I mean they do pay money to watch a show and the marching members have a financial interest in their corps too.
  7. Our "A" Class corps would make a big deal going to Marion, OH and Butler, PA. In 1972 we headed to our first US Open but before we went there we did a show in Bellefontaine, OH (Beverly Cardinals, Marion Cadets, Mello Dears, Cleveland Buckeyes, etc), stayed at Mount Vernon, OH at the Elks Club (fun times). Then on to Marion where we presented a shortened show (No Concert number). Stayed with Greece Cadets who we did beat. Shows every Saturday in NY, Ontario and Pennsylvania. No real long tour other that a July 4th weekend in Illinois (shows and a parade or two). What was your tours like in 1970's?
  8. Just thinking back a few decades....... I remember in my younger days in Junior corps how I disliked Senior corps. What I saw was some corps "stealing" our better players and there we are stuck rebuilding. I hated DCA back then. Forward to 1990 and being asked by both Empire Statesmen and Rochester Crusaders to march and seeing how fun and hard it was! 10 years later I went back to Crusaders and had a few fun years with them. Got to learn from some fantastic people ( Donny Allen, Steve Cooley, Chris Bernotas and Jimmy Steele). DCA was different and is different than the Senior corps of the 1960's and 1970's. There is an education there for the marching members!
  9. I do know that throughout the 1980's, 90's and 2000's, Empire Statesmen and Crusaders went to band shows to recruit. That is good corps need to do this BUT maybe we should all back up and look at the big picture! Our country is/has been changing and the drum and bugle corps activity is changing! When you compare DCI 1976 to DCI 2019, the biggest change is the amount of corps. The quality is better today than 1976 but it's also different from top to bottom. DCA 1976 saw 17 corps in only one class and today only 5 (maybe 6) are still active. 1976 DCI saw 81 corps in 3 classes with only 10 corps still around today. Many reasons why corps folded up their tents and that is another post. What can DCA do better to market what they have TODAY? Is following the DCI model the answer? Is there another model to copy or can the corps put together something that is unique and only DCA? We all agree recruitment is important and that should be on the individual corps correct? DCA management has nothing to do with that. Let's keep this going!
  10. Ideas then! Oh and not wanting to sound like an OLD GUY but can we stop talking about marching bands?
  11. Lets not fault the DCA Management as they are doing what the corps want! So going after Allen is NOT acceptable. He and the others run DCA in accordance with what all the voting corps want! So lets get back to how can we help DCA? Using technology is good but it will cost corps more in fees to make that happen. How about PBS? It worked for DCI in the 1970's and 80's! All corps have to do their own PR to get the word out in their area and same holds true for a competition that they sponsor. DCA has to do the PR for Championships!
  12. This was NOT a post to ATTACK DCA or ANYONE!!! We were doing fine up till this post! I know Allen too! I will say it's NOT an easy job for ANYONE to head any group to include DCA. My hat off to anyone who has the guts to be a leader in anything. I don't agree with your post whatsoever!!!
  13. I am not in favor of fan votes as I am not in favor of voting for my choral leadership at my school. It becomes a popularity vote and in drum corps it'll be the corps that is closest to that community. Nice idea though! What are two to three things that DCA can address short term? long term? Problems that exist today? Problems that have always existed? Problems that may arise in the future? We know that corps are dying (Empire Statesmen, Crusaders, Brigadiers, Grenadiers, Westshoremen, etc.) Ultimately it's the corps that have to draw in the membership BUT DCA can help (somehow). Public Relations....NOT just for championships either. Can DCA come up with a media package to present to show sponsors that would cover TV, Radio, Websites, etc? Is championships held at a stadium that is conducive for the brand to sell to the public? Other factors.....Adjudication education. Is there enough education so that the judges know exactly what they are suppose to judge? I say this based on experience in the band and choral world. Not fully understanding the criteria for each box. Something else to ponder.......Is DCA and the corps monitoring who they bring into their organization? Enough to keep us going LOL
  14. Is DCA failing or are the corps failing? DCA is run by the corps and DCA Management is just that...managing DCA for the corps! Unless something has changed. So blame should NOT be on DCA management but on the corps...correct? The corps reps make decisions on what happens each year, changing rules, adopting rules, etc. All Allen and his crew do is manage it the best they can. Now I could be wrong, so if I am, my apologies!
  15. I changed my mind! Do whatever makes everyone happy!!! You have persuaded me to think like you all!
  16. Would LOVE to see all corps cater to the people who buy the tickets! Play music that is recognizable and make the show FUN for the performers and the fans! What a concept! Designers might be able to outdo themselves OR NOT!
  17. The other issue to look at is the amount of corps participating in a/any show. Years ago when I was with Crusaders, it was the same 4 corps at a show...Cru, ES, Brigs and Grenadiers. If we traveled east we'd see Cabs, Bucs, Bush, etc. But look at many shows are there each week and how many corps participate in each show? Is it safe to say there are 7 to 8 weekends of DCA Competition? Also the corps from the south and Mid west don't come up to northeast every weekend and NE corps have rarely gone south or west. So couldn't the DCA season be shortened by 2 or 3 weekends and have their championships the weekend after or before DCI? Now mind you, these aren't concrete idea I have but things I'm throwing out to all of you. I am NO expert and will never claim to be one. I leave that up to the experts! (Whoever they are). Some of us old timers are always thinking Labor Day weekend because it's tradition. However traditionally DCA was known as the senior corps circuit and comprised of people 22 and older. Today it's a different story. How many young people use DCA corps as a stepping stone to march with the top corps in DCI? How many MM's are over 40? 50? 60 today? How many DCA corps are maxed to the number? Can DCA get by with putting out 6 competitions a year that have a great line-up and make it more enjoyable for audience members? Something else to consider.....almost every rule DCI implements is also implemented with DCA. Also, as DCI corps change the way they present shows, so does DCA corps. The quality maybe less than DCI but still...... Just somethings to ponder and continue the brainstorming about the drum corps activity!
  18. Do you think that the majority of the corps would be in favor of merging with DCI? In years past, there were more corps as well as the S and E portion, so why not ....... Thursday .......Quarterfinals 9 am till? DCA Prelims 6 PM Friday............Semi Finals after noon DCA Finals 7 pm Saturday....... DCI Finals Now years ago this would be a problem due to age of most DCA MM's but today? Those that do work can get vacation time off to participate in DCA and then watch/support DCI. This gives the DCI MM's a chance to see that they could continue after their DCI age out. The same activity working together will (hopefully) strengthen the activity for years to come!
  19. Would this mean an earlier start to the competitive season (as was in the early days)? OR is the amount of competitions enough to take care of the DCA corps at this time?
  20. Would this mean an earlier start to the competitive season (as was in the early days)? OR is the amount of competitions enough to take care of the DCA corps at this time?
  21. I'll start this! Been reading a lot about the impending death of drum corps for a while so I thought I would start a POSITIVE brainstorming post on finding solutions that DCA can or might try to build up the brand. Now the keyword is POSITIVE! GO