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  1. Have you truly listened to these kids playing today??? running 16th notes at tempos unheard of back in the day! Better yet, have you listened to recordings in the 1960's and 1970's with bad intonation/overblowing? Now listen to today's brass players. NO COMPARISON!!! Oh and let me add all themoving that they do. Call it whatever you want because it's your opinion and that's okay.
  2. I am guessing 8 am till 4:30 or 5 pm. It was a LONG day
  3. It has ALWAYS been about GH! His FaceBook live were for all to see THE GREAT GH!
  4. Was just trying to remember the starting time and ending time for the US Open back in 1972. I remember eating pancake breakfast at Marion Cadet Hall and walking to the stadium early. Was it 8 am? Did it go to 4 pm?
  5. Greece Cadets General Butler Vagabonds Wausau Story Charioteers Seneca Princemen Rochester Patriots Spartans Ventures Canadian Knights Many more so add them
  6. Remember, today we have "EXPERTS" in everything in Social Media!
  7. Royal Coachmen (North Tonawanda, NY) were originally called The Aristocrats. Not sure why they changed to the Royal Coachmen.
  8. How did corps get their name? Like Charioteers, Precisionaires, Audobon Bon Bons, and other corps etc?
  9. "Where did all the All-Girls go? Long time passing...."
  10. Man, Poppycock is not feeling well! 4 or 5 pages and after 3 or 4 posts the intent of the OP is gone!
  11. Top of the list....Blue Devils "Legend of the One - Eyed Sailor" Cavaliers "Once Upon a Time/Somewhere Over The Rainbow" 27th "Danny Boy" Madison Scouts, "MacArthur Park" and "Rhapsody in Blue"
  12. All good but (I think 1976 maybe).....Russian Christmas Music, Love in them Thar Hills and Once Upon a Time/Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I may have missed a tune or two. Oh and the cool drum solo
  13. Although I liked St. Johns Girls my favorite all-girl corps was The Capitol Aires! I guess they looked the prettiest to this young teenager.
  14. What do you think? 1970's.............Santa Clara Vanguards and Blue Devils. 1980's ............Garfield Cadets and Blue Devils 1990's............Star of Indiana, Cadets and Blue Devils
  15. I hope that they thrive and are back up to #1 again soon!
  16. Here's my story, what is yours? Back in 1968 I was out riding my bike when I heard drums and then music. I raced over a busy road and traveled through the neighborhood to locate this music. Marching down Leah Avenue (near Rescue Fire Co.5 in North Tonawanda, NY) I saw a man carrying three very large drums and another carrying two drums. I watched as they marched down the street. I remember thinking I wanted to do that! In 1969 we moved into a new area of our city and in 1970 at a park a block away, two drum and bugle corps were putting on an exhibition. I saw the Getzville Suburban Knights and the Royal Coachmen perform. I wanted to do that! In June 1971 my father and I went to the Sweeney Hose Field Day parade and we talked to the corps director and drum major about joining. The next Tuesday I attended my first rehearsal and that was it for me. My parents tried to get me to quit from 1974 to 1976 but I stayed at it and became a soloist. My vacations were traveling to Canada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois. Even though I am not on staff of a corps anymore I miss those days and the friends I had.
  17. I also remember Argonne Rebels had many females in the horn line back in the 1970's. I always enjoyed the All-Girl Corps....their playing too! LOL
  18. Santa Clara Vanguard....Do "Dark Orchid" by Sammy Nestico again