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  1. Thank you, however, I found it a long time ago. Just haven't done much in the past year. Now that I am "retired" I have time for this stuff.
  2. So many but feel free to add yours on Mine? Charioteers
  3. So many corps to add here...sorry if I missed yours Mine would be Squires
  4. I am going with DeLasalle...just remembering the A-I Open Finals and all those horn players passing out after Joelle cut off the last note.
  5. My apologies for leaving many great corps out, I was rushing to finish before I went to a Department Chair Meeting so corps like Avant Garde, Mark Twain Cadets, Tri Town Cadets, Alpine Girls, Firebirds, etc were left off. Sorry everybody!!!!
  6. I am picking my own corps here...Royal Coachmen
  7. I do give two thumbs up to St. John'r Girls for skipping off the field with timpani's strapped to their chests! What tune was that they played?
  8. Sorry about not including Les Chatelaines, Norwood Debs, St. Mary's, Joan-ettes, Jean-ettes, Royaleer Mounties (I competed against them at the Johnsonburg, PA show). My apologies
  9. I am going with looking girls back in the 70's
  10. Hey Barry! Who was the red headed soprano player, female in 1976? She hung around with another girl with dark hair.
  11. Off the line, one of our lead soprano players (Not Me) snaps his horn up and his mouthpiece goes flying back. Seeing this, a non-playing 3rd sop quickly takes his out and hands it to him. Same show, about 10 people lose their shoes in the mud. This was all in Kitchener, Ontario
  12. I have a few that I remember... NT Open in North Tonawanda (well this was right down the street from my house) Golden Triangle Invitational (K-W, Ontario) Sheffield, PA (before they used the HS football field, right there on the fair grounds) Marion, OH (US Open) boy, this was the place. remember when you had to cut your concert number for prelims? Butler, PA (A-I Open) I guess going to the pool and seeing all the drum corps babes in bikinis was nice LOL Hammondsport, NY - this is a weird show because it was literally on the banks on Seneca Lake. We started in the back about 10 feet from the water
  13. Good one!!!! Hmmmm let me think....... Carolina Crown as..............27th Lancers and Blue Stars as.........the Blue Stars (sorry....I miss the Top 12 Blue Stars) and add Troopers as the old Troopers
  14. How about 32nd Hussars? I saw them at US Open too. Southern Tier Grenadiers had a nice corps too! "Those Were The Days my friend, we thought they'd never end...."
  15. George Vetter Stadium in North Tonawanda. It is no longer there now and they just closed the middle school there this past June.
  16. Just have a few minutes. I was thinking of all the corps we competed against or saw while I was a young guy way back when Charioteers, Floridians, Gauchos, Greece Cadets, General Butler Vagabonds, Blue Coats, Cambria cadets, Mighty Liberators, Derry Patriots, Sharpsburg Cadets, 84th Bucktail Regiment, Tri-Town Cadets, Greece cadets, Mello-Dears, Black Knights (NY), Syracuse Marauders, Lakeview Shoreliners/Imperial regiment, Ventures, Flying Dutchmen, Krescendos, Monarchs (NJ), Glassmen, Buckeyes, plus many more. Just thought I'd toss out some memories to y'all
  17. Darn!!! I forgot 27th Lancers. I apologize!!!!!!!!
  18. This show would have the following corps 1. Anaheim Kingsmen (1972) 2. SCV (1974) 3. Madison Scouts (1975) 4. Cadets (1983) 5. Star of Indiana (1990) 6. Cavaliers 7. Bridgemen 8. Suncoast Sound 9. Muchachos 10. Purple Lancers 11. Blue Rock 12. Kilties (1975) 13. Argonne Rebels 14. Phantom Regiment 15. Oakland Crusaders 16. Velvet Knights 17. Troopers 18. Bleu Raeders Big show!!!
  19. 1974-1977 I remember the 1973 season Phantom Regiment came to our show in North Tonawanda and blew the house down. The next year was the first NT Open and SCV was supposed to be there but pulled out. It was great show with Blue Devils winning! Anyone have scores from any of those shows...Someone has to have them...please!!! There's a beer in it if you have them.