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  1. So far Madison is in the lead....keep voting!
  2. This is a make believe contest so pick the winner and watch who comes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. This could be fun, like a fantasy thing.
  3. I included Patriots too because they did win DCI Div II. I also felt that they were successful from the late 70's until 2 years ago. From mid-80's on I guess you could say they were NY State Champions so that was almost 20 years. If there was a NY Championship they would certainly be the champs for more years than the other corps. Financially speaking, they were more successful than any corps in the state.
  4. There are so many success' above...Purple Lancers are the only NY corps to make Open Finals, Greece was the first A Class Champs, St. Joe's were great for many years, Squires, Avant Garde.....who to pick? Have to go with St. Ignatius due to longevity, championships and consistency.
  5. There are so many success' above...Purple Lancers are the only NY corps to make Open Finals, Greece was the first A Class Champs, St. Joe's were great for many years, Squires, Avant Garde.....who to pick? Have to go with Joe's here.
  6. Since this is historical I listed older guys NOW I know I left people out and I apologize so if you have others please name them.
  7. Sorry to not list some corps. L'Insolite were very good too as were Acadamie sincere apologies.
  8. I missed many but add yours too Mine? Seneca Optimists
  9. I did say this was an Upstate thing. No offense to the Island.
  10. I listed a few and if I forgot any...I AM SORRY!!!! Have fun and have great memories. Mine? Royal Coachmen However my next one would have to be Squires and Cadets of Greece
  11. Read carefully....... In the years that you were in corps, there was a certain mix to your staff that worked for your corps. Who were the staff that made your corps successful? This does not mean that only top 12 corps take part in this, it doesn't matter. My corps, The Royal Coachmen (NY) had its best season in 1976 and its last. But throughout the winter leading up to the '76 season our corps director John Hathaway brought together a great group of staff people to lead us to our first successful season. Brass Arranger/Instructor....Ted Key Percussion Arranger............Bill Decker Percussion Instructors.........Doug Kleinhans and Marvin Newton Marching/Drill Design..........Bob Stone Rifles................................. Sue Plummer and Amy Colkitt Guard................................Can't remember her name, was from Canada and never saw her again after Philly. Lets see yours
  12. Saw Maynard in 1979 at Shea's in Buffalo. Bobby Millitello playing Bari Sax and Flute. That was when he had the big band...way cool!
  13. I wouldhave to chuckle thinking about these younger judges saying, "What is the tic system?" They'd freak out because they would have to write or better yet REMEMBER the symbols for each different instrument. They'd quit. The older judges (are there any?) would love it because they are probably still tic-ing in their heads when judging.
  14. It was the little guy sleeping under a tree dreaming of the first place trophy
  15. I would like to see a junior corps represent Western NY (Buffalo/Niagara Falls area). I would like to see a Junior corps in Sarasota, FL I would to see drum corps thrive again I would like to see if St. Malachy's predictions/visions will be right about the 112 Popes. We are on 111 right now. Look it up. I am sure to tick someone off hehehehehehehe I would like to see all girl corps make a comeback too. Add your own
  16. I know we did compete at every NT Open except 1977 and on. The heart of the NT Open Commission was John Hathaway and once he resigned as Royal Coachmen Director he left the NT Open. Sadly, that was the downfallof drum corps in Western New York as the Royal Coachmen died, later, so did the Imperial Regiment and then the Frontiersmen. Yes there were smaller parade corps but they too died. I will never forget seeing Argonne, Blue Devils, San Jose Raiders, Freelancers, Seattle Imperials, Black Watch, Precisionaires, Charioteers, Toronto Optimists, Floridians, Colt .45 (now Colts), Marksmen, and many others
  17. Why is the score of the Royal Coachmen omitted? We were there because we sponsored it. I remember competing against the Derry Patriots then too. Blue Sabres were from NY and Sharpsburg were from PA so I know there was no merger. Blue Sabres had the famous SLEDGE from Roch. Crusaders and ES fame.
  18. The 1974 NT Open featured Blue Devils, Regimente Militaire, Argonne Rebels, Cavaliers, Charioteers, Floridians, Squires, etc. I know that 1976 was won by Marquis but don't remember who else was there. Originally Santa Clara was supposed to be in the 1974 show but pulled out for some reason. I thought it was a good show. The stadium was good and the field was well taken care of by the school district. I remember they thought the drum corps show did more damage to the field then the high school football team and the semi-pro team. We laughed! I remember seeing a picture of the judges and Vince Monacelli was one of the judges. Did Tom Peashey judge that show? I don't remember.
  19. With apologies to those Div II and III corps that I left out I picked my neighbor Greece Cadets
  20. I forgot I wrote this! Yea it is pretty good.
  21. I did have a recording of Cavaliers, Regimente Militaire, Toronto Optimists and Squires but I lost it in the 70's.
  22. I was a 6 year drum corps veteran by 1975. A young stud back then...hmmm I still am now!!!!
  23. I'm from North Tonawanda!!!!! Recordings? Hmmmm...a guy by the name of Tom Wein from Lockport, NY I believe recorded that show and may still have it somewhere. He marched mellophone with us. What were the scores? you have Open and A scores? What about 1976? Thanks