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  1. 84th Bucktail Regiment Belleville Black Knights Geneseo Knights Salinas Silver Sabres Nighthawks
  2. Big Anniversary and would like to see corps go Throwback for that year! Play music corps played back then and wear old style uni's. Just for that year! No amps, no mic's and no dancing just Marching, Brass, and Percussion! It's a wish!
  3. LaSalle Cadets Chevaliers Defenders Northern Aurora Queen City Cadets
  4. Charioteers Precisionaires Floridians Seneca Princemen Black Shields of Sparta
  5. How did Brass Theater do on tour? I saw them in Buffalo and loved it!
  6. SkyRyders Argonne Rebels Valiant Knights Rose City Guardsmen 76er's
  7. Maybe the idea of drum corps as a reality show can be done but more like Live PD! Follow several corps and certain members and staff. Show the creative they build the show, teach, rehearse, etc then add the touring. Feature different levels of corps.....World Class, Open Class and All-Age
  8. Hmmmmm (just dropping by to say Hi!) So why not add more brass, percussion and guard? 100 brass, 60 guard and 45 percussion? Who needs amplification then? Of course you really should spend more on judging musicianship and not as much on visual and guard! Wouldn't that add more revenue? I, for one, would rather see music being the focus and visuals secondary!
  9. Corps can save money on arrangements now! They can order band music through JW Pepper! LOL
  10. DCA may be handed something that would, I hope, make our activity better. With the possibility of DCI adding WW's, here's an opportunity for DCA to maintain the drum and bugle corps activity without much competition (my opinion). A lot of revenue DCI and DCI corps make are from people like us who marched from the 1960's on to today. How many of you support a young student to march with a top 12 DCI corps? How many of you want to still see drum and bugle corps and NOT marching band. If DCI approves WW's then DCA should begin to put the pieces together to sell it as the ONLY drum and bugle corps association in North America. Add to this if you'd like!
  11. As much as I liked the changes over they years in drum corps, adding WW's changes it into the marching band world! At that instant Drum and Bugle Corps will cease to exist! DCI can merge with BOA and be called MBI (Marching Bands International). I have defended two valves, three valves, front ensemble, amplification, dancing/choreography, G to Bb horns, etc, BUT once WW's are added it can no longer be called Drum corps/drum and bugle corps. While marching throughout the 1970's I loved the uniqueness of drum corps. I was in marching band in high school and taught for years after but it was separate from corps. The "old guard" will walk away and the new guard doesn't care however, think of what that may mean financially for "DCI." Will "DCI" lose a lot of money? Will corps lose that money? With the addition of extra (WW) members that means more buses to rent or buy. How many buses do corps use today for MM's? 4? now add maybe 2 more. More expense! That would mean the fee for each member will be more, right? How many don't pay their whole amount now? Let marching band be marching's competitive in high school but not really in college. Let drum and bugle corps stay where its at and be unique! Or are the designers changing to inflate their egos? Are they doing it because our country wants to eliminate history? Let's eliminate the history of drum and bugle corps right? Those of yo who have marched from the 1960's to the 1990's saw A LOT of change to our activity but it still stayed somewhat true to the idea of drum and bugle corps. The additions of WW's will erase that idea very quickly.
  12. Vestal (Appalachin) Grenadiers Opti Lancers Opti Knights Midlanders Flying Dutchmen (K-W Ontario)
  13. Vestal (Appalachin) Grenadiers Sharpsburg Cadets Cambria Cadets Buckeyes Maple City Cadets
  14. Tri-Town Cadets General Butler Vagabonds Freelancers Royal Brigade Les Eclipse
  15. Belvedere's Syracuse Marauders Oshkosh Warriors Etobicoke Crusaders Seneca Princemen Marksmen (WA)
  16. Alpine Girls Mello Dears St. Johns Girls Ventures Capitolaires
  17. Greece Cadets Squires Avant Garde Rochester Patriots Purple Lancers
  18. Name 5 corps no longer with us and DON'T REPEAT ANY!!!! Royal Coachmen (North Tonawanda, NY) Precisionaires (Osage Iowa) Mark Twain Cadets (Elmira, NY) Charioteers (Troy, AL) Imperial Regiment (Cheektowaga, NY)
  19. The oldest person would be 71 or 72 years old....Darn I am getting old!