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  1. Alpine Girls Mello Dears St. Johns Girls Ventures Capitolaires
  2. Greece Cadets Squires Avant Garde Rochester Patriots Purple Lancers
  3. Name 5 corps no longer with us and DON'T REPEAT ANY!!!! Royal Coachmen (North Tonawanda, NY) Precisionaires (Osage Iowa) Mark Twain Cadets (Elmira, NY) Charioteers (Troy, AL) Imperial Regiment (Cheektowaga, NY)
  4. The oldest person would be 71 or 72 years old....Darn I am getting old!
  5. So, how can what we have be saved? We all talk doom and gloom. Drum corps is dying! We know it is but how do we save it? Can it be brought back to life? Yes it takes money! Drum corps is a business! We remember what it was a long time ago.....Legion Posts, Fire Halls, and churches sponsoring drum corps! Today corps need Corporate sponsors, 4 to 5 busses, 2 tractor trailers, mega-fuel costs, food trailers, etc. Corps members need private funding to march a season......transportation costs to camps, money for tour, Tour fees of $5,000. All this to be worked harder than they ever worked before, run around a field in the hot sun! Even at the All-Age can we save it? What ideas do DCI and DCA have? Has this ever been brought up? Are they okay with the activity? Some things to ponder or gripe about!
  6. I guess we'll know the answer in the next 4 years. If more corps choose to not exist then we'll have an answer. LOL
  7. I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to suggest going to a 2 small tour season to save money. Probably not enough corps to fill in shows already on schedule from year to year.
  8. Not the poor financial ability of the Mom and Pop drum corps? Directors who made lots of money off of corps members?
  9. So what is the reason behind not making the recordings available?
  10. From another topic, the corps was brought up. Question....what's the full story? I live/teach here in Jacksonville and no one will talk about it other than the corps end in the summer. What was the real reason?
  11. "It ain't over until we say it's over!!!!!"
  12. Oh this thread can't be done yet! There's plenty of time until the next big issue! LOL
  13. Looking for recordings of Royal Coachmen (NY) 1970 to 1976 and Lockport-Rochester Renegades 1982. I know Ken Kobold recorded them because I had cassette tapes but over time they became no good. I would LOVE to have them again! Anyone?
  14. When will your Creative and Instruction team be announced?
  15. The other day I was watching the Kingsmen Alumni corps on YouTube and it got me thinking. As I was watching I started to get emotional and this happened a while back when I saw a 27th Lancers Alumni performance. I would so love to see alumni corps from the ORIGINAL top 12. Anaheim Kingsmen Blue Stars Santa Clara Vanguard 27th Lancers Argonne Rebels Troopers Des Plaines Vanguard Kilties Cavaliers Muchachos Bridgemen Bleu Raeders Just to see the old uniforms, hear the music...ONE LAST TIME! A dream but a darn good one!
  16. Before I saw the last few posts....for some odd reason, I was trying to think of the name of "She who shall not be mentioned," and I open this up and...BAM...There it was!
  17. Like a Martin Luther thing? So someone could post their 95 Theses about DCI?
  18. Our rivalry (Royal Coachmen) was with Lakeview Shoreliners and later Imperial Regiment. Was no big deal and I think we got along quite well. I hated losing to them and finally beat IR a few times in 1976. St. Johnsburg Blue Sabers had a rivalry with us but we never thought to much of it since we only saw them in parades. When they went on the field one year they were not so good.
  19. Yep! The SRT team had a jurisdiction of the Continental US so we were armed to the teeth with everything! Yes whatever you think it was bigger
  20. I was an MP from 1978-81 and a K9 Handler. My last 2 years I was stationed at Seneca Army Depot on SRT and RF. 1985-88 I was a chaplain's assistant and the only thing I got to do was protect the chaplain from doing dumb things LOL
  21. Canadians....I hope you wore your poppy's! DC
  22. I have to chuckle at Social Media and especially DCP! A person says that they are leaving the activity because of issues in drum corps (DCI) and soon after (93 plus pages) it has changed to marching band and WW. LOL