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  1. I'm listing corps from the 1970's. If you have an interesting story about them please post. Probably will be a lot of corps but then...there were a lot of corps back then LOL Blue Rock, St. Lucy's Cadets, Argonne Rebels, Spectacle City Mariners, Kenosha Queensmen, Norwood Park Imperials, Stardusters, Nisei Ambassadors, Marion Cadets, St. Paul Scouts, Shoreliners (CT), Midlanders (Ontario), Appleknockers, Oshkosh Warriors, St. Rita's Brassmen, CMCC Warriors, Polish Falcon Cadets, St. Mary's Cardinals, Blessed Sacrament, Charioteers, Precisionaires, Floridians, Belvedere's, I.C. Reveries, Capitolaires, Royal Crusaders, Emerald Cadets (CT), Syracuse Marauders, Tri-Town Cadets, Windjammers, Keystone Regiment,Lasalle cadets, Les Compagnon, 507 Hornets, Sancians That's enough for now.
  2. My old corps dissolved in 1977 but the former director still controls the name 40 plus years later
  3. Story from 1973..... our corps was going to start learning drill and we were told at start of rehearsal that this gut who ran the local drill team was going to do our drill. I was 12 going on 13 and a veteran and knew from the start that this guy was not going to work out. Nothing on paper whatsoever and then he said, "we're going to do a Troopers sunburst!" I just started shaking my head and even the older kids were doing the same thing. We broke for lunch and upon returning the "drill guy" was replaced by our horn instructor who had already had things down on paper. Sadly our horn/drill guy Dick Lewis passed away a few years after that and he was a young man too.
  4. Ahhh Depew High School...I remember it well, 1978 Stan Kenton and his Big Band. It was a year after his stroke and a year before he passed away. Have fun everyone!
  5. Was looking over staff for a few corps and started to laugh.... In our best year (1976) we had three percussion staff (one with the corps all the time and the other two would pop in once in a while). One brass person/arranger who came in periodically while one or two of us would warm up the line during summer and DM would run rehearsals. One guard instructor and one of the girls in rifle line would be in charge of them. Our drill person would pop in once in a while too. When they were all there it would be less than 5 people. Today 5 people would be the tenor techs LOL. How big was your staff?
  6. I think I don't think about LI because during the 70's when I marched we NEVER saw those corps. The first and only time I saw Kingston Indians (who is Upstate)was in a show at Greece, NY in 1976. Sorry
  7. I think at some point these corps would have, sadly, faded away. Would Anaheim have been to get back into the top 12? They hung on till 1986 I think, but their best years were well behind them. I saw them in 1972 at US Open and then 10 years later at same show and still loved their brass sound! 27th I miss still! Was the loss of George Z to Cadets the end? Bridgemen and Bobby Hoffman and crew. Without the guiding light........
  8. I started something on FaceBook and many replies.... Tom Peashey said NY does not have one yet PA and NJ have had one for decades. Many names could be grandfathered in due to be in World DCHoF but so many more from Upstate NY Corps of bygone days!
  9. I thought it odd that they merged with Etobicoke Crusaders since, at the time, both corps were doing well. I'm guessing that winter took it's toll. I do remember many corps in the Toronto area plus corps in Kitchener-Waterloo area too
  10. Other than Joel Alleyne, what other names come from this corps? The only time I saw them was their last time at Butler, PA show and half the corps passed out after the last note that was held out for ever!
  11. For centuries men and women always look back to yesterday to say "things were better back then!" Truth be told, probably not! At that particular time it was good but over the course of time we are able to make improvements. In drum corps, improvements were and are being made. WHY? The activity could not stay status quo! Professional sports change, education changes, government changes, corporations change. Life evolves! Drum corps evolves! I know people my age and older don't want to hear that but it is true! This "topic" has been beaten and beaten to the point of exhaustion. The opinions don't matter as you can tell by Drum Corps continuing their evolution. So why not either accept/embrace or just move on. I marched in the 1970's and saw that Vanguard video with Stan Kenton. But it's 2019, 45 years from that video and times have changed....fashions change, hair styles change, music let drum corps do that too!
  12. I started marching in 1971 and I enjoyed it then. Started teaching in 1982 and still enjoyed the activity. Chose to get out several years ago but still follow and thoroughly enjoy today's corps! I am 59 but NOT an old Geezer! Will be happy to prove it too! All those years of marching plus being in the Army helped.
  13. Here's my Ultimate Finals: Venue: New Era Field, Buffalo, NY Weather: Clear skies, 79 degrees, calm wind, 35% humidity Before the Show - Future Corps outside the stadium 7:00pm - National Anthem - Al Chez 7:06pm - 2000 U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps (Exhibition) 7:30pm - 1976 Oakland Crusaders 7:47pm - 1980 Spirit of Atlanta 8:04pm - 1980 Bridgemen 8:21pm - 2004 Cavaliers 8:38pm - 1974 Purple Lancers 8:55pm - 1995 Madison Scouts 9:12pm - Intermission - 9:35pm - 2016 Bluecoats 9:52pm - 1983 Garfield Cadets 10:09pm - 1975 Muchachos 10:26pm - 1993 Star of Indiana 10:43pm - 1976 Blue Devils 11:00pm - 2018 Santa Clara Vanguard 11:25pm - 1994 27th Lancers Alumni Corps (Exhibition) 11:47pm - Royal Coachmen/Imperial Regiment Alumni Party at Anchor Bar, Buffalo, NY
  14. I got to third page and thought what a waste of time!
  15. Is NOW better than THEN or is THEN better than NOW? I like.....NOW was made better because of THEN! THEN was great and NOW is great!
  16. Back in the 1970's we all marched with a variety of corps and majority of us didn't have to be in a top 12 corps. Today...different story. You'll get a good education in any corps this coming season or any season!
  17. Choose a top 12 corps (or go top 20), who still seems to be underrated since 1972. Corps that come to my mind.....Des Plaines Vanguard, Blue Knights, Purple Lancers, DeLasalle Oaklands and Squires.
  18. What was then is not what's now! Not sure if that quote belongs to anyone but... When I joined corps in 1971, I was a young trumpet player handed a strange horn with two less valves and a lever. I was told, here's your uniform and go buy white bucks! I played music from "A New World Symphony" and into a Chicago number into Dry Bones and an exit of Something (Beatles). fast forward to 1977 and I got to try out the new 2 valve horn. Then fly into the 1980's and drum corps as I knew it had changed. Then came three valves, pits, guards that danced, etc. I enjoyed what I did, I enjoyed teaching in the 80's, 90's and 2000's and I'd do it again if asked. "The times they are a changin'" and that's just the way it will always be. The talent level is so much better today but think of all those kids that weren't in school bands who were handed a horn or drum and became somewhat proficient at it. Wasn't that amazing? Today these kids are just as dedicated as we were way back when and work just as hard if not harder. It isn't the same but the goals are!
  19. Go Away Little Girl (Steve Lawrence/Donny Osmond) Wake Up Little Susie (Everly Brothers) Georgy Peorgy (Toto)....Georgy Porgy Puddin' Pie Kissed the Girls and Made them Cry, Georgy Porgy puddin' pie kissed the girls and made them high
  20. Whip It (Devo) She Was Only 16 (Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show) You're 16 (Ringo Starr) I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)