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  1. In a post seen today it talked about Cadets alumni corps but said that 27th was the bar that was set for ALL alumni corps. I would say that 27th, Anaheim, SCV, Madison have done fantastic job to put them together but in my opinion I would have to say that Mighty St. Joe's of Batavia set the bar a long time ago! St. Joe's is still out there as an alumni corps since, I believe, the early 1980's. I was never a member but thought it was good that they brought it back and it was a place for all those guys and girls who marched in the 60's and up to 1971 to still get a few parades in since and socialize.
  2. Wow!!! My head is spinning! Is this a Red vs. White debate? Debate is GOOD but how many of you are board/state certified attorneys? You all say such interesting things but what really needs to come out is FACTS! FACTS trump (no pun intended) everything. "I heard...," "I think....," are not FACTS! Rather than sit behind your laptop and argue back and forth, go find FACTS! Is DCI set up to control the corps or are they a place where the corps can meet to set up rules and run DCI? Is Dan A the judge and jury on everything DCI? Do the corps directors have more control than the Executive Director? Do all hirings by corps go through DCI for approval? Does DCI have a policy in place where every corps is monitored during winter? during summer? I respect you all but you all just keep jabbing at each other and NO ONE has a knock out punch! Stubborn because each one of you believes you're right. Maybe (just maybe) you are all wrong! I KNOW I am not accurate on this because I don't know all the facts and either do you!
  3. BOA can't control the schools but what is helpful is the schools (district) have background checks for ALL volunteers and staff members! The schools monitor that while the independent drum corps DO NOT! DCI probably (years ago) should have changed the way they govern their activity and the directors should have voted to allow DCI more authority for all corps. The idea I am trying to say is somewhat like professional sports. The NFL, NBA, NHL, etc monitor each team and can fine players, coaches, owners, etc if they break a rule. They also have random drug tests and know about law enforcement reports. DCI does not! DCI allows the corps to run their corps. Now in the 70's, 80's and 90's that worked (I guess) but today NO ONE can breath the wrong way without it being put out there for all to see. The directors should meet immediately to change the way DCI is run to make the necessary changes to save this activity....if they can! It may be to late after this story becomes public. Just my thoughts
  4. Two things...... 1. Does DCI require ALL corps to do all the things they are asking from Pioneer? 2. There's a reason why you can only be President of the United States for 2 terms.
  5. It may, in a dream, seem like a good thing however, the corps will not return! Why? Because the word got out from present members. Kids talk, kids have cell phones and social media. Trust me....NO ONE will join Pioneer! They can drive to Madison or Lacrosse or even head to Canton to get a great drum corps experience.
  6. 1976 The Bicentennial YEAR! What a summer it was and DCI World Championships in Philadelphia, you can't ask for anything better! Our corps started off the year in May competing in a show in Canton, OH and then the following Memorial Day weekend in Michigan for 2 contests. Can you imagine corps starting their season in May today? Our uniforms back then were gold and black blouse and black pants but by the 2nd week in June we were wearing "new" red tops thanks to a purchase from The Seneca Princemen who merged with Toronto Optimists to form Seneca Optimists. There were plenty of contests to attend that year, every weekend. Our season wasn't over after our trip to Philadelphia either as we participated in 2 more contests after Philly. Prior to leaving for Philly, we spent two days competing at the NT Open (North Tonawanda, NY- thus the NT). The open class show was won by Marquis from Fon du Lac, WI and we won the "A" Class portion defeating the Krescendo and Simplex Minutemen. It appeared it was the start of a climb to Open class someday but once the winter rehearsal season kicked in it was obvious that we lost may veterans. By May 1977 we merged with another corps. 1976 saw Blue Devils win their first of many DCI World Championships and I saw it on the 50 yard line. I was able to see Gene Rayburn and his wife while they were doing the telecast for PBS. Watching Santa Clara Vanguard, Bridgemen, 27th and Madison was a real treat! Prelims I got to see Royal Crusaders as well. "A" Class was fun to watch as I saw Valiant Knights, Wausau Story and others. I think 1976 was a pretty good year for drum corps and I bet you may have some stories to add too so go ahead!
  7. Marching Band! Remember when the band would March and Play music we all recognized? Don't get me wrong, I like it but in my older age I keep asking myself....what is it good for?
  8. Been a fan of Charioteers and Osage Precisionaires back then as they were both so talented and exciting to watch.
  9. What a line-up of future good corps.... Squires, Etobicoke Crusaders (DeLasalle took 5th in Open class), Charioteers, Southern Tier Grenadiers and Marquis.
  10. Add Purple Lancers from NY in 1974 and FINLEYVILLE too
  11. Who were the DCI corps who made DCI Top 12 only ONE time?
  12. Looked like, if PFC went to DCI, they would have made top 12
  13. What corps, that didn't make top 12 at DCI (they didn't go) should have been top 12? Hint...from the East and beat several of the 7 -12 finalists.
  14. I'm sure I'll receive comments on my opinion BUT.....What good is suspending an entire corps? Happened to Renegades and they are gone. Probably will happen with Pioneer on the DCI side. The people that were managing the group have severed ties with Sun and they are the ones that messed up! Now the corps should pay the bill but is suspending the members going to fix this or make it worse (Folding Sunrisers)?
  15. Other than Scott and's still the old Pioneer. RB still making decisions in background.
  16. In the rain in 1973 and 1974 (I believe). I know one of those years was raining
  17. I am partial to 1972 as that was our first year and what an experience it was! From seeing Anaheim Kingsmen, Blue Rock, Garfield Cadets, etc plus the Etobicoke Crusaders, St. Johns Girls, CapitolAires, Royal Crusaders and Charioteers, etc What a few days of drum corps it was!!!
  18. .....Staff's use to consist of? We had a drum guy, horn guy, drill guy and a guard girl! Some of the older kids would jump in as "assistants." Today you could start a corps with the size of the staff's! Our last year (1976 Royal Coachmen) we had three drum guys (two would come once in a while), one horn guy (from Toronto every so often) and the drill guy would come from Toronto with the horn guy. Guard was done by a former member. That was our staff!
  19. Maybe if the Non-Northeast areas saw a DCA corps they may like them! MB were pretty good.