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  1. We had a celebration last night. THE 2019 MADISON SCOUTS are right around the corner. Next Happy holidays!
  2. Do you all know what is right around the corner ? THE 2019 MADISON SCOUTS! Hugs
  3. Howdy. I hope you are all well. I have to invite everyone to a celebration, 80 years of The Madison Scouts. November 17 Concourse Hotel Madison WI 8am to? We will be performing at the celebration, time's to be announced. $80 per ticket includes dinner $100 for two includes dinner, must be ordered by Monday November 13 for food count. Music Naval Hymn, Salvation Cordoba, Legend of the one eyed Salor, Malageuna, Ice Castles, subject to change. Open to all performers. We will sing MYNWA together. Friday November 16 rehearsal, open to anyone High Noon Saloon 701 East Washington Ave Madison WI 53703 11 am to ? Doors open at 1030am, did I say open to anyone. Thursday November 15 rehearsal open to anyone. Dojo, 680 Grand Canyon Dr Madison WI 53719 915pm to? Wednesday November 14 rehearsal Dojo, 915pm to? Open to all performers, $5 entry to all rehearsals. Half of all monies to The Madison Scouts! G or bflat, drum kit and roady will be provided. Did I say open to everyone. Hugs
  4. Happy holidays chief. See you soon! Peace.
  5. Happy holidays everyone. 2018 is right around the corner. Hugs
  6. Shhhhhhh. Never heard of him. Smile 2018 is right around the corner.
  7. Friday Friday Friday Green Friday! I am excited about talking personally to all the alumni out there, A personal phone call does wonders. GO 2018 MADISON SCOUTS!
  8. The 2018 MADISON SCOUTS are rollin. Tryouts have begun. Just a hint to any young gentlemen out there. If you have the want to March in The Corps, but don't have the means, we have that covered. We want you to try. If you have a problem, just ask. It's really that simple. Be well, see you soon. I look FORWARD to it. Peace
  9. So getting back to this monkey on my back. Rocky Point Holiday from 83 is pretty sweet. Is there any way I could get the score? Thanks for any help on this sir. I think we could make a dollar or two with this, say for 2019. It's the off season. The world is watching. Thank you. See you soon.
  10. Singing MYNWA to the crowd after we won and before our victory run. Nobody left the crowd. They all wanted to see the show again. It was electric! Yep
  11. A funny little story about your icon. Back in 87, these 3 girls from Stillwater wanted us to go to a party with them after the show. I am like, hell yes. Me, the 3 girls about 6 other members take off and go. So here we are at this party, a lot of people, I go to the bathroom. I come back and this cocky dude is hitting on these 3 girls. I walk up and he says, who are you? I pause, I say, who are you? Shakes my hand and says, I am GH, director of the Garfield Cadets. I say cool, I am Jason Brady, a marching member of The 1987 Madison Scouts, I play Baritone. These girls are coming with me. We walk away with a giggle to go get a beer. Meet up with my brother and 5 other members, we are at a party. Who walks in the door? My staff. Scott Stewart, Todd Ryan, Scott Borma, Chris Thompson, Scooter, Pearson, Loeffelholz, Mason, We were at a staff party. They just saw me, with the 3 girls, they have no idea about the other 5 members partying down stairs, and I got the look from Scott. I thought I was in trouble. He takes me to the side and tells me that I have to leave, he assumes that there are others, he was right. He does know me. I tell the girls we have to go, we give hugs, we all walk out to our staff, we smile, and we leave. Off to the next day of tour. Small world. Those 3 girls wrote me letters for years. I met a icon that night. imo some people walk the walk, some just talk. That dude is walking, and I like people that walk, instead of talk. The first of many hand shakes over the years. I am a huge fan of your Drum Corps. Your kids really work hard every year. Can't wait to see what is next. Peace
  12. I drove the souvenir truck for that 2004 TOC. Those kids were Super Stars with me. I was giving them my ring to wear the whole tour. Yep, we had fun!
  13. Sorry bud, I am going to have to agree to disagree. I walked with the crowds at Indy a couple years ago with the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble at semi finals The Jim Ott Brass Ensemble Thirdcoast for Soundsport, MSARC, Macy's, The 3 Performance Groups (twin cities pod, TKO pod, Wisconsin pod), 2018 Mardi Gras with The Super Corps to name a bit. All that to me, is moot. Fluff. The 2018 Madison Scouts are rollin. I can't wait to see what is next. See you soon Gentlemen, I look FORWARD to it! Peace
  14. Luke, use the force. GO 2018 MADISON SCOUTS Smile, the season is right around the corner. hint hint Tickets are on sale soon. Alumni please pay your 2018 dues. Thank you.