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  1. Your all invited to Madison this summer if you're looking for some live Drum Corps. Just saying, we have fun.
  2. Anybody have any memories about the original Midwest Combine (71-72)?
  3. I've seen the schedule. Looking pretty sweet for a Midwest tour. East coast tour? Sadly not sure about a West coast tour. Your all invited to Madison for a good night! Gonna be loud! Hugs 😁
  4. Well, not much of a response. I can wait. What's everyone playing? July is right around the corner.
  5. Well thank you for the post's. I was hoping to have some post's from active participant's. Everyone read's DCP. They know I'm fishing for info before I start pumping my Drum Corps. Everyone knows that The Madison Scouts are going coed, right? I'm looking forward to whatever we can get. Go DCI
  6. Is this really going to happen? asking for a friend. Hugs
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