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  1. 1989 It was a very fine year. Hugs from Madison Wisconsin
  2. Be safe, be well, always be awesome! Hugs from Madison Wisconsin
  3. Yep I sure am. I can wait one more year. I am all good with The Madison Scouts. Always have been, always will be. This Alumni is ready for the ladies to come join us. Looking forward to it! Go 2021 Madison Scouts!
  4. If anybody needs anything during this crazy time, just ask. Communicate! After all these years I still really enjoy reading DCP. I don't post much anymore, but I always read everything. It's been a wicked few years. but, when we can, The Madison Scouts are coming to town! Guaranteed! Hugs, be safe!
  5. Looking forward to seeing the Phantom Regiment. Go Cubby!
  6. Alright! Go Madison Scouts! A few things going on, The Madison Scouts going coed- Awesome! The possibilities are endless. James Brown, some Don Ellis, new music is good! Fresh. Alumni Project going to Mardi Gras doing the parade, all Bflat instrumentation. No more G. It's gonna sound... let's just say loud! Can't wait to hear it. It is the first time we have branched out. I am thinking about playing saxophone, things are moving in the right direction. Doing Drum Corps is not easy. Sometimes it's very unforgiving. Year 83! A lot can happen in a year. I took 4t
  7. Since 1/28/2019 from what I heard in the room was right around $200,000. That was the number. Now you have to be a lawyer, accountant, and probably the Executive Director to figure out exactly how they come up with these numbers. I am just a fan, Alumni, and generally a dude that wants to show I care. Did you see that the Corps is going coed? Go Madison Scouts!
  8. I go to the annual meeting every year. I am in the know of what goes on with our Madison Scouts! Not rumour, fact. Dig a little deeper, you will see that our debt is being reduced significantly. Go Madison Scouts!
  9. A big shout out to Chris and his team for the $200,000 reduction in the debt this past year. Great job thinking about our future. Hugs, see everyone soon. 2020 is here. The opportunities are now endless! BOOM! Keep up the good work. Peace
  10. Go Madison Scouts! See you soon Conner, enjoy your dream!