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  1. We all need to do more to support new corps. It really is an achievement to get a group going. I will be mailing a donation check for the horn fund!
  2. Awesome news! It will be good to see a new corps from the land of the Mello-Dears and Southern Tier Grenadiers. Lots of history in that area. Look forward to hearing about open house.
  3. An awesome idea! Online ordering too. Don't even have to live in NY to get in on this. Going to order now!
  4. What exactly does that mean? The Skyliners seem to be back in full swing and I see nothing bando about them...
  5. We all seem to know about the elephant and I say we don't mention it anymore in this thread. There is no sense bringing the Skyliners' name into it again as they are obviously the victim here. Maybe it's time for us to confront the problem ourselves in person. I confronted it earlier in the year and was given a twisted answer. I wish the Skyliners the best of luck. Take the time you need this year and get ready for a magnificent return in 2008! Good luck in Rochester! :)
  6. They haven't even been cleared for DCA competition yet...
  7. This is not the first time I have watched you try to stir up this confrontation. Everybody was getting along fine and you know very well there is some bad blood between these organizations. Why would you even suggest something like this? You are trying to start an argument again and hopefully neither of these parties will continue to honor your presence in the discussion.
  8. This game is fun in the Junior forum. I hope it catches on here.
  9. Gee, thanks for the intelligent response. If you couldn't care less then why bother taking the time to post when the rest of this discussion is fairly interesting to read.
  10. I voted yes but only for the DCI arena. It seems like they are so focused on educating members that yes, it does compare to school in some ways.
  11. There are many of us wishing the best for you Sky. I hope you guys have a great turnout this weekend!
  12. How come there has been no announcements coming out of Sky? Everybody else seems very active...