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  1. Because you joined late, QC, you missed out on the 1.0 version of the drum solo "drill". The blue flags were already a climb-down from the original idea, which was to have the horn line full-on dance with the guard. Dave Owens brought in a choreographer at a very early-season camp (February or March, maybe). Her big mistake was to start with the low brass. I remember the session lasted for less than an hour, with the choreographer looking increasingly distressed as it went on. We were all pretty inept, but in particular the contra line doing lifts with each other was quite a spectacle. So the dancing became the blue flags, which eventually became the hand movements. I really wish GR and Dave had stuck to their guns. As with the props and costumes starting in 1986, a dancing SCV horn line in 1984 would have been 25 years ahead of its time.
  2. Hey TRacer, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I just want to correct the record a little bit. SCV marched 4/6/8 low brass UNTIL 85. That was the first year with six leads. The horn line went from 64 to 68 in 1985: two more lead sops, two more lead baris (a 64-person horn line is why box rotations worked prior to 84). The white pants debuted at Pacific Procession, SCV's home show (but it's true that we only wore the whites at "major" shows and only at finals of regionals and championship week; it's likely that DATR was the second time we wore them). And it wasn't a spur of the moment decision by GR. We warmed up at the hall (a 10-ish minute bus ride from the stadium at San Jose State) and not the stadium. I don't remember if we put on our uniforms at the hall or on the buses, but if we warmed up in our regular clothes that by itself would have been a sign that something was up. When we arrived at the stadium (just minutes before we were supposed to enter the field), the buses parked as close to the gate as possible, and in a triangle formation, with the bus doors facing in. Now something to remember here is that by and large, the horn line was lukewarm to downright hostile to the uniform change. In fact, being one of the few non-rookies in that horn line, I was one of the most vocal critics (and the day GR summoned me into his office and let me know what he thought of my opinion.... is a story for another day). Up to then, we had only seen one person model the white pants in full uniform, and to tell you the truth, to this day I think on individual people, the green pants look better. HOWEVER, once we got off the buses, inside that triangle, and saw the entire horn and drum line together, we collectively realized how awesome the white pants were on the entire ensemble, and we got super-pumped just as we were about to enter the field. Don't blame the tool... I procured a DEG Dynasty II two-valve G baritone for the 2017 SCV Alumni Corps, so I have relatively recent experience playing it. Is it a good instrument? Of course not, but it's perfectly cromulent if you put in the work with a tuner and the first-valve slide and just accept the fact that every high-A is a roll of the dice. Here's the thing about that horn. Like any horn it gets louder the more quality air you put into it, but at the upper end of the volume range there's a point where if you give it just a bit more air, there's big jump in volume. It's like it has a turbocharger. HOWEVER, put just a tiny bit more air than that into it, it suddenly sounds like a chain saw hitting metal. I'll add something about Whitewater finals: We won prelims, but we performed next to last at finals, with Garfield performing last as they had won Whitewater in 83. So after performing and trooping the stands we circled it up in the side 2 end zone instead of outside the stadium, because we immediately had to start retreat after Garfield finished. GR talked about how we did like always, and then we were dismissed. So we (SCV) were all in the end zone when the domino incident happened, and I was roughly in line with the front hash mark. Basically I had a head-on view of what happened, and from that vantage point it actually didn't register what was happening for a couple of seconds, just a bunch of arms and torsos where they shouldn't be.
  3. I came up with the exact same list, and also Gershwin, but only Rhapsody in Blue, which is odd. That 84 Garfield was spared is also odd.
  4. Most corps would be much better off paying down debt and otherwise shoring up their balance sheets than reducing tour fees or splurging on new equipment. It's not the nice option (cut tour fees) or the sexy option (new stuff), but its the smart option.
  5. Now there's a video up synced to Alan's tape, although not surprisingly he doesn't say anything interesting while he's tearing around the field. Also, to me it sounds like at the end of the show he says "You really made me run!"
  6. Yes, that's Ralph's writing. He wrote SCV's book through 1990. Also, trivia note, that's me in the center of the screen on the last note of the show.
  7. Bravo, caliswift! DCP would be a much, much better place if, whenever we see a thread start to derail, we post Alison Brie gifs. We can all agree to that, can't we?
  8. I could be wrong but I think only United flies non-stop to Indy. In my experience the fare is lowest between February and April, but even then it doesn't get much below $380 or so. If you see a fare below $400 you should snap it up immediately. You can more than make up the premium you'd pay for a flight now by waiting until late July to book a hotel, and then use Priceline's name-your-own-price feature. You'll save tons of money and/or stay in a swanky place. If you can take the whole week off and don't mind a bit of driving, I think you'd get the most bang for your buck by flying into Columbus on the 2nd or 3rd (less than $500 even now) and catching the TOC show in Massilon on the 4th (the top corps, outdoors, almost Finals-ready), then heading to Indy.
  9. This is pretty much the go-to explanation, as far as I'm concerned: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-is-everyone-on-the-internet-so-angry/ The only thing I'd add is the Dunning-Kruger effect: There's a tendency (only a tendency, and not necessarily applicable to anyone on DCP) for, shall we say, ill-informed people to be arrogant in their opinions, because one of the things they're ignorant of is the limits of their expertise, and for well-informed people to hold their tongues because they are acutely aware of how much they don't know. Regarding DCP in particular, I'd say there are two other factors that certainly don't help discourse. First, almost all of us are not just drum corps fans, but partisans of one corps in particular. Second, there's just no way to conclusively "prove" that one horn line, guard, etc. is better than another the same way instant replay can prove something in sports. I agree that vitriol on DCP is small potatoes compared to say, YouTube, as well as to RAMD.
  10. I think it's partly survivor bias as applied to message board posting. An attitude of humility about your own opinion and respect for differing opinions is going to bias you toward not posting, and not get sucked into flame wars; the opposite attitude, the opposite.
  11. But that's not "slotting" as the word is commonly used. People cry "slotting!" when Corps X, which historically beats Corps Y, beats Corps Y and in their opinion Corps Y should have beaten Corps X. It's that last part that separates "slotting" from mere "here we go again". Slotting means that the outcome is predetermined regardless of what happens on the field. Certain corps have institutional advantages and a history of success that begets more success, and while that may make things somewhat predictable, that's not "slotting" any more than Brazil beating Chile and the Netherlands beating Mexico in the World Cup is "slotting". In order for "slotting" to be a thing, two things have to be true: 1) the outcome is predictable, and 2) the outcome is wrong (and consistently in certain corps' favor). Show me evidence of the latter.
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