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  1. From what I was told (I was there 4 years later) is that the drum major "double-pumped" in, one , one, two, one two three four. There was a definite tear for a second, but the recovery was phenominal. As Aungst told me, the drum judge said, "What happened? You guys had the drum title locked up?!?" That's what I remember...but, as the grapes get saggier, the brain gets foggier! LOL
  2. Hahahaha! That first Jolesch link under the "hair" column is none other than....Sideshow Bob! I helped teach the snares for a stretch this summer, and he was a REALLY good snare drummer! GOOD guy with a wicked sense of humor! Obviously, the nickname comes from the Simpsons, but look at him! He really looks like Sideshow Bob! LOL
  3. I marched with Brian in 89 and 90. Good guy. I hope they are able to find a good replacement.
  4. 89 Cadets and 92 cadets and 89 Suncoast. We had 14 (!) endings in 89, and the last 30 seconds of the show was learned FINALS DAY! Yikes! 89 Suncoast...I thought they'd end up 16th or lower when I saw them early season. THAT was a hard-core group of winners! 92 cadets...they went out with 35 (?) horns at the first exhibition, due to a sickness that made its way through the corps at move-ins. They were ATROCIOUS! I believe they went out with 4 snares, a quad, and 1/2 the bass line. Then to go on and finish 2nd?!? CRAZY!
  5. I just came back from working with the Crossmen drumline for the past 2, am I sunburnt! The battery and pit made HUGE strides today, as did the whole ensemble. They were much tighter today than they were last night. I had to cut my time with them short, as my son was in an accident today, so I came home to be with him. But, that is a GREAT group of kids who play with heart, and they have a great staff and director, as well. I'm really impressed! I had a great time, and wish I could have stayed longer!
  6. I have a Pearl 14" free floating snare for sale...most current design, in great shape! I'm selling it for 225 plus shipping. I take postal money orders, no Paypal. It looks exactly like this: Brushed sliver, Falams II snare side, the ridiculously hip Premier Marathon batter, but I can throw on a kevlar batter if you're a young 'un! call me at 802-222-7822 if interested. I'm on the east coast.
  7. Go George, GO!!! That's awesome! Thanks for the update, and say hi to Colin and the guys for me! I hope the Chase voting keeps you in the lead!
  8. Hi! I hope this isn't out of line posting this here. I am looking for a color guard instructor who has an elementary ed teaching credential who would like a well-paying full time job and is mobile enough to relocate. Please PM me if you'd be interested. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone here have a video of Academy's low brass/trombone ensemble at this year's I&E? Did anyone here see them? Probably the funniest thing I've seen in years. BRILLIANT ideas, and well-performed. Low-Rider meets the movie Titanic! Help, anyone?
  10. GRay was an appropriate color for that drumline!
  11. I've seen the uniform first hand this past weekend on Hop's Iphone. You'll all be pleased, even the most diehard Cadet fan or alumni. They look great. It's a 1 year switch. I won't say more than that, other than....Frankie say RELAX! The corps is going to look classy and amazing! Those who are die-hard conspiracists will feel pretty silly when they see the uniform. I'm not a Hop-Honk...I am as cynical as anyone else when it comes to "changing" the uniform; I can assure you that you WILL dig what it looks like. I promise!
  12. I've seen the uniform first hand this past weekend. You'll all be pleased, even the most diehard Cadet fan or alumni. They look great. It's a 1 year switch. I won't say more than that, other than....RELAX! The corps is going to look classy and amazing!
  13. Yup! Scott Clark marched in several Canadian corps, including Dutch Boy, before he started marching with Garfield in 87. One of the best left hands in DCI, period. The guy was a monster player, and virtually NEVER ticked. Completely consistent, and a great guy, as well!
  14. Not necessarily "historical", but some historic figures in this pic! From left to right, Glen Crosby of SCV/BD/Academy fame, Gail Crosby, me (Matt Power), Michelle Sapadin, Pete Sapadin (VK, BD, and Cadets fame), and Randy May, designer of percussion carriers for Yamaha and Pearl! We were eating at a KILLER restaurant in SoCal called Shin-Sen-Gumi. We were at the NAMM show a few years back. If you get to the Fountain Valley area, you've GOTTA eat there. Best Japanese yakitori-style food on the planet!