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  1. Remember offers are being considered for this baritone! 100% of the proceeds will go back into helping the Sunrisers' program.
  2. The Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps of Long Island, NY are offering for sale their digitally produced props and guard uniforms used in their 2018 production, Outside In. There are 5 props and approx 24 guard uniforms/costumes. Please see pics (link below) from the 2018 season. All flags in the photos are available as well. All offers will be considered. Please contact Cathy Beaumont (Sunrisers corps business manager) at (631) 748-6774 for more info.
  3. Just sent you an email...let me know either way....thanks.
  4. 10 pages of drill (complete show) and blown speakers……… Still have some chairs and mirrors for sale. email: Corps hat, head included……email: Btw,I loved BD's show.
  5. Great review......this reviewer really nailed it. Some quick thoughts: I couldn't believe how prepared the Buccaneers were. All sections were strong, confident and sold the show. I'm curious to see how the Cadets 2 will fare against this show. (Felt strange to write that). :-) For June, the Cabs were very well prepared , just not as prepared as the Buccs. This would have been a running start for a Championship year for the Cabs during any other era, but the Bucs are really pushing the "readiness" level for corps. The Cab show is true to their entertainment tradition so it's just a matter of how well they can clean and tweak it. They were my wife's favorite. That said, I think the Cabs are still in the game to grab the title. It's just a matter of how hungry they are and how much ground they can catch up on. Fusion's brass were hot and entertaining with great feet and body.....but I don't remember the drill being too demanding. Their brass line certainly could certainly make a run for a brass trophy. Gold and Fusion were great examples of smaller corps with good quality programs and well rounded ensembles/sections but because Gold's guard was so good, I had them slightly over Fusion. I know how much talent and experience there is in Windsor Regiment, so I was surprised how weak the show was. Perhaps the show is over ambitious and/or is written for September. They have a lot on their plate to get this show up and running but the members and staff have a lot of drum corps experience so I'm sure they will be working hard and adapting and it will be a lot different show in September.
  6. I'm very sorry for your loss. Looking forward to happier times like hearing your announcements at shows.
  7. I literally went back to edit my dates but you had already replied to my post(you are right..... I forgot 2007 and 2008 were in the traditional uniform). I don't consider the 2003 to 2004 (and especially 2005 and 2006) to be at all close to being the traditional uniform. You really need to take a better look at those years.
  8. You don't need anything in writing......Just look at the recent past starting from the first year the uniform was changed(2003). 5 out of the last 9 seasons (2003 to 2011) will have been performed in a costume and 4 out of the last 9 seasons were performed in the traditional West Point style uniforms. These year after year temporary changes are becoming not so temporary.
  9. Actually, the push to honor the uniform was started by a prominent alumnus.
  10. Earlier on in this thread, I posted the pic below. A fellow alumnus pointed me to a link that gives the story behind the pic. Here it is: The Story