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  1. Sweet cymbal pun - but a fair question that I don’t have an answer to. I’d be curious to see a break down of cymbal players in DCI’s primary instruments.
  2. Please elaborate on the educational value of playing in a cymbal line vs any other position in an ensemble. if education is your concern, why not field flub lines instead. My main reason for not having cymbals in my program is that I don’t want my students not drumming for 5 months. They’ll be better prepared for concert season (or the next marching season) playing a keyboard instrument or a flub drum vs cymbals. I was told in high school that marching drum corps was a waste of time and that I “would never make a dime playing a drum on a football field”. Marching drum corps changed my life for the better and it’s an experience I wish for anyone who wants to achieve it. But from the administrative side, I understand the cost vs. value of cymbals. It’s always hard to take away an opportunity for students to perform, but those 4/5 spots will go to other students who will now get to march.
  3. As a Crossmen alum and band director in Texas, I would absolutely do the same thing if put in the position to make the call to cut the cymbal line. Cymbal lines don't provide any real value for the amount of investment involved for a drum corps show. The amount of time and effort composing their music, instructing, cleaning, paying a staff... all for something that will receive little to no credit in the grand scheme of the show doesn't make sense. Don't get me wrong, cymbals have a place in parades, in the stands at football games, and indoor drumline but they're unnecessary in DCI.
  4. They already tried it and went back to the old way. There was a Perc 1 and Perc 2 judge from 04 - 09/10 ish (don't remember)?? One was field and one was Ensemble with the reasoning that between the two it would be a more fair assessment. I think it ended up costing more money and causing more issues than it helped solve.
  5. Fair enough. As someone who marched 7 different corps, I liked playing drums, didn't really care what uniform I was wearing. Winning drums meant I (and my 30-something fellow drummers) did my job better than everyone else. Winning a ring meant someone designed a show better than everyone else and luckily all of the captions were ok enough to balance out the scores to win. GE wins rings, clean beats wins drums. I like clean beats.
  6. I personally felt more accomplished after winning a Sanford. I was more a part of the success to winning the Sanford than I was to winning a ring.
  7. I would have to agree with those who said any solo from BD 93 along with crossmen 04. The bari - trumpet duet is definately one of my fav combos.
  8. Ricky Odello... 19 years between bdc, bdb, bda. thanks for posting the BD bass line interview btw... i forgot about that. bass lines never get the love
  9. Hey y'all 19" K Custom Dark China for sale as of right now it's only at $100. MSRP is over $500, so it's a great deal. http://cgi.ebay.com/Zildjian-19-K-Custom-D...1QQcmdZViewItem the money i make from this goes to paying off my dues. thanks for your time!
  10. Hello all, i've got: Zildjian 19" K Custom Dark China Zildjian 16" Z Custom medium crash Zildjian 21" A Custom brilliant finish sweet ride Zildjian gig bag (holds 22" inch cyms) thanks for checking it out! http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZl1sten2311
  11. topic on! while you being upset is understandable... being cut for any reason, just or unjust, doesn't feel good... but i've gotta side with the staff on this one... now maybe an outright initial "cut" wasn't in order... i have seen a few times a staff give those in question the opportunity to show improvement over time. but at the same time there are potentially hundreds of kids auditioning for this spot who've all not only worked on their playing/ spinning, but also their physical condition. they came into the audition knowing it was to be an athletic one as well. regardless of how talented one may be, they almost become a liability once they pass a certain size. 2002 blue devils soloist became a 2003 cut... why? weight. I have no clue how large you are or are not... but i could see/ have seen one's weight being a distraction from the show, especially in the guard. #1 the drill and physical demands could become an issue #2 it's a visual activity where there is an attempt made for all to look as one... if one looks like one and a half it doesn't quite work... hopefully that wasn't too unsensative...
  12. that's because there were no "signals"... that's good ol' fashioned echo baby!
  13. yeah i just got to check out the DVDs on a 52 inch 1080p w/ bluray player and all... and it was great to watch once through on mixed cam, then once through on high cam... now i'm bored. i'd pay an extra 20 for the extras on my age out DVD. i feel bad for those bluecoats cats who've never had a drum cam. finally made 6th... and now there's no drum cam...
  14. ooooooh rough... 2009 blue devils, enjoy the meeting you're going to have at the next camp about this post. ha ha
  15. maybe it was 03. i was marching then too... ha ha i dunno they all run together
  16. i think it was 07 when barry white died? i had no clue until i came home and made some stupid joke about him and the people at work got offended...
  17. almost the idea of people taking for granted that they get to march in finals let alone semi finals or even a div one corps, excuse me, world class corps. again though, certainly not every member, or even most who start in a top 4 or 5 corps will act that way, but i've seen it.
  18. absolutely good words. Don't get me wrong, there is a definate understandable feeling of disapointment. i can't say that i know exactly what the members of bd 08 and 84 went through, i wasn't there. I definately am not saying they shouldn't be upset or aren't appreciative of a 2nd place finish. And i'm sure that even the members that acted the "least classy" on finals can look back at their season as a great achievement and with respect for the show that recieved 1st... just might take a little while to do so in a "classy" way. (in quotes due to the subjective nature of the intended meaning)
  19. maybe not in those exact words... but i kind of agree. sure it's disapointing to come in 2nd after such a successful season up to that point, but think of the other thousands of people in the activity who will never place as high as second. to achieve a second place in this activity is still an honor. through being in the activity for as long as i have i've noticed that people who start in the top 4 or 5 corps and stay there for multiple years have a totally different perception of the activity versus the people who started in much lower placing corps and even divisions and then moved to a more competively successful corps. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that everyone who's first corps is the blue devils is an ########... i'm just saying that a lot of kids who start young at that level will grow up with a different idea of acceptable success. it's actually kind of disapointing
  20. been in 14th and in 2nd. 14th was much harder emotionally for me personally.
  21. this whole topic reminds me of a certain speech about ####### dicks and ######## from team america... if anyone could elaborate using non offensive words be my guest...
  22. dang $60 is a bargain! the last 2 corps i marched in were pushing close to $200 (i think?)
  23. There was a show in 06 in ohio somewhere and it was phantom glassmen and like, teal sound or something like that... some super small show that almost got rained out. we actually had a full corps ensemble block in full uniform when we got to the show site because our rehearsal got rained out... but anywho, going into the first big hit at the pentogram (within the first 20 seconds of the show) a snare drummer stepped on another snares foot took off his shoe and took out about 4 other snares then, they took out about half the bass line then some quads joined in too i believe but by the time we got to the hault there were about 5 people in the whole battery playing. the pentogram looked like a 4 pointed star then a scatter set with the drumline. it was pretty awful. also, quarters in 07 was pretty rough. i think BD had like 6 people fall in that one show alone. it was terrible. I fell on a step size/ direction change with a pretty hefty step size right were the recently sodded center of the field was and fell pretty hard. i was so scared i was going to take out the rest of the drum line ( who was backing up in front of me). when i went to stand up though i was under bass 3 and it knocked me back down onto the ground and knocked my shako off backwards with the chain around my neck. that was with about 15 seconds left in the show. i spent the remainder trying to get my hat back on. i finished the show with quite the yell because i was pretty sure i just lost us a championship. although i guess it wasn't as bad as i thought it was because the only person who noticed was bass 3. i supposedly played all my notes even when i was on the ground. ha ha