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  1. plenty of food options out there as well. sadly i know downtown has had a lot of new things going on since the arena went in, but i actually havent been down there in eons
  2. parking is a challenge yes, as it's not a stadium like you'll get at most high schools or colleges or pro stadiums. Not sure how Uber will work and i believe there is still some construction on 22/Hamilton Blvd there by the stadium where the bridge going over the creek was being replaced after 20,000 years. Now by the stadium are many small private lots where for decent prices you can park and have a short walk to all of the fun. i'd be glad to message either of you privately
  3. you'll want to look a little outside of town...either out by the airport, or out in Fogelsville where Rt 100 meets I 78. The few right by Dorney Park generally get filled up with people going to Dorney park. if you belong to a hotel rewards group, you'll find some good options
  4. the key is getting a balance. talent alone does not guarantee success. some of the laziest people on earth are the most talented. You need all 3 to be successful in DCI.
  5. hell i've seen way too many parades with zero barriers, just a rented guy with a fashlight
  6. however cadets built the legend on grade 6 work ethic, even if the talent was not as individually talented as other top corps had. talent is key, but so is work ethic. and more so is grade 8 teachers and design.
  7. with a 9 year old that listens to the soundtrack all day long....Remember Me could be the best ballad in decades if done right
  8. and 92 and 93, and 83-87, 89, 97-98, 00, 05, 11.....
  9. there's a way to create a "Cadets" show without rehashing past Cadets shows. what made some of the greats from the 80's and 90's great? new music not done on the field before, or at least at that level.
  10. if you can get the licensing. i have said the music from Coco is the greatest drum corps show never done
  11. part of the corps are at Georgia State, aka the old Turner Field, and then several again at Nightbeat the next night. i think this was the 2020 pan before everything shut down
  12. the lack of YEA running shows probably has an effect in the Mid Atlantic.
  13. yup it's not the major regional due to the venue change
  14. i didn't know. i know people who did nothing 30 years ago. winning was everything
  15. huge turnouts! most talent ever! show is off the hook!
  16. it wasn't shocking 30 years ago, you just had to know people
  17. i know his name, but haven't seen him in eons...not sure of anything about an injury though
  18. my only Box5 concern was i found they had an app on my firestick, but when i got in, it didn't give me the option to see anything...just login and log out. they fix that, and i'll have zero complaints
  19. no because BOA and USBands are not for independent groups, they are scholastic only...and DCI is not for scholastic groups
  20. commercial volume alone was light years better. oh and 1 freeze early on...for the whole night
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