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  1. 17 hours ago, keystone3ply said:

    Yup; I was also looking at a 'Hilton' product which it looks like they're on the Northeast side close to the airport off Hwy 22.  I don't have to stay at one but I do love my points.  Thanks!

    plenty of food options out there as well.


    sadly i know downtown has had a lot of new things going on since the arena went in, but i actually havent been down there in eons

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  2. 15 hours ago, keystone3ply said:

    I was looking to go this past summer but then changed my mind.  I was looking at the hotels (google maps) down 222 close to I-78?  I've heard parking is a real issue & wanted to Uber to stadium. I would be interested to see any info offered as well. 🤔

    parking is a challenge yes, as it's not a stadium like you'll get at most high schools or colleges or pro stadiums. Not sure how Uber will work and i believe there is still some construction on 22/Hamilton Blvd there by the stadium where the bridge going over the creek was being replaced after 20,000 years. 

    Now by the stadium are many small private lots where for decent prices you can park and have a short walk to all of the fun.


    i'd be glad to message either of you privately

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  3. 15 hours ago, mjoakes said:

    Off topic a little: I don't see much lodging near J Birney Crum Stadium. Any suggestions for a first-time Allentown attendee?

    you'll want to look a little outside of town...either out by the airport, or out in Fogelsville where Rt 100 meets I 78. The few right by Dorney Park generally get filled up with people going to Dorney park. 


    if you belong to a hotel rewards group, you'll find some good options

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  4. 5 hours ago, njthundrrd said:

    Jeff, the problem with that for about 10 years now, is do you want work your ### off all day long or go to a corps like Crown, BD, SCV, Bluecoats, Boston and not the rigors of the other drum corps? I saw this up close over the past 15 years.

    the key is getting a balance. talent alone does not guarantee success. some of the laziest people on earth are the most talented. You need all 3 to be successful in DCI. 

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  5. 10 hours ago, njthundrrd said:

    A lot of corps out of the top 6 need to attract and recruit ... talent. 
    You can't perform a grade 6 show, if you do not have grade 6 talent.

    however cadets built the legend on grade 6 work ethic, even if the talent was not as individually talented as other top corps had. talent is key, but so is work ethic.


    and more so is grade 8 teachers and design.

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  6. 15 hours ago, KVG_DC said:

    Yes.  I would watch a "Proud Corazon" hit for an emotional closer 1 billion times.  Also. Can you imagine the fun they could have with Un Poco Loco?  

    with a 9 year old that listens to the soundtrack all day long....Remember Me could be the best ballad in decades if done right

  7. 4 hours ago, ndkbass said:


    For example, I recently saw Disney’s Encanto and the music from that film could easily help make a great Madison show (at least in my opinion).  One track in particular is “No se habla de Bruno”. Gives me real 1995/1996 vibes.

    if you can get the licensing. i have said the music from Coco is the greatest drum corps show never done

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  8. 11 hours ago, Tim K said:

    There has been a decline in the number of shows in the Northeast for about ten years. Each year one or two shows will be removed. DCI would like to see fewer shows in larger venues that are centrally located. It does make sense on paper, but paper and reality can be two different things. I can’t speak for Buffalo or Rome, but most of the Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Eastern PA shows are in small to midsized venues with loyal and dedicated crowds who, as show sponsors will tell you do spend money and do donate to two corps that host many of the shows (BAC and Cadets), however the shows do not appear to be as crowded as they used to be and parking seems to be easier. So unless people have lost weight and are carpooling, numbers are down. I am also basing my observations on 2019 and prior, not 2021 which was an exception.

    What I have noticed over the years is the newer shows tend to be where high school bands are strongest. I also attended NIGHTbeat and Atlanta a few years back and kids from high school programs fill the stands at both shows. That’s a demographic  many of the Northeast shows have not been able to tap, even Allentown.

    the lack of YEA running shows probably has an effect in the Mid Atlantic. 

  9. 11 hours ago, ykw said:

    Here's what I gleaned from the schedule posted today.  is the corps skipping DCI Southeast in Atlanta on 7/30?

    Sat 7/2 East Coast Classic Quincy MA
    Sun 7/3 The Beanpot Lynn MA
    Wed 7/6 DCI Dover Dover DE
    Sat 7/9 CrownBEAT Lexington SC
    Sun 7/10 Drums Across America - Statesboro Statesboro GA
    Tue 7/12 Drums Across America - Atlanta Powder Springs GA
    Thu 7/14 TBD Mississippi TBD MS
    Sat 7/16 DCI Memphis Memphis TN
    Thu 7/21 DCI Denton Denton TX

    Fri 7/22

    Sat 7/23

    DCI Houston

    DCI Southwestern

    Houston TX

    San Antonio TX

    Mon 7/25 DCI Corpus Christi Corpus Christi TX
    Wed 7/27 DCI Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg MS
    Thu 7/28 DCI Birmingham Trussville AL
    Sun 7/31 NightBEAT Winston-Salem NC
    Tue 8/2 DCI Annapolis Annapolis MD
    Wed 8/3 DCI Glassboro Glassboro NJ
    Sat 8/6 DCI Eastern Classic Allentown PA
    Sun 8/7 DCI Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA
    Mon 8/8 DCI Cincinnati Cincinnati OH
    Thu 8/11 World Championships Indianapolis IN



    yup it's not the major regional due to the venue change

  10. 3 hours ago, mfrontz said:


    An outstanding and shocking indictment of the tyrannical rule one man had over The Cadets...

    Actually, it would have been shocking until about four years ago.

    It is a reminder of how hard work, talent, inspiration, and creativity from ground-up can mask failure of leadership.

    It is also a reminder of how we can often only hear (or see) the truth when our illusions are incontrovertibly disabused.

    Finally, a reminder of how people 'on the front line' can suffer based on the decisions of people in command.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, and know that many people were still entertained and inspired by the members of the 2006 Cadets.  

    it wasn't shocking 30 years ago, you just had to know people

  11. 5 hours ago, leed17 said:

    Box 5 with a wired connection was outstanding all season for DCA, then BOA and UIL.  Picture was OUTSTANDING, and audio was excellent.  Using wifi for streaming with smaller companies like FLO and BOX5 is a risk…MLBTV, Netflix, etc are ok on WiFi, but not FLO or other streaming services for drum corps, wgi, band, etc. 

    Congrats to Tim Snyder and BOX5 though…he has really put FLO on notice 🙂

    Broken Arrow…beautiful show, outstanding, congrats on BOA win.
    Hebron…another level, one of the best playing high school marching bands I have ever seen. Congrats on your UIL 6a win and your BOA regional win.

    my only Box5 concern was i found they had an app on my firestick, but when i got in, it didn't give me the option to see anything...just login and log out. they fix that, and i'll have zero complaints

  12. 10 hours ago, OldSnareDrummer said:

    The talent of these bands just blows me away. My gosh, these are high school kids. It's not like they're all 21 year old music majors (not yet). AND, they're all local kids. It's not either like they can recruit who they want from all over the country. I've got to start watching more of this. 

    Let me ask of those who are much wiser than I - IF DCI allows woodwinds, is there a merger of some type of DCI, BOA and USB in the future into one big marching arts organization? 

    no because BOA and USBands are not for independent groups, they are scholastic only...and DCI is not for scholastic groups

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