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  1. as it was WGI, many teams had some missing faces.
  2. i remember the one year mom took me to hershey and when i showed her where Superman cleared the bushes, she thought dad wasletting me drink :P
  3. didnt the guy from UCLA...or was it UCLA involved? Gordon henderson?
  4. i remember one year at Hershey...the corps formed a runway. and Superman ran down yhe middle andhis goal was to clear the bushes along Hersheypark Dr. i think you made it. and yes, you were fast. so, i get the cd of 83 the other day...i think i could hear your finger break at finals
  5. i also remember Superman/Ricky trying to stop a train on the hill behind the stadium in Sunbury in 81. that poor train.
  6. hey Rick....i was just waondering, and i know you lurk...how did the legend of Superman start?
  7. ah 80 in Boston. Tom McShane coming out of the pool. (to lifeguard) "ma'am i found someones swimsuit" lifeguard: "sir, i think it's your swimsuit" McShane: " what do you know it is mine! hey quit looking at me like that you pervert!"
  8. tat's cool, you made up for when your corps wanted to kill Ricky Lee back in 82. so we're even now.
  9. my dad remembers not being able to get a cab on Bourbon street til 6 am. with a rehearsal that started at 9.
  10. NO was in 78. Ask Ron Church: "is it Tennesee yet?" Dont ask Tommy Beyer about Bourbon Street tho, he wont remember. Virg says he remember NO, and he didnt join til 79 :P
  11. i have been informed tonight, after speaking to Mr Hershman, that New Orleans didnt really happen in 1978. It's his defense because he was to drunk to remember it :P
  12. like being seen means anything. note to any corps who is thinking of hokey gimmicks: if you stick birds in a drum case and expect them to fly when you suddenly release them, forget it
  13. and a deserved trophy at that. I remember in 81, Coletti telling the line that in order to win it all, they had to play like Sky did that night.
  14. Lee, If you only knew, but i'm sworn to secrecy. Just say a few things, if they really happen, could finally bring this corps back from the dead.
  15. i get asked how the 'band" did all the time now. ampssuck
  16. nice technique. did you makenotes up this time too? :P
  17. you may not know this Rick, but you were a huge influence on me back in 83. I wanted to be like Superman. I een wanted to break a finger on the last note of the show. I still to this day remember following you around that hotel...the same one we were almost booted out of in 97....like you were a rock star
  18. ah sorry DCW said Sun. in fact Sun people still complain about it. actually after checking corpsreps. Westshore was 6th in prelims, Sun was 5th, so Sun would have followed Westshore. i knew that DCN headline of "sun cries foul as Westshore gives DCA the bird" was remembered so well.
  19. thats too cool. at that time i was around the Rebels more as dad was still down there. nice to know that of the three major patches the corps won, my family has one of each. 52...grandpa 78...dad 96...me
  20. authors note....a few alumni have contacted me concerning hats in the early 80's. please feel free to correct what is here, i just went w/what Larry gave me
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