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  1. SCV used their props at this show last year. Why is it a problem now. And why was this not a problem when the facility was booked.
  2. Just because a Drill is hard or you think it is hard doesn't make it effective.
  3. Do the music judges care if the performer is standing, sitting, or doing a 50 yard dash while playing. I don't think so. Now the GE judge might, however just because something is hard doesn't define effective. Even something hard performed well doesn't define effective.
  4. 2019 Blue Coats, Money can't buy happiness but it can sure buy GE.
  5. "Watching Crown’s show right now feels like trying to watch three different shows all at once." Exactly.
  6. This is what my eyes and ears told me last year watching the flomarching streams and was confirmed by what I witnessed live in Indy. My eyes and ears are telling me the same this year.
  7. It is as simple as this. BD consistency is due to their ability to replace exiting talent with equal incoming talent. These corps that dropped to 4th/5th the year after winning did not.
  8. Let's assume that Crown, Boston, Cavies, ect all have an instruction and design staff equal to SCV and BD. Then the real issue is do they have the depth of talent equal to SCV and BD. My guess based on the past few years is no. This is why it takes a fews years to show the MMs that the corp has what it takes to compete, and then they will be able to compete for the top recruits and win the gold.
  9. I hate PC shows! I get enough this white man shame from the news. Don’t need it while watching a drum corps show.
  10. Demand is less? Less than who? Not any body in Open Class. That show rocks!