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  1. Considering the number of marching members and staff that come from UNT, it astounds me that the show isn't held at Apogee.
  2. This. The draw groups are *3* per group. That's basically nothing. Nobody is judging a corps and then completely forgetting them 2 corps later. Get back to me when draw groups expand to 7-8 per group. Then we can talk about bad draws.
  3. True, but that kind of occurrence is definitely the exception, not the rule. The house will bet on the San Antonio winner to at least medal every time.
  4. More or less. As I said, it's one judge on one night, so you can't say it's a trend, it's just mildly noteworthy until it happens again.
  5. A judge putting your achievement above your content is sending you a message. That's a conscious choice.
  6. geluf

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Having a single female member is not going "co-ed" in the way MikeRapp is describing it.
  7. Yeah, outperforming the book this early is at least a little concerning. But it's one judge on one night, so it's worth waiting to see if a trend develops.
  8. geluf

    Mello rips

    For what definition of "unmusical"? Orchestras have been doing horn rips since at least the early 20th century.
  9. If I'm Crown, I'm at least mildly concerned that my Brass achievement score is higher than content tonight. Not a panic point, but not usually what you want to see this early.
  10. geluf

    Lawrence, MA - July 1, 2018

    Maybe. But we're pretty early to be declaring they'll be 6th in percussion anyway without putting them up against SCV and BD.
  11. geluf

    Lawrence, MA - July 1, 2018

    Crown did that very thing in 2013. Same caption even: Percussion was 6th on finals night. They also took 2nd in visual and GE visual.
  12. geluf

    East Coast Bias?

    As an example, people used to talk about "West Coast Inflation". Back in the early 2000s it was *sort of* true, but there was a reason for it. In the early 2000s, BD and SCV on the West coast were on an island unto themselves. No mid-tier competitors were on the west coast at that time. Even BK was out of the top 12 the first few years of the 2000s, and everyone else was fighting to make Semi-Finals. That meant that, early season, the gap between BD and SCV, and everyone else at those shows, was *massive*. With no mid-tier group to help anchor the numbers, judges had to award spreads as best they could when jumping from one to the other. And at shows where SCV or BD was there without the other, it was even more unwieldy. You could see gaps of 10-15 points between BD/SCV and the next group down. That wasn't the case out East/Mid-West. There were more corps within the same competitive tiers, and a diverse amount spread throughout each tier, so spreads were easier to manage, generally, show-to-show. Now, of course, it isn't really that way because the West coast has gained corps in the mid-tier of late (BK is back in finals, Academy usually knocks at the door, Mandarins have been threatening the past few years, etc.), so its not really "a thing" anymore. But you still get shows where you're missing a competitive tier, and that can make numbers a little interesting. Honestly it's best just to wait for the first major regional. You can get an idea of where each corps falls as far as competitive tier before then, but not how they will shake out within those tiers until a head-to-head happens.
  13. geluf

    East Coast Bias?

    No. You can't. And this happens every single year. Raw scores do not matter, head-to-head spreads do. Raw scores do not matter, head-to-head spreads do. Scoring in the marching arts is not a static scale. A "95" one year is not identical to a "95" in a different year, for example. Scores per show can fluctuate due to contest dynamics (and do, every time). Some of those dynamics include, but are not limited to: - The number of corps competing - The number of corps *within the same competitive tier* competing head to head - The gap between tier groups at the contest Raw scores do not matter, head-to-head spreads do. It doesn't matter what happens on opposite coasts at completely different shows. Scores are only as good as a single night in a true head-to-head. Until everyone comes together, comparing scores across the country is less than meaningless. Raw scores do not matter, head-to-head spreads do. Please stop comparing scores at different shows. They are not comparable. They never have been in this system and they never will be. Raw scores do not matter, head-to-head spreads do. (just so you know, Leftph, I'm not targeting you with this, just making a general statement about scoring)
  14. geluf

    Lawrence, MA - July 1, 2018

    Boston beat Crown in Visual.
  15. Music Analysis will take note. Effect will as well.