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  1. The fact that Morrison is even still on the Board after what happened in 2018 is extremely negligent and frankly unacceptable. He is who we thought he was.
  2. This isn't really happening, though. The Bluecoats or BD, for example, aren't picking either/or. They're playing to the judges AND to the audience and the reactions they get bear that out. Young people *are* enjoying it, and that is who DCI is targeting here. These kids are used to the current direction of the activity because they participate in their HS marching bands, WGI groups, etc. Those corps that are winning right now still get tons of audience adulation from the exact demographic DCI wants to impress. For them, this IS Drum Corps. It's not going back.
  3. This. Look at "Tilt". That show completely changed the game moving forward even if it didn't win outright (although everyone I know remembers that show more than BD's from that year, not a knock on BD, just an example of how Tilt changed the field). It paved the way for Downside Up two years later. Simple themes that can be played with in multiple ways visually and musically. While I don't think the "narrative" show style is inherently inferior, I think the delicate balancing act of story vs. effect is much harder to accomplish with them. If you aren't dead-on in your design and
  4. It's just a guess, mind you, but I do judge that caption (or the equivalent) at the high school level and the spread is so small there that it could definitely be that. It might not put them in 1st in the caption, but any improvement helps the bottom line.
  5. I think 10th is their floor, but my money is on 9th.
  6. Didn't like that 11th place slot they gave Cadets I'm guessing. 😄
  7. Music Analysis is largely concerned with balance between all the musical elements, the clarity of orchestration, and ensemble cohesion. If I had to guess, based on when I saw them live about a week or so ago, BD's musical through-line is occasionally muddied by some balance issues in the amplification. (I'm not anti-amp, but Music Analysis is where you see questionable amp settings hurt you). There's a few moments where it overwhelms, and the orchestration becomes more confused than intended. This is an easy fix, and BD will fix it. Because they're BD (and I am the furthest thing fro
  8. You are. Look at BD's Music Analysis score from Atlanta. They were 4th. But amps and such are only a fraction of the total consideration for the caption. You're not going to have big 2-3 point swings in total score with that.
  9. It isn't as though Madison can't turn around it's competitive fortunes in relatively short order with some savvy moves behind the scenes. We have perfect examples of corps generally relegated to the 18-22 range that in 2-3 season have become Top 12 mainstays of late: Blue Stars and now, Mandarins. From there, you can easily find yourself in the medal hunt given some further refinement, see: Boston. Fortunes can turn much faster in this activity than most people think, you just need a staff willing to commit to playing the game.
  10. The net competitive effect of this would be zero. There's a sentiment I see often where the "solution" to a competitive slump is for a corps do "something, something, tradition". "Tradition" is nowhere on the scoring rubric. In terms of actual effect on placement, it has none. What *does* is show design that either keeps up with or improves on current design trends. A 9th place Cadets that walks out with maroon and gold tomorrow is a 9th place Cadets that happens to be wearing maroon and gold.
  11. The entire premise of this thread is baffling to me. The competitive make-up at the top shifts all the time. Sure, it's slow sometimes, however: The Bluecoats are basically brand new to the Top 3 (relatively speaking). Boston has come up from the very bottom to now sit in the Top 5 in VERY short order (3 years ago in 2016 they barely made finals!). A little further down, look at the ascendancy of Mandarins. Frankly it wouldn't surprise me to see them keep climbing over the next few years. It's fine. There's no issue here. The only truly consistent member of the Top 5 is
  12. This would have the exact opposite competitive effect than you're hoping for. In 2020, with design and judging trends being what they are, if you don't keep up with them, you aren't climbing anywhere.
  13. The very next year they finished 8th, which was the best Madison had done since 2005. But that was the high point of the 2010's. It was followed by 13th in 2016, then a brief bounce back into finals in 12th in 2017, then last year 16th. They are currently on-pace to finish 17th this year, assuming none of the open class groups competing in prelims surpass them (not a guarantee). So I'd say the trend is decidedly downward post-Mason. Last year's 16th placement was the lowest the corps has finished since *1964*.
  14. I don't think anyone thinks there's no chance. Just that PR is one of about 3-4 corps likely fighting for one slot.
  15. No. I means the GE and Analysis judges put BD up and the Brass/Percussion and Visual Performance and CG judges didn't. Every caption can essentially be split into two parts: content and execution.