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  1. From 1963 to 1996, the Velvet Knights, aka VK, graced the field of competition. Though it's been nearly 20 years since they faded from the drum corps universe, you can still show your appreciation of their legacy with official VK swag! There are men's and women's shirts, shorts, keychains, luggage tags, cell phone cases...all sorts of stuff! And there are four designs available reflecting four eras of the corps existence. The first design is the classic Knight helmet design from 1963-70, followed by the corps' coat of arms from 1970-80. Most will know the "palm tree" logo popular through the 80's and into the 90's. And there's even a VK Alumni Corps design incorporating the knight helmet and palm trees. Click on the links below to go to the store. 60's Knight Helmet 70's Coat of Arms 80's-90's Palm Tree VK Alumni Corps Proceeds support the VK Alumni Corps Garry in Lena
  2. That's an interesting story. BTW, Alex Haddad was one of the founders of Phantom Regiment back in 1956. Gary in Lena
  3. Looking for a front ensemble arranger/tech for a HS line this coming fall in the Inland Empire of Southern California. PM me here if interested.
  4. My only beef, and I acknowledge that it's relatively inconsequential, is that SCVC and BDB never meet after they leave California until OC Prelims. Does DCI/OC do the schedule that way on purpose? That said, congratulations to the Vanguard Cadets on a well deserved victory. And to the other competitors, thank you for your hard work and dedication. DCI would be less without you. Now, as Flammaster has stated, time to turn up the wick for Thursday's Prelims. The top 6 in OC should make it to semi-finals on Friday, leaving 3 WC corps out in the cold. Garry in Redlands
  5. The past few years you could do this for free. Do you have to pay this year? Garry in Redlands
  6. So, where ya going? AMC Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, CA Garry in Redlands
  7. Two questions: 1) Is the new stadium a dome, too? 2) If the Falcons management passes on DCI, how about Grant Field? It worked fine for finals in 84. Sure, there's no roof. Even better! Garry in Redlands
  8. So, tell me why BK "should be" ahead of PR? PR opened with a spread of over a point, BK closed it and went up by 0.1, then PR regained the advantage and are opening the spread. Are you suggesting a conspiracy? Judges have moved all over their captions, or it's been assigned to a completely different judging panel. Your bias is showing. There are weeks left in the season. Let's see how things play out. Garry in Redlands
  9. We had a couple of sprinkles on the way in yesterday, but no rain at the show until we were walking out to the parking lot. Weather coming in today. i hope it doesn;t mess with Riverside! Garry in Redlands
  10. Time correction: The DCI Schedule page shows 7:00 as the start time. The show actually starts at 5:30. Garry in Redlands
  11. Wow! A big jump in ticket reservations overnight, but still need 38 more to reach the tipping point, and drag Mac down south! Even if you can't attend, you can reserve tickets and pass them on to others, or know that you helped make it possible for the screening to happen. That's how VKAC made our minimum back in January. After we reached the tipping point, we sold a lot more tickets to the "fence sitters" waiting for the screening to tip. If they had reserved their tickets sooner, they wouldn't have had to wait, you know? Garry in Redlands
  12. Drum corps and color guard friends in Southern California: A few months ago, the VK Alumni Corps hosted a screening of Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood. If you weren't able to attend that screening, or if you'd just like to see it again, there is a screening coming up in Burbank on Monday, June 15. The catch is that you have to make your reservations to secure tickets before Midnight this coming Thursday, June 4. Go to the website below to book your tickets. Remember, if the minimum number of tickets aren't reserved by Thursday night, there will be no screening, and your credit card will not be charged. This screening is independent of the VKAC. Go here to reserve your seat: Garry in Redlands
  13. OK, thanks for the info. Garry in Redlands