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  1. You certainly have placed yourself so far above the rest of us.....
  2. Would be driving an equipment Tractor Trailer to the next show for a world class corps
  3. We closed the snowmobile trails. Real reason, the Flatlanders were raiding the few markets we have and tag team cleaning out all of the paper products and hauling loads south in their trailers
  4. Yes, you do raise valid points, and yes these people would establish hurdles. Maybe or maybe not these could be surmounted given the situation, especially the logistics of maneuvering a 53' trailer (70' total length) off a ramp into a specified area to get take out. Of course regulations would have to be followed. If this was a two week thing it might not be worth a try, but it at the moment seems indefinite. Just thought we might beat someone else to the punch giving it a try
  5. As an equipmment trailer driver for a corps. Food trailers set up at Interstate rest areas would be something that would work. No need to exit and hunt for a drive thru (could not fit anyway). Avoid hunting for service in strange areas. Not having to deviate from destination. Basic burgers , fresh veggies. The trailers are large enough to give validity, and the method of dispensing food is quite acceptable for the conditions.. getting a vendor and health certificate would not be difficult given the situation. They would be instant highway diners, without leaving the highway and getting into
  6. Addressing the age issue is very real, and am sure will be ongoing. Personally I am worried about corps maintaining infrastructure during such a long period of inactivity, since it will be fifteen months before the next show. The big guys will still be around, however how many others will chuck it. Finances, staff that find all year jobs, support staff that lose interest, and for members that opt to take a different direction ( including parents). Hopefully I am wrong, but referencing many other activities including sports, there can be a huge fade factor when effort and time are are not
  7. The USNS Comfort is in Hampton Roads ,Va ( USNS means naval vessel with civilian crew ) and is operated by MSC Military Sealift Command ( USS signifies all navy crew ) Equipment aboard ship is intact ( sans calibration and operational testing) Basic stores , fuel and stability requirements can be done in short order. Doctors , nurses, technicians on board is the main prerequisite... It's an overnight run from Norfolk to the Ambrose pilot station (N.Y..) Could be there in 9 days
  8. Maybe give things a bit more time . The Olympics are considerably more interacted, complicated, and financially involved . Yes, safety and well being are the prime consideration in this activity, and that should and will be addressed. Those in charge of calling the shots on the upcoming season are certainly aware , and watching and gathering all information safety wise, and logistically. Lets hold the shouts from the gallery for the moment.
  9. Great musician. R.I.P. First Circle...amazing....
  10. Well said...…. Getting close to that point also...… Next it will be wheeled harps and pianos in the pit
  11. Those shirts are worth more than an accurate result shirt . Someone is on the way to the trash csn as we speak
  12. Long way away, but following on here. Too bad that on maybe the Spartans finest night in their long history the crowd leaves. Dan Potter pays homage to two corps that never made the trip, then insults the Spartans DM literally saying they won by default. Really sucks
  13. Maybe he could tell a woman that she looked great 10 years ago. Get some finesse Dan....