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  1. NASCAR suffered due to hotels and motels tripling their rates during races at Daytona, Bristol, and Talladega. End result, they removed 15,000 seats at Daytona. The hotel chains misjudged the fans, and what they would tolerate or could deal with to watch an event.
  2. There will always be scores, however after driving an equipment tractor trailer for a couple of corps for ten years, and talking to the MM's, I was surprised at how many mentioned they were just enjoying the experience and not concerned about chasing a ring. Those interested in auditioning for a top 3 corps seemed to be around 15%. Most others were interested in making their present corps better.
  3. You mean like a political analyst telling people what they had just watched and listened to..
  4. Just a thought.... Every corps that took the field tonight. Every staffmember, volunteer , driver. Given the circumstances of the troubled times. You all helped insure the longevity of this activity. Thank You
  5. This is my best Indy night in 10 yesrs. All things considered.
  6. Yes they did. Great feeling to see them with identity. This was my best LOS show. Smaller crowd true, but an appreciative enthusiastic. Personally I felt safer in the stadium yesterday than places I frequent on a regular basis. The corps were cranking, no holding back. In my opinion Music City smaller, but their best corps. Phantom being Phantom again. Smaller corps ready to grow now that they have their structure. Thanks to all of the corps for the effort and logistics to be there. Just feel they kept the needed link for the activity. Rindinaro and Potter made it interesting also.
  7. Yes, great sound and higher energy in all areas than seen or heard in along time. Academy put their show together in 12 days
  8. Yeah, in the transportation industry every trip is a new event with different people , so in order to ever get home, one must do the testing again when returning to work, especially in the aeronautical and maritime. Not so bad ! keeps safety integrity and eliminates the use of counterfeit vaccination documents...
  9. Are you planning on going to Indianapolis ?
  10. I would like something definitive from DCI. have rented a car and plan on leaving for Indianapolis tomorrow night. have be vaccinated for Covid (tested 13 times) Cholera, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Malaria due to my occupation. If I must wear a mask while watching the corps,, I will change my plans, and perhaps keep going west to find and photograph wild horses before they are gone. No animosity, If that is what the crowd wants, then so be it ... Just would like to know for logistic reasons
  11. Nice to hear...From the above posts and ticket sales it appears the old girl is still alive and well
  12. Hi Gretchen Questions also...not driving semi this year, but thinking of going Mobile ticketing ?General seating ? Masks ? Overbearing security ? hope to digest it all when I get more info. Paul
  13. Give you and yours a round of applause for making it possible for an MM to enjoy these great years and give us the shows that we have enjoyed during this time
  14. At Castleton, it was very much a show atmosphere. The stands were full and two deep standing above the seating.. Do not know the capacity, but it was comparable to a show on tour. The corps got a standing ovation parking lots were full, and I observed license plates from ten states. That training facility is a home run.
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