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  1. Well said...…. Getting close to that point also...… Next it will be wheeled harps and pianos in the pit
  2. Those shirts are worth more than an accurate result shirt . Someone is on the way to the trash csn as we speak
  3. Long way away, but following on here. Too bad that on maybe the Spartans finest night in their long history the crowd leaves. Dan Potter pays homage to two corps that never made the trip, then insults the Spartans DM literally saying they won by default. Really sucks
  4. Maybe he could tell a woman that she looked great 10 years ago. Get some finesse Dan....
  5. Thanks Kevin. At sea midway between Havana and Dry Tortugas. Making me feel like I'm in Luk Oil
  6. For an old established corps, the Spartans appesr to be the new kids on the block
  7. Rather keep it closed. Know the purists feel the sound would be better, however for me, no rain worry's, airplane noise, humidity, and different light and sun streaks override the slight sound difference that I have no ability to appreciate anyway
  8. While we watched the trucks being loaded, we saw both corps eating lots of great food , and chatting with each other. Just a nice scene.
  9. Do not smoke, do not like smoking. Disallow it on the grounds and other appendages of drum corps. Other than that ,stay out of ones personal life
  10. So you know it all. Ya it was the Indian Ridge School ( in Davie, Fla) The pickup truck was the 202 , a 10 wheel tractor rented from. J&B International in Burlington, Vermont. Pulling a 48 ft. Trailer,.it made 10 more trips over two years. I drove eight of them. I don't really know you, but you seem to say a lot. I'll be driving into Lawrence in a few days. Tell me more.
  11. Thank you Ben. Full house and a standing ovation for BAC in Castleton. Huge crowd from the town at the football stadium. Did the show in full uniform.