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  1. Offered for sale is a collection of drum corps drumline writing that spans several decades from the 1970s to the 1990s. Cadences, warm-ups, exercises and random bids from some of the greatest percussion arrangers ever to put their beats on a football field for Drum Corps International, Drum Corps Midwest and dozens of other regional circuits back in the day. This collection is over 100 pages from percussion arrangers such as Marty Hurley, Tom Sorensen, Russ Weber, Dennis Delucia, John Wooton, Brian Dufour, Jeff Prosperie, Bart Dixion writing for corps such as Phantom Regiment, Pioneer, Bridgemen, Colts, Blue Devils, Cavaliers, etc. A great historical collection of drumline beats to help build your chops for auditions and the upcoming marching season. All of the arrangements are in page protectors and shipped in a three ring binder. This is also posted on Ebay and you can view photos there. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.
  2. I have not visited this board since I stopped actively marching DCA several years ago. In light of recent events, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a look around. Not surprisingly, little has changed since I left. I estimate 50% of the posters here are just on the board to take cheap shots at others, spread rumors and share their "facts" regarding subjects about which they actually know very little. It is sicking to read some of the derogatory comments that have been posted here about the Pioneer organization as a whole and specific members of the management team. Post after post from nameless Keyboard Warriors coming here to celebrate what has happened to the Pioneer organization. I am in no way going to claim that I know everything about the history of the corps or every little fact about what has gone on the last few years. I can however tell you that if keeping a corps on the field year after year after year was easy, EVERYONE would do it. Many new corps can't even make it to year two, if they can even get off the ground at all. I have no doubt that mistakes were made by the Pioneer organization to reach this point, some of them serious ones. Some of those mistakes include alumni of the organization not supporting the corps as best we could and simply taking it for granted. But that is no way excuses some of the things that are being posted here. I was, am, and always will be proud that I marched Pioneer because I saw first hand the effort that was put into the organization to keep it running and I know what we as members gave of ourselves to make the corps the best it could be each and every year. Was it easy? No. Were there rough patches and bumps in the road? Absolutely. I am glad it was hard and I don't regret that it was tough. It wasn't always fun and yet it was the three best summers of my life - memories, friends, places, traditions and experiences that I would not trade for anything. I am proud that Pioneer didn't yield to DCI's vision of drum corps and become like every other organization that has to buy a new spandex "costume" every year to keep up with the spending arms race. I could care less if they didn't have an extra 53' foot tractor-trailer full of props, amps, mics and other useless crap that other corps now consider essential. I'm glad that Pioneer decided to do show music and concepts that were true to their roots, regardless of what was popular or what others said they should do. I'm glad that they felt going to church on Sunday was more important than one more hour of rehearsal a week so they could earn another 0.1 of a point from a caption judge in a polo shirt on show day. I'm thrilled that every year Pioneer found new ways to put Irish in the face of drum corps fans throughout North America. Pioneer has decades of tradition and they chose to continue to honor that every time they took the field, in spite of what outsiders said they should do. I hope that some day those of you that come here to take your cheap shots at others will have the opportunity to help build something meaningful with your time and effort so you won't have to resort to spending your free time trying to tear something or someone else down so you can feel important. I hope that Pioneer finds the way and means to do what is necessary to once again return to the field of competition. The absence of Pioneer from drum corps means that there are most certainly young people who will never get the chance to experience what I did because other corps simply won't make the effort that Pioneer did to find them a place in the world of competitive marching arts. Better Every Day... Ryan Johnson
  3. Does anyone have any housing locations / dates they can share for corps that are attending DAtR this year? I would love to go watch some rehearsals if possible. Feel free to post here or email me directly at Thanks, Ryan
  4. There were many things that I enjoyed about the weekend, but from a purely personal standpoint it had to be taking the field for retreat and standing the rain for the announcement of scores. While others in the Kilties and other corps have waited even longer than I for the chance to be there in that moment, I had looked forward to, and worked hard to be in that moment for a LONG time. It didn't matter to me that there were 200 people in the stands to see it or that Mother Nature rained on my parade, it was something I will always remember - not just the moment itself, but also the time and effort it took to get there. Having marched on that field for the first time enjoying Hurricane Ernesto leftovers back in 2006, I guess it was only fitting that I would leave that field soaking wet once again. (On the upside, I think it was about 20-30 degrees warmer this time and just a bit less windy...) Ryan J Hey Spandy - Are you going for a Mini-corps Championship next!?! You've won most everything else - congrats!
  5. Not to toot my own horn(line), but how about "Four Scottish Dances" by Malcolm Arnold for my kilted friends and I. Lots of things you could expand on with those melodies. Scott, are you reading this? *hint hint* Ryan J
  6. Watching parts of Finals this year, I was again reminded of some of the cool GE moments you can pull off with a uniform that has a light and a dark side (front / back or left / right). The same overall visual impact as a guard in unison to see that quick color change, just 10 times larger - Very cool and great visual impact. How about all black jackets / slacks / shoes with a Buchanan (or other tartan) sash to give it some color and pop? Ryan J
  7. I believe caption awards are based on prelims, so you don't want to let the cat out of the bag before retreat. Ryan J
  8. I've been hoping for the same thing for many seasons. I've always felt the kilts are a great part of the corps' identity, but they don't really fit into the competitive arena of the "weekend warrior" drum corps world. The same can be said for spats. When the Kilties were a DCI corps, they had months of daily 8 hour reharsals to clean every single step of the show. In the world of DCA, you just don't have that kind of time to teach marching technique and clean the drill. Many times I've suggested taking the current uniform as is and reserving it for concerts and parades, where there isn't the competitive aspect to consider. But when you're going to get a score put to your performance, you need to do everything possible to help your own cause. Show your strengths and do your best to hide the things you don't do as well. I think a move to black pants and black shoes with some type of a short sash on one side of the body (opposite the shoulder tartan) would improve the visual image/scores of the corps, but still allow the tartan to be displayed as well regardless of which direction the member was facing. Maybe even putting a chevron on the front of the uniform similar to what is on the back of our corps' jackets. I'm sure there are few uniform designers our there that could come up with a pretty slick design. And no, I don't want "trendy" mismatched uniforms like the Garfield Holy Name Cadets of Bergen Co Hopkins Inc. We did that in 2003 when the corps membership outgrew our qty of uniforms. One time was enough for that... :-) I'm sure I'm in the minority of the membership with this view, but keep in mind that just a few years ago the corps didn't even wear the full uniform for parades, just white shirts with the kilt. So proposed changes can happen, but some take longer than others, and some never happen at all. Time will tell and you never say never. See you in Ra-cha-cha! I'll be the one wearing the spats and kilt. Ryan J
  9. Box 5 busted onto the scene last season with preseason sales, promotions, etc. The DCA site still lists them as the video company, but visiting the Box 5 site you wouldn't know it. There isn't anything related to DCA 2011. After last fall there was talk of maybe looking into true HD quality products and HD show dowloads rather than hard discs, but I tried searching for anything related to the 2011 products and came up with squa-doosh, nada, zip-o. I'm hoping a true HD package might be a possibility this year, and I'm hoping even more that the lack of 2011 product info doesn't mean DCA is looking for a company to do this year's productions. Anyone heard anything? Ryan J
  10. If anyone would like a set of the 2010 Alumni Corps performances, I am selling my set of the Alumni discs for $60 including shipping in the US. (They sell new for $70 + shipping from Box5.) These are shot in full HD. I ordered everything from DCA 2010 and I'm just trying to offset some of my cost. If you have an interest in these discs, shoot me an email ( Ryan J
  11. Good news! I received the following reply from Box5 today. Ryan J ---- Hello Ryan, I think I sent you a follow up email yesterday, but I cant find the email, so if this is a repeat, I apologize. After I responded to you, I was told that they are going to redo the individual corps performances. We will be sending out a new version to each person who received a preliminary dvd, which include those different angles. Keep the version you have now, and you will receive a new copy in January, probably towards the third week of January. Sincerely, [Name Removed] Box 5 Productions
  12. Yes, unfortunately I agree that they may have decided to scale back the offering after orders were already taken. My questions would be, if you already get high and multi views with regular prelims and finals DVD packages, what's the point of getting the individual performance disc if the content is the same? It's just another copy of what you already have on another disc. I sent them a direct email. We'll see what they say. Ryan J
  13. DCA 2010 SINGLE CORPS PREMLIM PERFORMANCE $49.95 Every DVD includes: High Camera Multi-Camera / Directors Percussion Camera Auxiliary Camera 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround I received my DVDs and have started watching a few of them. The complete set is 17 discs so I'll be busy for a while. Good quality so far. Of course I started with my own corps but the single corps package was only one disc that contained the high camera and multi-camera versions of the show. How do you access the percussion camera or auxiliary camera views? I tried "angle" on my DVD player, but that didn't do it. Was there supposed to be a second disc for the single corps package that contained these additional cameras? Ryan J