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  1. Yet if they don't send that email, folks will complain that the DCI office is not doing anything. They are literally in a lose/lose situation. Z
  2. This would imply they do "research". My guesstimate would be they get 25-30 percent of their information wrong. Z
  3. The answer has to be 2000 Southwind. They were 12th or better in every single caption and 13th overall. The only top 12 corps in history to not make finals. Z
  4. 1998 Cadets is my least favorite championship show ever. All sections were great, but the overall show was a snoozer for me. Give me Vanguard 98 over them... Z
  5. I feel the exact opposite. I thought BD was the best corps in 96, BD was the best corps in 99, and Cavaliers were the best corps in 2000. Of the 3, I feel 2000 was the one that could have legitimately been a tie. Mike Z
  6. 1996 was a gut punch for me. I was a member of Pioneer in 96. 6 corps beat us in quarters that hadn't touched us until the last week of the season. I am not a conspiracy theory guy, but I am convinced that we were the 14th best drumcorps in 1996. It felt like we were being punished for remaining in division 2 instead of moving to world class. It's really a sliding doors type moment...what happens if Pioneer goes world class in 96 after undefeated II/III seasons in 94 and 95? Pioneer was great in all of the performance captions, it was GE that was ultimately our downfall. That said, I hav
  7. It's in perfect shape. I wear it one day a year...Finals day. It gets washed then put in the bottom of a drawer where no sun can hit it. It stays there for 363 days until I pull it out for the trip to Indy. Z
  8. I get mine by being on the Tickmaster app the minute they go on sale. You can be guaranteed those seats if you buy Super 3 tickets, but that will require you to have the same seats all 3 nights. I go to the theater broadcast for prelims, sit in 640 for semis, and low in 140 for finals. I have never had an issue securing these seats as long as you are purchasing the moment they go on sale. Wait a day or two and you may miss out. I feel like I get to see 3 completely different shows over 3 days. It's pricey, but tons of fun. Z
  9. I'm always in 140 for finals. Row 3 or 4 depending on the year. I'm the guy in the 1992 Vanguard tour shirt. Z
  10. It's like Surf and Colts could share uniform tops. Surf takes them off at the end of the opener, Colts put them on at the start of their closer. Z
  11. I have the feed going in the living room while eating dinner. I can't see what is going on, but it sure sounds like mid 90's Americanos are on the field. Z
  12. The only thing Mandarins show is missing is headgear. Put something on their heads and I'd be extremely happy. Z
  13. I love the last 90 seconds of Pacific Crest. One of my favorite endings of the year. Z
  14. I'm using the roku app, and have not had a single problem all season. Always watch multi cam and it never switches. Have not had any buffering at all the entire season. All in all, I'm happy. Z
  15. I do. Then they hired Michael Gaines and I lost my favorite corps. I'd gladly trade the gold medal for an Aussie. Z
  16. I really wish Colts had shakos on so I wouldn't have to see the cheesy emoting from the brass. Other than that, nice job Colts! I feel like every year for the past 4 years they have improved by a little. Can't wait to see how they continue to grow. Z
  17. Before the show started my wife saw a corps setting up and said "Who is this?" That has to be the first time I've heard someone say that when seeing Troopers. Just a long way of saying I miss the uniforms. Z
  18. Of course it is. I'm saying if that group and staff started in November putting together an open class show, they would be in finals. Compass was closer to Guardians musically then they were to Colt Cadets. Z
  19. I have only seen Colt Cadets this season of the 3 you mentioned. The Compass kids are older and performing a more complicated musical book...and performing it well. It’s not a knock on Colt Cadets, they do a great job filling their niche. The Colt Cadets could not do what Compass just did. Z
  20. If there is a Thanos snap moment where all pit equipment is removed from the world...Crown is going to win DCI. Z
  21. Gotta be on your end then. I had a perfect stream yesterday. Multi Cam the entire show and absolutely no buffering at all. Z