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  1. That is a set of Corders drums.... We had those at UA my freshman year. They bring the word "wretched" to a whole new level. And in the spirit of awful, I give you the following: The Roches Big Nuthin' And you're welcome.
  2. True enough. The reduction to 9 snares was one of the better moves corps made years ago. It's amazing how much easier it is to listen center with one less snare.
  3. I think Class A-60 would be a great option. Limited tour schedule etc.
  4. I think that's viable. I wonder what other institutions do that are (or I hope are,) involved in these types of checks such as the BSA and GSA.
  5. Except they didn't weight approximately 472lbs LOL. The Resonators were LIGHT. I remember seeing SCV with them in '85 in that pink-ish sparkle (wasn't quite champagne sparkle) and thought that they were amazing looking.
  6. It's a valid point. We also have to figure that many of those corps in the 5% SHOULD have folded years before they actually did. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul for so long and I'm certain some corps fielded when they shouldn't have just to "keep the dream alive."
  7. I think you are correct though to be honest, I think you have to actually choose to pay for that as part of the background check. I may be wrong but I will check with HR Monday morning LOL.
  8. John, are you aware if said lists only house convictions? Or might they contain lists of incidents which have been reported and law enforcement was involved regardless of the outcome (open cases, waiting trial, etc.) As I know nothing of that world, it makes me think that a possible solution already exists in what you put on the table.
  9. Yes. The TDR's kind of went by the way side by the mid-80's. Slingerland simply couldn't compete with the imports coming from Japan (Yamaha and Pearl,)and if I remember correctly the company was sold. I have an old TDR up in the attic somewhere with the slapshot strainer. I also bought a bunch of sheets of Slingerlands white marine pearl at some point in the early-ish to mid 90's.
  10. Mapex are nice but I come from a completely different time LOL. You had Yamaha, Pearl, Ludwig and Premier. Those were pretty much your choices and this was prior to the free-floater days. But I do remember Adams keyboards being around Atlanta Pro Percussion.
  11. We all knew Adams for their keyboard instruments. They were an alternative to Musser back then (and would assume they still are) and were a bit more "beefy."
  12. I just have to point out for all of my drummer friends out there..... Keystone, Slingerland, Jeff... Premier Resonators with Remo Power-Blow (I mean Power Stroke) heads which have clearly been like triple rimmed for maximum explosion potential. Ahhhhh...the 80's how I miss them
  13. Slingerland Tri-Toms?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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