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  1. Yeah, I was wondering about the parallels here too. The most horrible part is, via ESPN: Um, you can actually sanction the league then. She said that sanctions or revoking their license to participate, is a step too far. Which begs the question, what would they have to then *do* to merit it, if this isn't it? MIke
  2. Tyler and Matt did our arrangements for two years while I was at Guardians. They were a pleasure to work with and their charts were awesome - they have a real eye for writing to the talent. MIke
  3. I have the sheet music to that drum feature. Honestly, no, it doesn’t hold up. It’s era-appropriate for sure, and still ######, but these days it’s ram-mish to the point of overwritten, and it’s way too 16th-note based - it’s very “square.” It’s also got like 72 flams in like 32 bars. Mike
  4. I'll come over to this thread - wow. I get the financial reasoning behind it, for sure. It's still just sad for having one less competing corps. Mike
  5. The guard in the corps unis to start is a neat look (Madison did it that year as well, IIRC), and the closer with everyone on cymbals is flippin' awesome. Got to see it live - I'm so glad I did. The build up to the abrupt end created a neat moment of silence before everyone cheered. Mike
  6. A million times this. It's pure adrenaline on the field, and it has one of the best battery books ever put together (I went back for fun and learned to play it - it's amazing!). Mike
  7. This is a relevant read: https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/antitrust-and-the-fall-of-a-cheerleading For those who don't know, Bain Capital owns Varsity Brands, a company that positions itself as a monopoly in the high school student space. They dominate cheerleading, class rings (they now own Herff Jones, who bought Artcarved (whom I worked for in college, and thus why I know about this) and Balfour) and Yearbook publishing among other companies, and are moving in on marching band. And drum corps - they have partnered with SoundSport and are trying to open up that space to more scholastic groups. Now, I have to add the disclaimer, I've talked with SS reps about this before, and they had very nice things to say about the scholastic music side of Varsity. They apparently are real believers in school music, and I've not heard anything bad about them. For Varsity The Company however, they are a monopoly in every sense of the word, including price fixing, locking out competitors and positioning themselves to dominate a market. This is not new news to cheerleading, but Varsity is embroiled in a fair bit of scandal right now due to sexual, physical and emotional abuse scandals that continue to expose Varsity itself to liability, partially due to its market dominance. Read the details here - there are a lot of common factors with the scandals we've seen in drum corps, including fear, coverup and a lack of transparency when adults move jobs. Please check out the article if you have minutes to spare. The potential parallels to DCI are pretty obvious, I think, and only strengthens the argument that if drum corps doesn't clean up its own house, others are going to make them do it. Mike
  8. My HS BD was (and still is) married to a contra from the '86 line. I may have pestered them with fanboy questions for years afterwards... Mike
  9. Honestly, I'd be surprised if it was. Phantom's mileage may vary, but in general, drum corps design staffs get together either during football season or right after. Keep lobbying them in the meantime! 🙂 Mike
  10. On the high end, ours cost $130 for digitally printed tops and pants, and we passed the cost on to the members, who got to keep the uniforms. *No net cost to the corps at all.* On the low end, one year we did just digital tops, while using basic black bibbers. Cost the kids $70. This was back at the beginning of the digital revolution, and our deal got better every year we kept using them. Mike
  11. No worries - here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/drumcorps/comments/w40a9w/brass_playing_time_2022_and_other_past_shows/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf TL;DR version: this poster stopwatched the shows in 2022, with the rule that 4 brass had to be playing for it to count - solos or duets don't count Blue Devils - 5:57 Bluecoats - 7:25 Boston Crusaders - 5:48 Carolina Crown - 5:53 Santa Clara Vanguard - 5:40 Cadets - 6:30 Blue Stars -7:22 Phantom Regiment - 7:10 Cavaliers - 6:07 Mandarins - 5:38 For reference: 1984 Cadets - 9:45 1989 SCV - 9:08 1993 Cadets - 9:42 2005 Cadets - 8:05 2008 Phantom - 7:25 2011 Cadets - 7:38 2014 Blue Devils - 7:36 2016 Bluecoats - 6:37 2019 Blue Devils - 4:45 Mike
  12. Based on the timings posted on Reddit, I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. 😞 Mike
  13. I do have a little experience here. I was part of a team that was 99% of the way along when COVID hit and ended those plans. These days, the easiest way to start is via SoundSport. It's literally structured to help these small businesses along, develop them, and see which can turn into an Open Class corps down the road. You definitely don't have to be a millionaire, but you *have* to have a realistic business plan. Our first year tour was literally going to be one week, day trips only so no housing needed. You also have to have a coherent mission/elevator pitch, and "DCI is Cool" isn't it. What service/mission are you providing? You absolutely can keep costs down in a hundred different ways, but only if everyone buys in to the mission itself. Mike
  14. Corps do have to be nonprofits, which means they are tax-exempt, and (in general terms) the tradeoff is that legally any profits made have to go back into the organization, and not paid out to shareholders etc. (Drum corps generally don't have much in the way of profits anyways, so it's normally not an issue.) Anyways, to answer your question, nonprofits still can be run like for-profit corporations, and all of the big ones tend to be. In drum corps, many/most of them now have a Board of Directors (required) who hires a CEO/Executive Director to run the overarching organization, to each performing group under them (DCI, WGI, youth symphony, what have you) having their own director that reports to the CEO/ED. So in Phantom's case, the Corps Director only has to worry about running Phantom Regiment and not all of the other things that the actual nonprofit corporation does. Mike
  15. Dan is a great ambassador for DCI. You have only to spend a few seconds with him to see how much he cares about drum corps. Seriously - I've had several opportunities to interact with him in various capacities, and he's always impressed. I have my own opinions about needing more separation between the event promotion / coordination arm from the sanctioning body arm, as DCI is a weird Frankenstein one-size-fits-all organization, but that's for another day. Mike
  16. Oh man, I hope not. I was a season ticket holder for the Texans for years at NRG, which is the sister facility; very similar design. For one season opener vs Pittsburgh, they had the roof open and the sun was like a magnifying glass on our side of the field - people literally passed out. I don't think they've opened the roof since for a day game. Mike
  17. There are like three words in that #4 that I don't even think drummers can *spell.* Mike (drummer)
  18. Forgive me, as this is a years old story, but I once had a chance during Finals week to pick the brain of the analytics company DCI used. One of the tidbits they told me at the time was the corps with the highest average age won every single year they'd tracked it. I'm sure it's probably varied a bit since then, but it's still food for thought/discussion. Mike
  19. Guardians, but I knew what you meant. 🙂 I'm glad they came back to it after the veer towards BD Lite in 2019. (Unpeeled wasn't a bad show at all, and will always be near and dear to my heart, but Guardians built their modern DNA on *this* stuff.) Mike
  20. The last year my kiddo was in HS band he was one of 11 tubas. We loved seeing the faces on the other bands with 3-4 as we lined up, and lined up, and lined up... Mike
  21. Went to a football game the first time I visited USNA - coldest football game I've ever attended in my life. Mike
  22. You're definitely right - and I'm sorry, I'm not meaning to sound like I'm picking on you - but you brought up a good point. Achievement *should* be able to outpace content if needed. That's the whole point of the subcaption. If a great brass line plays a watered down book, they should get high achievement, low content. I don't get how these are always supposed to tie together. Grrr. Same with GE - should be <mostly> separate from performance scores. As an example, Troopers should probably be blowing the roof off of the competition in GE, even if their performance captions aren't keeping up as hard. More Grrr. Mike
  23. Yeah - the semis version is far better. Still my favorite show though - they just channel the old school dinner club jazz orchestra vibe so well that year. -Mike
  24. Very true, but I'd posit that the technical proficiency of the battery is still easier to determine than the "emotional clarity" of the program. Mike
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