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  1. They're not, but in most states, that's not an issue. Mike
  2. AFAIK, they already do something kind of like that for housing in Indy. They match up corps and housing spots, and if there aren't enough, will negotiate hotel space. We were always assigned our location by DCI, usually at the bottom of the list, but we liked the spot so they kept giving it to us. Mike
  3. I'd be surprised if they were back by next season as they intend. As someone who's had to do bad news and crisis communication for my corps, it's kind of... weird... that they were all "we're gonna take this year off and come up with a plan" because it implies you don't yet *have* a plan. The timing of the immediate, abrupt shutdown strongly suggests SCV's financial stability was 100% tied to the bingo hall approval they discussed, and that, coupled with the "we'll create a plan" is telling everyone they gambled the corps' future on a roll of the dice without a plan B. Again, this is just the connotation from what they themselves have said. I'm certain there are a million moving parts we don't know about as well. Mike
  4. While the relative cost for services may make DCI a value, doesn't matter if you can't afford the absolute cost. Mike
  5. There was a Reddit post in December that quoted someone as saying they were now looking at end of January. That's the last I'd heard about it. Mike
  6. Been thinking about this, as I'm sure there's not a group of corps asking for shorter shows. Maybe it's to allow unfinished shows in early season to remain unpenalized? Mike
  7. Expenditures vary wildly, depending on who you want to know about. My time in DCI ended three seasons and a pandemic ago, so take it with a grain of salt, but we spent roughly-ish $700k (I'm rounding wildly here) back then, which put us in the top end of Open Class, while I know some World Class corps in the teens were spending about twice that. I can only assume it's gone up a lot since the economy blew up. Our biggest costs by a country mile were vehicle rental, gas, housing, food and staff pay. Instruments, uniforms, props, flags, and electronics were far down the list. Mike
  8. Would you please post a link to that? My wife got an Oculus, and I'd like to try it. Mike
  9. I've been thinking about this exact model for a while - economies of scale for housing as well. Mike
  10. Yeah, only saves money if you actually use fewer songs. Mike
  11. As contractors, it's more of a fee-for-service arrangement. The length of the service usually to be determined in advance. Mike
  12. No - buses actually got bigger. They were filling additional seats on the same number of vehicles. 165 wasn't an arbitrary number. Props, electronics and uniforms are generally not large expenses. Props of course depends on the corps and the show, obviously, but electronic setups aren't more expensive than a lot of other instruments, and the uniforms are not a "huge expense" at all. In fact, many corps simply pass the cost (which is lower than traditional uniforms) on to the members at a net zero for the organization. If you look at the attendance history for DCI over the last 20 years, you'll see that it stabilized, then even rebounded a bit. Finals attendance has been steady, and the regionals have been a massive draw for fans. Overall, DCI's philosophical shift kept the activity alive. What's hurting them now is DCI and the corps' ability to pivot in response to COVID and rapid inflation. Mike
  13. It's going to rebound any day now. Binance is about as well run as drum corps. 😁 Mike
  14. Agreed - new uniforms gave them a striking look on the field, and an ultra-heavy brass presence became their signature to... well... today. Bell-issimo was a very highbrow take on holiday-style music, and it definitely caught everyone's attention! Mike
  15. Brilliant visual design - the first minute is an absolute blast to watch, even on mute. Compared to 1990, it felt like the brass took a massive leap forward in quality, and the book was growing with them. Obviously in 1992 they jumped again. The percussion was still the corps' musical strength, along with their amazing visual programs during those years. Took me 10 years to find a good recording of Die Natali, the piece they took Silent Night from. Especially in pre/early internet days, sourcing out pieces was like living out the movie National Treasure; lots of usenet board posts, emails, visiting random university libraries, light breaking and entering... fun times. Mike
  16. For me, it was a good show if not a great show. I think the corps turned it into a top 3 vehicle through their performance rather than the design. That said, both Moondance and Farandole are all-time-classic earworms; good luck getting *those* out of your head after you hear them! Mike
  17. Negligible, honestly in terms of food, equipment and insurance. Mike
  18. Sentence one of the article = "inappropriate conduct" Sentence two = "multiple charges of sex crimes against a minor" 😦 Mike
  19. Brass are seriously only playing 4-6 minutes as it is now. At least that way it would be *half* the show. 😠 (overall, the brass folks definitely had opinions this cycle...) Mike
  20. I'm with you here, but the only even slightly public data we got was last summer when DCI was advertising 1200 open spots in WC corps even during move ins. I don't know if increased applicants are actually converting into increased membership. Mike
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