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  1. As a public service announcement, DCI is now sold out of 1994 DVDs too, joining 1998, 1996 and 1990

    1. leed17


      Looks like 86 is gone now too

  2. Heading to another Open Class camp to cook this weekend. Looking forward to less than 400 plates per meal this time...

  3. My daughter has been listening through past DCI shows. Turns out she's a big fan of recent Bluecoats - and classic Madison Scouts.

  4. I hadn't even realized Blue Devils and Carolina Crown have been the top 2 in 3 of the last 4 years...

  5. An episode of the Tudors featured Terpsichore, which Crown played in '97. It's not often you get reminded of drum corps by 16th century English politics.

  6. Seems like for two weeks now the ratings may have compressed, but the rankings have been steady for the top 5. Not so sure any changes will happen this week.

  7. The only thing in DCI more exciting than a two-horse race is a three-horse race!

  8. Can't wait for San Antonio tomorrow! Look for me - I'll be the one cheering.

  9. Already seeing the effect of DCI's missing archives on eBay prices...

  10. Crown's 2014 standstill recording is now available for sale! It's a good day. www.thecrownstore.com

    1. MikeN


      Did Crown have to pull the recording? It's no longer available on the store... :(

  11. DCI Fan Network's "hard" expiration dates are dumb. Let's just penalize customers for not subscribing in June? I would think they would want money all year, not just one month.

    1. drumcat


      Maybe, but what's worse? If you had a rolling monthly cost, people would sign up and out 3 months out of 12. If you had a 365 sub, you'd have mass chaos on Finals night every year. It seems like a dumb decision, but with a seasonal activity, it's the least-dumb choice.

  12. DCI Fan Network is 3 years older than the iPhone. And still doesn't have a working mobile-friendly site, much less an app.

    1. Jeff Ream

      Jeff Ream

      and I'm sure it won't given the costs DCI would have to put out and the issues within the BOD about money

  13. Going to have to take a break from here. Sometimes it's best to let the merry-go-round spin without you.

  14. Love this part of the season, when we start seeing new uniforms, drums and flags!

  15. Beginning to believe the statistic that most musicians have a mental illness.

    1. 3rd Glasgow BB

      3rd Glasgow BB

      I read an article recently that suggested all forms of creativity is a form of mental illness.

  16. Aw, man, I got minused on a post. ... Medic!...

    1. Dave


      Well if you'd just quit cussing everybody else out :-P

    2. 3rd Glasgow BB
  17. Wish I lived in Chicago - I'd join Classic Cavaliers in a heartbeat. Just sounds like a fun group. I guess if there was a Classic Crossmen nearby...

  18. Music elitists make me grrrr.

    1. JohnD


      Your grrrr is out of tune.

  19. I miss the first few years I was a DCI fan, where every show was just about the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

    1. kickhaltsforlife


      I hear ya, especially after marching. I'm so cynical now.

  20. I was going to write an open letter, but now I'd feel like a copy cat. Never mind. Move along.

  21. Did you know DCP has a Facebook group? Check it out!

  22. Very tired of the BD/CC debate - either enjoy both, don't enjoy both or let's just hope Phantom can jump from 3rd to 1st again and render it all moot.

  23. Taking my 8 and 10 year olds to their first shows this week. My show review ought to be ... interesting.

  24. ... hard to make me speechless...

  25. A year later, it's still stuck in my head... "electronics, new sonics, keytar in hand..."

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