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  1. What "really happened" how? He fracked the solo. Everyone does it at one time or another... Mike
  2. DCP does not condone the illegal proliferation of copyrighted material. That said, I'm moving this topic to the "Swap Meet" forum, in case someone does have a CD that they'd be willing to sell. Mike
  3. They do, but only for current students. Alumni don't get the option... :(
  4. Okay, so I've been looking for Ron Nelson's Te Deum Laudamus (Cavaliers 1991 opener). No luck. I knew it had been on some Air Force band CD, but couldn't find any other references. Finally, I contacted Fine Arts Media (Dr. Nelson's representatives) and they asked him directly for me. The USAF Band and Singing Sergeants album, "On Winged Flight" is the *only* recording of this work that has been done (to his knowledge). So, I contacted them. Their Chief of Public Affairs informed me that the 1990 CD is long out of print, though they did distribute freely to libraries and radio stations. I've looked in the Austin (and Univ. of Texas) area, but no luck. If anyone has a copy of this CD or can acquire one, please let me know. Thanks! Mike New
  5. All three minis still available if you're interested. And I'll even add that it's for a good cause - I'm going to use the proceeds to donate to DCP! :) Thanks, Mike Updated: Nobody was interested in the offer, so I'll try eBay next...
  6. I've got for sale: Cadets Contra - $20 Phantom Regiment Mellophone - $20 Blue Devils Mellophone (damaged - head has clipped off. I've got the head, and super glue should reattach it like new) - $15 Will sell all 3 for $50. All prices include shipping. First person to respond that they want 'em can have them. Would prefer Paypal (electronic) payment. Thanks! Mike
  7. Read the full article here. "DCI is proud to announce a new distributor for the range of DCI Merchandise -- the company, based in England, is trading as “DC Merchandise UK,” and is headed by Steve Allen. The company is set up to primarily offer goods, at competitive pricing, along with a local point of contact with the customer base in both the UK and Europe..." Now if we can just get some merchandise coming the other way, too... :) Mike
  8. Heh. You wish. Do you know how much an 8 gig DVD burner *costs*? More than I'll ever see, that's for sure. Mike
  9. SCV - the diagonal stripe matching the corps jackets really made the difference from afar - made the entire group look like ... well ... one group. Mike
  10. From www.cddb.com (an invaluable resource, I might add...) Jeff Kievit / For Once 1 Muchasamba 2 How Long 3 For Once 4 I've Got A Crush 5 What's Shakin' Babycakes 6 Tender Heart 7 Pink Bubbles 8 Slightly Removed 9 When I Look In Your Eyes 10 Pictures Remembered/Aranjuez 11 Adios Mike
  11. Because while he enjoys them, he's *really* strapped for cash and his daughter could use new clothes. :) Mike
  12. DCI 1990 Finals DVD DCI 1992 Finals DVD Inside the Blue Devils 2000 DVD All starting for less than what DCI or BD charge. :) Mike
  13. Hey, regardless a good way to get some people to come see DCE that might not ordnarily. Cool. :) Mike
  14. Is 04 the first year for outdoor DCE? If so, this oughta be a great bonus! Mike
  15. Look at our news page - there's a link at the bottom left to e-mail news. Alternately, you can just send the article (and the URL, too, if you would) to editor@drumcorpsplanet.com. We try to provide a brief intro to the article and then the URL to the full thing, so it helps us when you can provide it. Thanks, Mike
  16. This is on Spirit's web site: Guess it hasn't been released yet, though. Been looking around on various sites... Why's Chuck not online when you need him? :P Mike
  17. Even the University of Texas's library doesn't have a copy - and they've got just about everything else I've ever been looking for.. :( Mike
  18. I know it sounds like a copout, but you oughta check Ebay. Ever since the DVD's were released there's been a steady stream of them for sale over there, and usually under $20, too. Use the search "drum corps." You might want to add "-drill" to that to get rid of the 50 listings of "marching band/drum corps drill software" that are stuck in there... :( Mike
  19. DCUK - What's the average corps size? - How many corps are there? - Bb or G? - What's the competition season like? How many shows? Weekends only or a full tour? Mike
  20. Thanks to user feedback, there's now a home on DCP for those of you who want to discuss the activity as it exists outside of the US and Canada! This is a first step in the massive renovations going on at www.drumcorpsplanet.com, all leading up to the release of version 2.0 in November. Happy posting! Mike New
  21. I liked the '89-91 Cavies a lot - meshed quite well with their corps ones. 1992, too, but you could add a host of other corps. White shirts and black vests just come off as classy, and look great on video. I actually liked the '89/90 Phantom poofy sleeved outfits. Also liked their '94 ones. Revealing without being revealing. Same could be said for the '02 Blue Knights. Mike
  22. Searching Google, 'cause Jeff Weir's (USNA Director) been good at updating us throughout the years: 2001: USCGA 87.05 USAFA 93.10 USNA 93.95 2000: USCGA 72.6 USAFA 80.6 USNA 81.5 1999: USCGA 82.6 USAFA 89.7 USNA 89.7 1998: USCGA DNC USAFA 88.7 USNA 84.6 1997: USCGA 80.? USAFA 87.? USNA 85.? Mike
  23. Dumb answer (just kidding!): Marines D&B is a professional unit made of (I think) enlisted troops. The US Naval Academy produces both Marine and Navy officers, so for the purposes of Academy D&B's, they're lumped together. Army doesn't have one per se. They have the Hellcats, but that's a much smaller unit. They don't have what we'd think of as a conventional D&B. The other Academy unit is the US Coast Guard Academy Windjammers, and they usually participate on the odd years when the competition is on the East coast. Once in a blue moon they'll make the trip West. Mike
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