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  1. I could barely here Steve and Dennis also. I tried a different theater than my normal just so I could enjoy the personal recliners. Should have gone back to my old one. The new one had so many sub woofers that with many of the corps, the sub was dominant. Going back to my old theater next year.
  2. Are the vocal soloists in Crown and BAC really singing? If so, I am impressed...but unfortunately they sound too similar each performance. Cavaliers having taped solos in "Run boy run" and their ballad last year (the full ensemble) have made me skeptical about the whole vocal thing. It needs to be live for me to enjoy it.
  3. This is the fiert time it has done this for me. I wonder if it is a weekend vs weekday issue with Comcast. Or maybe regional? I am in the pacific northwest.
  4. Anyone else have issues with Flo and Comcast tonight? I know we are never going to get 1080p but man, mine was terrible. I could not even get it to run with Chrome on my macbook. Safari ran but it was ugly. Had NO problems for San Antonio or Atlanta broadcasts.
  5. Rebooted Macbook. Restarted Router and Modem. Getting 180Mbps Download.
  6. Browser suggestions. I am using chrome on a macbook and getting about 3 seconds of a show, then a 20 second pause, then three or four more seconds. When I switch to Safari, I get a terrible picture. Help! I can't get ahold of anyone at Flo.
  7. No, I was merely giving a contrary point of view based on someone else's post. That was a very Trumpian way of reading my post.
  8. Caught in 1999, 2001, 2004, 2008. If we can go back a little further, DEFINITELY caught in 1995. Caught by Regiment in 2006. Sometimes they get too confident in a program and their ability to outperform others that they forget that sometimes the corps chasing them are catching them because they have more content.
  9. Last night lits of the corps speakers were just behind or to the side of the mics. It looks like the colts decided that they dont want us to hear their brass or pecussion.
  10. Comcast is messing with me. I am hard wired in to my router and have no wifi on, yet I am buffering.
  11. Flo started pixilation for me during the opening of Cadets. With the robes they looked like Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff in an organized quidditch game.